100 Relationship Questions to ask your Partner

Looking for a good conversation starter? Here are about 100 relationship questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Communication is very necessary for every healthy relationship. According to research, asking questions in a relationship helps to improve your life and that of your partner.

So, where or how do you start? What questions should you ask your boyfriend or girlfriend? Don’t worry. This post is here to assist you. Here are some love questions to ask your bf or gf.

These deep questions are very important in a new relationship. Below are some serious relationship questions to ask your ideal partner.

What are some deep Relationship Questions?

1. Is there any secret about your past you wouldn’t like to share with anyone even me?

2. Do you really love me for whom I am or is there anything I have to change?

3. What type of person do you ever think of getting married to someday?

4. Why do you think some relationships fail?

5. Is there anything you can never surrender even if our relationship is failing?

100 Relationship Questions to Ask Your Partner

1. What do you value most in a relationship?

2. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made in life?

3. What qualities do you love most in a partner?

4. Have you ever been in a relationship before?

5. How did you meet your first partner?

6. What type of person are you when it comes to a public display of affection?

7. What type of person would you like to marry?

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8. What is the highest thing you can never forget in your life?

9. Have you ever dated anyone before?

10. Why did you break up with your ex?

11. If you are given an opportunity to return to your ex now, would you?

12. To you, what is the best age for getting married?

13. If you are to get married now, what type of man or woman would you like to marry? Must he or she be rich? educated? etc.

14. Can you marry someone from a race or culture that is different from yours?

15. What are your views on interracial or cross-cultural marriages?

16. What are your values, goals, vision, habits, temperament, and background?

17. Is there anything about your past I need to know?


Good Couples Questions to Ask

Below are some good questions to ask your wife or husband.

14. How many kids would you like us to have?

15. What type of father or mother do you think I will be?

16. What are the most annoying habits of couples that irritates you?

17. How often do you think Couples should engage in sexual activities?

18. Do you think it is necessary for us to have a joint bank account?

19. When it comes to parental responsibilities, in what areas do you think we should share as husband and wife? For instance, when it comes to paying our Children’s school fees, house rent, etc.

20. What is the worst thing you can never tolerate from a partner?

21. Which gender do you prefer most when it comes to children or childbearing? (Some men, more especially in Africa prefers Male children to Female ones, not knowing that childbirth or fertility comes from God and not the woman herself). This question will help you to know the type of person he is so you won’t face any relationship problem in the future.

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Relationship Questions to ask your Boyfriend

22. What is the highest thing you can do for the woman you love?

23. What type of woman do you ever dream of marrying?

24. Do you believe in true love and why?

25. Have you been in a relationship before?

26. Why did your last relationship fail?

27. Do you still love your ex?

28. If I should turn into another thing now, what would you like me to turn into?

29. What are your hobbies or passion?

30. Do you ever imagine yourself becoming a father and having me by your side as your wife someday?

31. What qualities attract you most in a partner?

32. If you should give me a pet name now, what would you call me?

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Relationship Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

33. What qualities attracts you the most in men?

34. Have you been in a Relationship before?

35. Do you love me?

36. What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever been to?

37. Have you ever fallen in love before?

38. Do you think is necessary to give people a second chance when they cheat in a relationship?

39. What type of man would you like to marry?

40. What are your hobbies?

41. What is your favorite movie?

42. What is your happiest moment in life?

43. What is your opinion about spirituality, does it really matter to you?

44. Do you think it is right for women to marry a man because of his wealth instead of love?

45. What is your greatest achievement in life?

46. Why do women play hard to get immediately they discover that a guy likes them?

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Tough Questions to ask on a date

47. Who is your kind of people (the type of people you like dating)?

48. Are you a Morning or Night Bird?

49. What catches your attention the most?

50. What is your personality?

51. Where do you imagine yourself to be in the next 5 years?.

52. Can you tell me about your background?

53. What is your favorite pet?

54. What are the categories of people you wouldn’t like to date?

55. Do you believe in love at first sight?

56. To you, how old should a guy or a girl be before dating anyone?

57. Who is your best friend and why?

58. Which restaurant or bar do you prefer most when it comes to dating?

59. If you are given the opportunity to turn the world into another thing, what would you turn it into?

60. Have you ever cried over some you love before?


Intimate Friendship Questions to Ask

61. How much do you value our friendship?

62. Why do you think we became friends?

63. What’s your biggest fear in life?

64. Can you describe me in one word?

65. Do you think we may someday become more than friends?

66. What is your biggest challenge in life?

67. What excites or makes you happy when you have a bad day?

68. Can I be your Val.?

69. When you get sick, who would you like to sit beside you?

70. What are your goals in life?

71. Do you ever think there is any other road to success in life?

72. Which qualities in people or friends irritates you the most?


Fun Questions to ask in a new relationship

73. What did you save my number with?

74. Have you ever cried for someone you love before?

75. What is the most crazy thing you like about me?

76. If you are to choose between women and men, which will you choose?

77. If we are to get married today, which pet name would you like to call me?

78. What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

79. What do you enjoy most?

80. What’s your favorite dish?

Relationship Questions to ask Yourself

Relationships grow from infancy to maturity. That is why it is very important to check one’s motive for starting a relationship before jumping into it. Ask yourself the following questions:

81. Do I really know my partner?

82. What positive or negative attributes do I perceive in him or her?

83. What personality type does my partner have?

84. Is my intended spouse inflexible or flexible and understanding?

85. How often do I trust people?

86. Is my partner passive, domineering, manipulative or a firm person?

87. Can I spend the rest of my life with this person I am currently dating?

88. Is my intended spouse vindictive?

89. Does he/she delight in other people’s misfortunes?

90. Is he or she excessively proud?

91. Does he/she make sacrifices for me?

92. Can I proudly introduce my spouse-to-be to my friends?

93. Does this person know me?

94. Are we of the same faith?

95. Am I only emotionally attached to this person?

96. Does my intended spouse earn more than me?

97. Is my partner over money conscious?

98. Is one of us solely going to depend on the other?

99. Am I comfortable with my partner’s level of education?

100. How much does my partner know about parenthood?

How & When to ask these questions

It is very necessary to know the right time to ask your partner questions in a relationship. There is always a ‘best’ time to ask your questions.

Never you ask them these questions when they’re tired, upset, busy or sick, it is not really the right time to ask such a question. He/she may not give you the right answers you expected.

Some questions are best asked during the day, at noon, during the afternoon or on the first day of your courtship or dating, or weeks, months or years later.

Whereas others are best asked during holidays, birthdays, festive periods like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. Some are best asked in the night when your partner is ready to have a tete a tete (love talk) with you.

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