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Dating simply describes a relationship between two people who are romantically attracted to each other better in socially enjoyable wags. Although dating implies romantic involvement, it does not necessarily involve sex. Dating is a way of looking at the other person’s potentials for a more meaningful, longer relationship. For friendship and ways of promoting it see https://www.powerfulsight.com/friendship-and-ways-of-promoting-it-vol-1/

Dating assumes that you have the freedom to choose a person to go out with. It also assume that the selection was initiated by the two individuals not an outsider.

I shall quickly outline the general guideline for dating.

General guideline for dating


Know your partner:

Know as much as you can about the person you are going on a date with. It is important to know his character before accepting to go out with him/her.

Some females are been raped, some used for rituals on their first date because they don’t know their partner very well before going out on a date with him.

Be assertive:

Good communication, particularly around personal values, individual expectation and sexual conduct is important. Be ready to say ‘yes’ when you ought to, and ‘No’ when it is necessary.

There must be mutual respect:

There must be mutual respect for each others wishes like accepting your date, refusal to engage in sexual activity.

Give consideration to parental wishes:

Listen to what your parents have to say about your partner whom you intend to go on a date with.

Avoid the use of Alcohol:

The consumption of alcoholic drinks on a date with your partner can cause a lot of things. As a male, it can cause you to do negative things you may not like to do if you are not under the influence of alcohol, likewise the female.

Avoid staying in a lonely place:

Majority of people make this grievous mistake, and the result most of the time can be rape, robbery etc.

Instead of staying in a lonely place with your partner, especially someone you have not known very well, consider staying in a restaurant where you can see people, and they can also see you.

For your safety, ensure that someone responsible knows who your date is, your intended destination and expected time of return.

Never forget your time while on a date:

Some go on a date, spend the whole day forgetting that he/she will go home especially if the place is far away from his/her home.

Go on group dates to minimize opportunities and temptation to engage in sexual activity.

Always have a backup plan for returning home especially when you don’t know your date very well.

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