15 Facts about love you should never forget.

You may or may not know much about love, but the truth is that, they are 15 facts about love you should never forget in life.


When we talk about love, it means ” a strong feeling of affection towards someone or something”.


Many often mistake love for infatuation but there is a clear difference between love and infatuation.


When we go a little further to talk about love, they are different types of love you need to know but that will be in my next edition.

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15 Facts About Love You Should Never Forget.

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1. Love is kind:

Love is kind. Kindness is associated with love, and it cannot do without it.



2. Love is patient:

Patience is another hidden thing about love you should never forget.

It is not all about saying ‘I love you” without patience. Love is patient.


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3. It suffers long:

Long suffering is another thing connected with  love. Love suffers long.



4. Keeps no record of wrongs:

Love does not bear grudges, neither is it unforgiving. It forgives all things.



5. Not easily angered:

Love is not easily angered. Being hot tempered or getting angry very easily especially towards someone you claim to love is not a sign of love.



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6. Another facts about love is that it is not jealous:

Though some of the time we seem to be jealous of our loved ones especially when we feel like they are not doing the right thing.

Being jealous can be seen in this way “When you feel upset whenever you see your loved one with another person. It is a sign of jealousy and it is not associated with love.



7. Love is never blind:

Many often say that ‘Love is blind” but the truth is that it is never blind. It sees all things but decides to stay.

When you say that ‘Love is blind” it means that it does not see weaknesses, faults, and cannot be able to give correction when there is need for that.

One thing you should know is that love sees weaknesses, faults etc. but choose to stay. It sees mistakes and is able to correct.




8. Not self-centered:

Love is not after his own affairs.



9. Love is harmony:

It finds rest in harmony.




10. It finds no pleasure in lying:

Telling lies is not a sign of love. Love is truth. It does not lie.



11. It is not Proud or Arrogant:

Love is never proud or arrogant.




12. Not ill-mannered:

Love treats everyone equal and does not maltreat. It is always caring.




13. It does not gossip:

There is no how you can gossip about someone you love. Love does not gossip.





14. Understands:

Love  understands.




15. Love is eternal:

It is not temporal but permanent.








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