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12 Unique Birthday Gifts for Him (Male Friend, Husband or Boyfriend)

I shall help you with ideas on birthday gifts for him.

They are about 12 unique birthday gifts you can present to any man. Be it your husband, boyfriend or even a male friend.

As you can see, birthdays are remarkable events. It is a day we commemorate our birth date. A day we celebrate and say sweet happy birthday wishes to our loved ones.

Today is actually your husband’s birthday, or your boyfriend or even a male friend. What type of gift will you buy for him?

Is it a flower?, Clothes? Underwear? or a wristwatch?

Don’t worry, this article is for you.

Below are the best birthday gifts for him.

Best Happy Birthday Gifts For Him

birthday gifts for him- 1. wrist watch

#1. Wrist Watch:

One major birthday gift for him is a wristwatch. Men love wristwatch. In fact, almost every man you see on the road put on a wristwatch.

This type of gift is very special in the sight of every man. Not only that, it is affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap birthday gift for him, consider going for a wristwatch.

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birthday gifts for him- 2. tie

#2. Men’s Tie:

Another idea of a birthday gift for him is a tie.

To every man that has a suit, a tie is a very special gift.

Buying a tie as a gift for your husband or boyfriend as a birthday gift is very nice.

For me as a man, I so much love putting on ties. In fact, if you look at my profile picture you will see me putting on a tie.

So, buying a tie as a birthday gift is a very good idea.

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Personalized Birthday Gifts For Him

birthday gift for him- 3. Shoe

#3. Shoe:

Consider buying shoes if you are looking for an affordable gift for your man.

Look for a very nice shoe and get him one. He will so much appreciate it.

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birthday gifts for him-4. His favourite books

#4. His favourite Books:

Another happy birthday gift you can present to a man is his favourite book.

Get him those types of books he enjoys reading. It may be inspirational books, motivational, etc. depending on his likes.

If he is not the type that reads, consider going for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gifts mentioned above.

#5. Shirt:

Shirts are very nice birthday presentation and an affordable one in case you don’t have money to spend.

Look for a clean shirt or polo or even boxers ( I know you are laughing because I mentioned boxers). The fact is that men rarely reject any kind of gift from a woman. So there is nothing wrong with buying boxers for your man.

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Birthday gifts for male

Cheap Birthday Gift for a man

 6. Spectacular

#6. Spectacular:

Another birthday gift for him is Eyes glasses. Glasses are a very nice gift for a man who loves putting on glasses.

Although not every man that puts on spec. but, you can buy it for your man if he is the type that likes it.

7. Belt

#7. Belt:

Belts are another affordable gift you can buy for a man as a birthday gift.

Every man puts on a belt. Therefore, it is a very nice gift and affordable.

8. Hat

#8. Hat:

Another birthday gift for him is a hat.

Majority of men loves hat or caps. Although not every man.

If your man loves a hat or caps, consider buying it for him as a birthday gift. He will love it.

Romantic Birthday Gifts For Him

9. Flower

#9. Flower:

Getting your man a flower on his birthday is a sign of love.

It shows you cherish and care for him. A flower is not bad, you can go for it also.

10. Suit

#10. Suit:

If you have money to spend getting your man a very nice gift, then go for a suit.

Although suits are very expensive but it is a very nice gift every man will appreciate.

11. Birthday cake

#11. Birthday Cake:

As cakes are for marriages so it is for birthdays.

Get your man a birthday cake as a gift. In fact, to me, a birthday cake is the best gift you can present to me.

Some times when I celebrate my birthday, I don’t bake any cake.

What of if your man didn’t bake or bought any cake, can’t you see that it will be a very nice gift for him.

12. Birthday wishes

#12. Birthday Wishes:

You may be wondering, how does birthday message concerns birthday gift? But I must say that even happy birthday messages are also gifts.

You can express all your good wishes in your letter to him. They are all gifts.


Whatever you have in mind to buy for your man on his birthday, buy it.

Men don’t reject a gift from a woman. If you don’t have money to purchase expensive gifts, then go for the cheaper ones like wristwatches, shirts, belt, etc.

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