Dating advice and types of people you should not date

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In the dating world, they are different categories of people you should avoid especially if it is your first date. If you are single and like meeting new people, they are some dating advice for you.

They are also 7 types of people you should not date if you must have a better relationship .

Have you fallen in love or already dating , it is time to have a loving relationship with your partner.

In this article, I shall focus on dating advice for you and the 7 types of people you should not date.

No one in life is perfect but they are categories of people you shouldn’t date if you must have a happy relationship.

7 categories of people you should never date in your Life.

Hot tempered person:

People with hot temper can be so violent in a relationship and you should avoid them.

Though no one is perfect but you don’t have to date a hot tempered person.

Dating a hot tempered partner is like taking a risk because they are too violent to be with. Unless if you can cope with the situation.

Everyone gets angry, but they are people who cannot control their anger.

A Player:

It is not advisable to date a player because he/she will never be faithful to you.

A player is someone who date different types of people at a time.

Someone you think you are the apple of his/her eyes not knowing that you are not the only person he/she is dating.

Dating a cheat is like giving a thief money to hold. He may likely go away with your money.

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Don’t date a stingy person:

Stingy people can be so irritating.

They are not willing to give out what they have but they are always willing to receive all the time.

Would  you like to be begging and looking for a way to convince your partner anytime you need his/her help?

There is one way of identifying a stingy person.

How to identify a Stingy Person?

One way you can identify a stingy person is by comparing and contrasting his/her status or position with their manner of giving.

Does he/she give below what they suppose to give?

If yes, he/she is a stingy person.

Don’t date a possessive person:

A possessive partner is  a burden in a relationship.

One who is too demanding can never make a good partner in dating.

A Nagging person:

If you consider dating a nagging person then be ready to adapt to every  situation in your relationship.

A nagging person is someone who constantly harass someone to do something. Or someone who worry too much.

They always want everything done now. Not just that, but they will tell you in an unpleasant manner.

Unforgiving person:

Any person who lacks the heart and will to forgive is not good to date.

Unforgiving person bears grudges in his/her heart.

Whenever you have misunderstanding never expect them to forget everything and move on.

They always keep record of wrongs.

People You shouldn’t Date

Don’t date an arrogant person:

Pride kills a relationship. One who is too proud will not be a good partner in a relationship.

Dating a partner who is too boastful is something you need to think twice before proceeding to date each other.

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An arrogant person will never listen to you nor accept your opinion.

He/she will always see him/herself as the most important person in the relationship.

A selfish partner:

Selfish people cannot be good in a relationship.

A man or woman who is self-seeking will not give his/her to you.

Greedy people are after their own selfish interest. They don’t think about their partner’s well being.

Jealous lover:

Some lovers are too jealous in a relationship. Not just that but unnecessary jealous.

As a single lady or guy you need a partner who understands you. Someone who is not too suspicious.

Jealous people always think you have a skeleton in your cupboard, therefore you must avoid them.


No one is perfect, not even you yourself, but there are people you cannot cope with. That is why you need dating advice.

Look out for those qualities you like  and admire in people.

Watch out to know whether your partner  has the qualities you admire before proceeding to date each other.

People who are not good for your personality will not make a good partner.


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