About Us

Powerful Sight is a Relationship, dating, friendship, motivation and devotional blog. We serve you the best Relationship tips to the best of our knowledge.

What Services do we render?

1. Relationship advice/Counseling

2. Dating Tips

3. We help you build your spiritual life especially with our devotional articles for Christians.

Is This Site Meant for Christians Only?

The answer is ‘No’. The fact that I am a Christian does not mean I don’t accept or tolerate people from other religions. I am very friendly in dealing with people. Therefore, everyone is welcomed. Whether you are a Christian or not, feel free to look around and don’t forget to share your opinions with us.

Contact Us:

Do you have any opinions or ideas that will help this website to improve? Then, this is the right time to share it across. Feel free to send a message across to my email at Powerfulsight7@gmail.com.