50 Being Single Quotes to keep you happy

Embrace your singleness by keeping yourself happy with these collection of being single quotes. The solo journey is as sweet as honey. You’re always independent of yourself. You go out and return anytime you like. You do things in a way that pleases you, without being criticized by others.

Are you a single mom, a single guy, or a girl? Here are some singles quotes to keep you positive about being lonely. Wondering about why you are still single by now, here are some possible reasons.

Quotes about being single

1. “Being single is an opportunity to set new goals, pursue your dreams, and make a good choice of a life partner.”

2. “Self-love is far better than being in a fake relationship”

3. “Being single is not an absence of alternatives, but a determination. A decision not to allow your life to be characterized by your relationship status, but to live happily and be independent of yourself.”

4. “You will find a place in my heart if only you deserve my love.”

5. “I am single not because there are no chances surrounding me, but because I am reserved for the right person.”

6. “It is better to be alone and happy than to be in a relationship without peace of mind.”

7. “My solo life is none of your business. I enjoy doing things alone than with a multitude of fake friends.”

8. “You will never value your singleness until you find yourself with a nagging partner.”

9. “I am the only closest friend I have. “No regrets.”

10. “At times you just need some time alone to think, relax, and set your mind on the things ahead of you.”

11. “Being single has taught me to worry less, spend a little, and live my life as I want.”

12. “I feel energetic being single. I enjoy my solitude life.”

13. “Being alone does not mean I am too bad to be associated with, but because I am too significant for the wrong one”

14. “On the off chance that we are destined to wed, we wed; in the event that we be bound to stay single we do.”

15. “I always enjoy the space and time I have to do new things alone without being criticized.”

16. “The worst thing is not being single, but giving away your heart to the wrong person.”

17. “I never knew how sweet it feels to be alone until I found myself in a fake relationship. Value your single life.”

18. “I have no husband or children because I haven’t seen the man I could marry.”

19. “Learn how to love yourself first. Others will come and go, but you are always with yourself.”

20. “The best way to find love is to fall in love with yourself first. Love begins with you.”

21. “Respect the singles. They are the only ones who can live and enjoy their life without depending on others.”

22. “Investing in yourself is the greatest decision you can ever make in life. You are the best out of everything you have. Therefore, accept and appreciate your singleness.”

23. “Getting married will never make you complete. You are already complete without a man or a woman in your life.”

24. “Whether I’m dating anyone or not, I am happy with myself.”

25. “I came into the world alone, why should I be bothered about being single? Everyone will desert you, but you are the only companion you have till death.”

26. “It is better to be alone than to rush into a relationship, only to wish to be single again.”

27. “The best way to earn other people’s respect is to show them that you can survive without them.”

28. “The only space available in my heart is meant for the one who will not mess up with my feelings.”

29. “Others will hurt you more than you will ever hurt yourself.”

30. “Be ready to find love, be prepared to get married. Until you learn to love and appreciate your solo life, your dreams will never come true.”

31. “Your life is not a battery. Let no one test you until they are ready to have you.”

32. “The best decision is the one you made in a solitude state. Therefore, embrace your solo journey.”

33. “The only boyfriend or girlfriend I need is me. Self-love is the best.”

34. “Married ones wish to be single again, and the single ones want to get married. Appreciate whichever status you belong to.”

35. “Your true relationship status is determined by your choice, and not what others call you.”

36. “I am not meant to be with everybody because I am single.”

37. “You are your only life partner. Your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend may leave you someday, then you will be left with yourself, all alone.”

38. “No one can ever love you better than yourself. Embrace your solitude life.”

39. “Desire love, pray for love, dream of love, but stop waiting for love.”

40. “You don’t need a man or a woman to validate your life.”

41. “Being single allows you to move around anytime you want, do your thing, how you want it without being answerable to anyone.”

42. “The fear of being alone is the main reason why people rush into the wrong relationship.”

43. “If you will be happy single, you should stop treating being single as the irritating time that you pass between relationships and grasp it. Instead of focusing on what you need, focus on what you have: You.”

44. “You are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone.”

45. “Being single may come once in your life. Celebrate it, now you have the opportunity.”

46. “Find why you’re significant and refuse to settle for any individual who doesn’t totally concur with you.”

47. “For the single ladies out there, never you mistake the man you want for the man you need.”

48. “Isolation is the spot of cleansing.”

49. “You don’t have to be in a relationship or part of a couple to be happy.”

50. “Being single is getting over the fantasy that there is someone who might complete you.”

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