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5 Perfect Birthday Gifts to offer your Girlfriend on her birthday.

Birthdays are special days for everyone. But if it’s the ‘big day’ for your girlfriend, then it can be the worst day for you. Which gift will you get her? 

This is one of the biggest headaches for most guys. But don’t worry. If your girlfriend’s birthday is right around the corner, and you’re stuck on the type of birthday gifts to get for her, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some ideas on birthday gifts for giflriend to show her how much you love and cherish her.

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

1. A cake!

Nothing lights up a birthday like a well-decorated cake. So, brace yourself to handle all the cake ordering process that goes with it. Or better yet, make that special day more special by baking the cake yourself!

Take a cake baking class, or have a friend over to help bake a cake that blows your lover’s mind away. Remember to add in her favourite ingredients and flavours, and a personalized decoration as well. 

The more details you put into the cake, the better it’ll come out! Or you can visit Amazon to order for a cake.

2. Chocolate gift hamper

We all know how girls love the delicious taste of chocolate. And on her birthday, your girlfriend will definitely be expecting it. So, go all out and spoil her with a chocolate gift basket.

You can add in some of her favourite candy and snacks as well. However, keep in mind, that you have to remember the brands she likes as well.

This will show her that you actually pay attention when she talks. 

3. Personalised jewellery

Nothing makes a girl feel more loved than customised jewellery. Be it a necklace, a pair of earrings, or bracelet, jewellery will always work as a birthday gift.   

You can also go a step further and have the jewellery engraved with her name or both your names. 

Jewellery is more expensive than most other gifts and so giving her it sends a message that you value her. 

4. Handmade gift cards

Yeah, you read that right. A simple gift card with your personalised message is worth way more than any gift you can ever buy your special someone. You may decide to include some birthday wishes for her.

Spend a few hours and pour out your heart in a sweet love letter to her. Express your love for her, and don’t hold back what you feel. Sprinkle some love hearts all over the card, and do a bit of design, to make it personal. 

It may sound a bit old school, but it’s really one of the most romantic gifts you can give your girlfriend. 

5. Romantic dinner date

two lovers on a date

Sometimes, the only gift your girl expects from you is to spend some quality time with you during her birthday. So, after all the family and friends festivities are over, plan a romantic dinner date at her favourite restaurant. 

If that doesn’t match your budget, you can always plan a romantic dinner at the comfort of your home. Light up some candles, play some romantic music in the background, and cook her favourite dish. 

Final thought

The secret to the perfect gift for your girlfriend’s birthday isn’t in the gifts that you give her, although they are important. What’s most important to her is that you’re there with her on the day, and that you express your love for her.

After all, the gifts will soon go away, but your love may last forever! 

Maria Asaad

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