6 Powerful Skills Needed to build A Successful Friendship

They are 6 Skills needed to build a successful friendship.

However, every friendship is capable of being developed, sustained and built as well. In other words, it is very possible to build a friendship into a relationship. All you need is friendship skills.

As soon as friendship is initiated, it requires some skills to sustain it.

Starting up a friendship may be so easy but sustaining it requires a lot of effort, time and even resources.

All you need is friendship skills in other to build your friendship.

Friendship contributes to a person’s well being as it involves making choices, sharing goals and aspirations, information and solving problems.

Knowing and having friendship skills is important if you must strengthen your friendship.

For every friendship to move to another stage, you must know how to improve friendship skills.

6 Skills Needed To Build A Friendship.


Communication is very important in every friendship.

Developing and sustaining friendship requires good communication.

Discuss anything affecting your friendship with your friend. Don’t be afraid to disagree with him/her.

Therefore, this is the first friendship skills needed to build every friendship.


As soon as friendship is initiated, it has to be maintained with sustenance skills.

Sustenance skills is all about doing those things that can help to sustain your friendship.

This type of friendship skills includes honesty, understanding, patience, trust, tolerance, care/concern etc.

Friendship thrives on self disclosure (Sharing secrets), mutual sharing of deep understanding, complete acceptance and satisfaction of mutual needs.

As a result of this, friendship requires deep understanding, emotional connection and effort to sustain.

How to strengthen Friendship?


Listening skills is another crucial skill friendship skills for developing and strengthening friendship.

Listen to your partner without interrupting or thinking of what to say when he/she is talking.


Observing your partner’s mood is very essential in building friendship.

Observation skills involves knowing when your partner is angry, happy or sad.

Show concern for him/her at all times. For instance, when they are sick, don’t forget to call them.

Let your friend know that you truly love him/her. It is a sign of good friendship.


For every friendship to develop, there must be mutual sharing.

Sharing of information, gifts or any other important material things is needed to develop, sustain and build friendship.

Therefore, share things in common. Share confidential information, exchange gifts on special occasions. For instance, Valentine’s day, Christmas day, Birthday etc.


For every friendship to grow, it needs tolerance.

Therefore, you cannot develop your friendship without without this friendship skill.

Always bear in mind that you are two different individuals with different character. One must wrong the other. Therefore, forgive and forget.


To build friendship requires time, and all efforts.

You cannot get what you don’t pay attention to.

Every friendship takes commitment, sacrifice and dedication to sustain.

Therefore, use the skills listed and explained above to develop your friendship to another level.

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