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Friendship skills and ways of developing it.

Every friendship is capable of being developed. As soon as friendship is initiated, it requires some skills to sustain it. Starting up a friendship may be so easy but sustaining it may be difficult. All you need is friendship skills in other to develop your friendship.

Friendship contribute to a person’s well being as it involves making choices, sharing goals and aspirations, information and solving problems.

Knowing and having friendship skills is important if you must develop your friendship. For every friendship to move to another stage they must be friendship skills you must have in other to develop and sustain it (friendship).

Here are the Friendship skills needed to develop any kind of friendship.

Friendship skills needed to develop friendship.

Picture of how to develop your friendship


Communication is very important in every friendship.

Developing and sustaining friendship requires good communication from the two individuals. Discuss things whenever there is need for that. Don’t be afraid to disagree with your partner when you feel he/she is not doing the right thing or saying the right thing, rather, do it in a polite manner. It is the first friendship skills you must have.

picture of how to develop your friendship


As soon as friendship is initiated, it has to be maintained.

Sustenance skills is all about doing those things that can help to sustain your friendship.

This type of friendship skills includes honesty, understanding, patience, trust, tolerance, care/concern etc.

Friendship thrives on self disclosure (Sharing secrets), mutual sharing of deep understanding, complete acceptance and satisfaction of mutual needs.

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Listening skills is another crucial skill friendship skills for developing friendship.

Listen when your partner is talking without interrupting or thinking of what to say when he/she has finish talking. Don’t just listen in other to look for errors or mistakes from your partner, but listen to hear from him/her.

picture of friendship skills


Observing your partner’s mood is very essential in developing friendship.

Observation skill involves knowing when your partner is angry, happy or sad. Showing concern for him/her at all time and when necessary. Always show concern for your partner at all time and in every situation.

picture of friendship skills


For every friendship to develop, there must be mutual sharing.

Sharing of information, gifts or any other important material things is needed to develop and sustain friendship.

Share things in common. Share confidential information, exchange gifts on special occasions like Valentine, Christmas, Birthday etc.


Every friendship needs tolerance.

You cannot develop your friendship without without this friendship skills of tolerance or ability to tolerate your partner. Always bear in mind that you are two different individuals with different character.

Also, learn to forgive your partner when he/she wrongs you and never forget that no one is perfect.

In Conclusion:

Knowing the friendship skills needed to develop friendship is very important if you must carry your friendship to another level. Possess these friendship skills listed above and you will surely develop your friendship.

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