45 Breakup Quotes that will help you Heal faster

Breaking up with someone you love is so painful. But moving and forgetting the past can be very hard, especially when the wound is still new. Breakups are never easy. But the positive side of it is that it helps you to improve your life as you heal your broken heart.

Letting go of the one we love gives us the opportunity to love ourselves, and equally realize that we are not alone in our heartbreak. There are millions of people out there crying and feeling the same pains we feel for our failed relationship.

Whether you’re prepared to move on or still feeling lonely, dejected, or hurt, reading some inspirational breakup quotes about love will help you to recover when your heart is broken.

Here are the 45 best breakup quotes about moving on to heal your broken heart.

1. “A broken relationship is never a broken life. Therefore, arise and move on with your life.” Johnson Bella

2. “Love is sweet, sometimes bitter. Embrace the two.” Henry Dolf

3. “Letting go does not mean you are too weak to revenge, but a sign of self-respect.” Nicholas Kimpola

4. “People will never know your worth until they lose you.” Abraham Davis

5. “Life comes in two forms- the good and the bad. Try to cope with the two.” Benson Charles

6. “Crying or shedding tears will never bring back a broken relationship. Embrace the truth and move on.” Kristin Mary

7. “You better hold on to what you have. The past is gone and will never return.” Michael Twain

8. “How I love you, dear. My heart bleeds because of you. I will forever miss you.” Sarah Nipon

9. I thought we’re meant to be but never knew destiny would do us apart. Goodbye, the love of my soul.” Margret John

10. “Breakups are not meant to destroy us, but to teach us everything we forgot about ourselves.” Dennis Wisdom

11. “The pains of true love pierces a broken heart.” Ben Isaac

12. “Love does not know its time of death until the hour of separation.” Khalil Gibran

13. “Never make anyone your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” Mark Twain

14. “One day they will surely look for you and will not find you. They will try harder to reconnect with you but it’s already late.” Mary Johnson

15. “Do not allow anyone to make you unhappy. Those who left you will later realize they made a great mistake.” John Khali

16. “If they have stopped loving you, move on without an apology.” Christiana C.

17. “Failed relationships are great teachers of what true love is all about.” Nelson Matthew

18. “I do not regret knowing or loving you. It is part of life.” Ben Jhala

19. “Those I love have departed from me, but I wish they can see everything they missed about me.” Mary Johnson

20. “No matter how hard your heart is broken, the world doesn’t stop for your grief.” — Faraaz Kazi

21. “Every sad story has an end.”

22. “It is better to break up than to be in a relationship full of cheating and lying.” Anonymous

23. “Let go of a man who don’t deserve your love, neither does he value your existence.” Christiana Johnson

24. “Someone must go for another person to come in.” Anonymous

25. “Forget the past, forget the pain, focus on bettering yourself.”

26. “You are becoming the woman you had wanted to be if only you will learn to move on.” Elizabeth Tracy

27. “Dating the wrong person stings. It is better to let go than to die in silence.” Margret John

28. “Some relationships are not meant to last forever. Forget the past and move on.” Anonymous

29. “I don’t care what people will say. The most important thing is to remain happy.” John E. Okra

30. “Forget them, move on. One day they will look back and regret why they left you.”

31. “I have stopped thinking about you long ago. Everything about you has escaped my mind.”

32. “Cheer up! Broken heart. You are too important to be unhappy.”

33. “Stop crying, beautiful angel. He lost you, you didn’t lose him.”

34. “We are meant to love and hate, be hurt, and let go of the past.”

35. “Separation is the disunion of two persons that ought not to be together. Let it hurt, let it bleed, but move on.”

36. “A good start does not always guarantee a happy end.”

37. “I thought I was in love, but never knew it was infatuation.”

38. “Don’t be sorry for your past mistakes, betrayal of trust, and failed relationships. Work on making today better than yesterday”

39. “This is not the right time to cry or weep over your break up. It is time to restructure your life for a better person to come in.” Margret Helen.

40. “Cry, weep, and let it hurt. But don’t forget that the wrong people are not meant to remain in our lives.”

41. “Getting over a breakup does not happen overnight. It requires patience. Therefore, calm down, everything will be fine.” Benson C.

42. “Some relationships and love are like a mirror.They are meant to break someday.” Thomas Vine

43. “Your sorrow is only but a moment. Move on and be happy again.” John C. Camel

44. “Stop waiting for anyone to tell you is over. You are the only one feeling your pains.” James Okafor

45. “It is better to be single than to be in a toxic relationship.”

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