List of 12 Types Of Lovers You Will Likely Find In Every Relationship

Every relationship has different types of lovers that exist therein. The question now is “what type of lover are you in your relationship?

When we talk about lovers, we mean the types of people in every relationship and how they express their love.

Everyone has different personalities. That is why, if you are dating someone for the first time, you begin to imagine the type of person he or she will likely be, the kind of lover they will make? their love style? etc. And also, whether you can go into a long term relationship with him or her?.

According to Herway, ” When you meet someone for the first time, it’s normal to have an unexplainable urge to want to get to know them “

Not all types of lovers are compatible. Some lovers are too controlling in nature.

They either control you or abuse you. The question now is “do you really think you can cope with a controlling partner if you are the type of lover that loves independence?

Types Of Love

Love can be seen in different spheres. As they are different types of love, so we have different kinds of people that exist in every relationship. For instance, we have the givers, the takers or receivers, the shy lovers, controlling ones, etc.

I shall discuss a little about the types of love and their meanings. Although, I have written something about that before here, but I want to throw more light on that before I proceed to discuss the kinds of lovers that you will find in every relationship.

Here are the 3 Major types of love we have.

  • Philia love
  • Agape love
  • Eros love.

1. Philia Love:

Philia love is a Greek word which means “fondness”. It is friendship love. This type of love is usually expressed to our loved ones. Simply call it ‘brotherly love’.

2. Agape Love:

Agape love is unconditional love. It is the type of love that has no boundaries.

An example of Agape Love is the love of God for humanity. This type of love exists between God and Humanity.

3. Eros Love:

This type of love is Romantic in nature. It usually involves intimacy.

It is based on sexual desires but does not necessarily mean it is all about sex.

Eros love emanates from the Greek word ” Erotas” which means “Intimate love”. This type of love is associated with intimacy, passion and desire.

Having known the 3 major types of love, I shall quickly take you to the 12 Types of Lovers in every relationship.

Types of Lovers In Every Relationship

Here are the 12 Major types of Lovers in every relationship.

  • The Receivers or takers
  • The Givers
  • Pleasers
  • Selfish lovers
  • Controllers
  • Jealous Lovers
  • Baby lovers
  • Shy Lovers
  • Uncompromising lovers
  • Unforgiving lovers
  • Faithful Lovers
  • Players.

1. The Receivers Or Takers:

One of the types of lovers you will likely find in most relationships is the receiver. The takers think highly of themselves. They normally see themselves as the most important in the relationship. Therefore; they deserve to be given at all time.

Most of the time, takers are usually the ones that contribute immensely to the relationship. As a result of that, they don’t see anything wrong with them having all the affections.

Some takers also, may not actually be the sole person-in-charge of the relationship. But they receive simply because they have nothing to offer. As a result of that, what do they do if not to be receiving from your their partner since they have nothing to offer.

2. The Givers:

Givers tend to love more. Therefore; they give not just because they have but because they love you.

One thing about givers is that they believe that love cannot exist without giving. They are ever ready to sacrifice their last card just to make you happy. They are the type of lovers everyone would like to have in a relationship.

Types of People In A Relationship

3. Pleasers:

In every relationship, they must be a lover that tries to please his or her partner at all time.

Pleasers will get you flowers, birthday gifts etc. just to make you happy. They see you as the only perfect person in the whole world.

Pleasers tend to be people with low self-esteem.

They think that having you as their partner is a privilege. They simply don’t want to lose you that is why they make all their possible best to keep you in the relationship.

4. Selfish Lovers:

Selfish lovers are full of themselves. They don’t care to know about their partner’s welfare. All they are after is their own selfish interest and gain.

For instance, a selfish lover will always want to be the person at the centre of the relationship. They will always want all the affections to be showered on them.

Selfish lovers are like takers or receivers who are always in a position to collect.

Different Kinds Of Lovers In Relationships

5. Controllers:

These types of lovers control their partner in a relationship.

The controller believes in superiority and they can be very abusive.

A controller will always want you to accept every of their opinion. When you disagree with them, they immediately get angry.

A relationship with a controller is usually toxic in nature. When you don’t follow their rules, they try to compel you.

6. Jealous Lovers:

Another type of lovers you will likely find in most relationships is a jealous lover.

This type of lover tends to be jealous of their partner. When they see their lover discussing with the opposite sex, they become jealous.

In fact, all they want is you, yours they are, yours they want to be, do with them whatever you wish.

Types of People In A Relationship

7. Baby Lovers:

Baby lovers are always childish in nature. Every little thing they will get angry and start crying. When they start crying, you have no option than to feel guilty and apologize to them.

They are the type of lovers that want to be pampered at all time. They want you to call them every now and then. Any day you fail to call him or her you are in trouble. Baby lovers are the play, play ones and most of the time very funny in nature.

8. Shy Lovers:

These type of lovers are shy in nature. When you go out on a date with them, you will always notice how they behave when you are talking to him or her. They will either be looking around or staring at the drinks on the table.

Types of Lovers

9. Uncompromising Lovers:

This type of lovers doesn’t compromise at all. When you offend them you are in trouble because they are never afraid to confront you. In fact, this type of lovers tends to make a good partner in a relationship because they are ever ready to point out your mistakes to you.

When they meet their ex, they don’t mind fighting with them.

10. Unforgiving Lovers:

An unforgiving lover sees a relationship as something that ought to be taken so seriously. When you offend them, they may claim to have forgiven you. But when you make another mistake, they will remind you of the one you made long ago.

11. Faithful Lovers:

I cannot forget mentioning the faithful lovers as one of the types of lovers we have.

A faithful lover believes in loyalty.

When they love, they do that with all their heart and they are always committed to one person (their lover).

Every faithful lover takes a relationship so serious.

They don’t joke with their partner. In fact, if you have such a person (faithful lover) as one of your friends on the social media, it is most of the time, very hard for them to reply to your message or chat with you. They simply don’t want anything that will make them offend their partner.


12. Players:

I can never forget this type of lovers. In fact, if you are in a relationship with a player, you will always think you are the only one in their life.

They will shower you their love, call you sweet names only to make you believe that they love you but they are secretly dating someone else.

Players are tricky in nature. They have a sweet mouth with enticing words.

All they do is to make you believe that you are the only person in their life. Their mission is to deceive you.

When you are together (with a player) they avoid picking certain calls. You may not even know that their heart is very far away from you because of the way they will be treating you.

Players are fake lovers. Their feelings are never genuine even for a day.


Every relationship, dating or friendship has different types of lovers that exist therein. Which one are you?

It is very important to know the type of person you are falling in love with, their love style, and attitude in other to save yourself from a toxic relationship.

While dating anyone, it is very important to know the type of lover they are before going deeper into the relationship.

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