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Safe dating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Life during the coronavirus crisis has changed for everyone. Companies have resorted to remote working, and schools have come up with distance learning.

However, what happens to our social needs? Attending parties and socializing with people was the only way single people could meet potential partners for dating.

Social distancing has had an impact on people. They can’t help but wonder if they will ever be able to impress a woman with their cooking skills again, or if they can ever date indoors again.

Should you get tested before taking your masks off? If you are in the same boat, this article will help you figure out how to navigate intimacy while keeping COVID-19 at bay.

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Pandemic or not, communication is always the key.

Usually, when you begin dating someone, you would consider what their hobbies are or what interests do you both have in common.

These things tell you if you both are a good match for each other. In the same way, a new point of discussion needs to get added to the conversation. That is your partner and your approach towards COVID-19 safety. It means that you can ask each other questions like:

  • Does your job require you to be around other people?
  • What kind of precautions do you take during and after interactions?
  • Do you live alone or with other people? If you live with other people, how do you track each other’s exposure to the virus?
  • Do you visit restaurants and other public places?

Ideally, you need to ask your potential partner these questions before meeting them in person.

You can chat with them online at first or arrange a video call date so that you get to know their perspective before you set up a face-to-face date.

Their answers will help you better assess the level of exposure that a person has with other people and to environments that may be risky of contracting the coronavirus.

This way, you will be assessing your risk of getting the infection if you go ahead with the relationship.

Understandably, it may feel uncomfortable to ask someone you just met about their personal opinions and activities, but it is crucial for everyone’s health and well-being.

You must understand that exposing yourself to a new partner would not just affect you, but the people you are living and working with as well.

A whole community can get affected because of one person’s ignorance. Some doctors even say that you should approach this conversation just as you would talk about sexually-transmitted diseases before you get intimate with someone for the first time.

You should conduct the conversation matter-of-factly about the health of you and your potential partner. It still would not guarantee a hundred percent prevention from the virus, but it would certainly lessen the risk involved.

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When can you be sure that it is the correct time to transition from the virtual dates to indoor intimacy?

It is not like you cannot have intimate connections, while the pandemic lasts.

If you have met someone that you like and have gone through detailed Skype or FaceTime dates, you may want to take things to the next level. However, before taking this leap, you must answer these vital questions:

  • What are the transmission rates in the community that you live in?
  • Do you, your partner, or the people you are in close contact with have any preexisting health conditions that you should keep in mind? These include, but are not limited to, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. If any of you is immunocompromised, you mustn’t indulge in high-risk activities for the sake of you and your loved ones’ health.
  • What kind of risk does the activity that you plan to do involve? For example, watching a movie in an outdoor cinema is less risky than going to an indoor theatre. 

Gauging the community spread and case numbers within your neighborhood will give you a rough idea if your decision to meet in person is good or not.

If the transmission rates are higher, then it means that you or your partner have a higher chance of contracting the virus if you meet at a restaurant or any other public place.

It would be best then to continue with online dating. If the transmission rates are low, you can consider having an indoor date at a restaurant.

However, make sure that the tables are seated at least 6-feet apart. If you are planning to meet in a home setting, then the doctors recommend that you get yourself tested before getting into close, mask-free proximity.

Are relationships helpful during the pandemic?

Even though dating during the era of COVID-19 may be stressful for many, we must assess the risks involved in it just like we assess the risks before going for grocery shopping or a check-up.

Having meaningful emotional connections are an essential part of everyday life. The pandemic has caused many people to go into depression or have anxiety because the emotional and physical connections are getting weaker.

Relationships are as crucial as buying food or seeking medical care, so we must never downplay it. Prioritizing our mental health during this time is essential.

What are some advantages of dating during the pandemic?

While dating during the pandemic may be very different from what you are used to, it does have certain advantages as well.

Pre-pandemic dating might seem very superficial after you get to experience post-pandemic dating.

Dating in the COVID-19 era gives you more time to have a meaningful conversation with your potential partner.

You can get to know more about their personality and not get distracted by sexual desires. This way, you will have a stronger emotional bond before taking things further.

Moving on a slow pace is always better for any relationship, rather than rushing into it. The pandemic has slowed everyone down, which might be better for us.

How do you develop trust in your partner if you have not gotten a chance to physically meet them yet?

Developing trust in a person that you have not met physically might be tricky.

However, there is a solution to that also. You can arrange to meet in an outdoor picnic setting. Ensure that you both are wearing your masks and are at a 6-feet distance.

However, how can you be sure that they are telling you the truth about the precautions that they are taking?

To fully trust each other, you can both agree to install a cell phone monitoring app on each other’s phone.

One such app which is getting very popular in the United States and Canada is XNSPY. By downloading XNSPY, you and your partner can monitor each other’s activities that would help to ensure that you both are following the safety precautions.

XNSPY’s GPS tracking feature will show you each other’s location history, which you can use to check that none of you is going into a neighbourhood that has high transmission rates.

You can monitor each other’s phone calls and text messages to ensure that neither of you is making any plans to meet friends.

XNSPY also lets you keep a tab on each other’s social media profiles to gauge what kind of social life does your partner have during the pandemic.

The app has many other features of life, tracking the monitored device’s web browsing history, call recording feature, access to multimedia files, etc.

If the app seems intrusive to you or your partner, you can always mutually decide which features you want to switch off.

It is a great way to create a trusting and safe bond with each other. The app has been very popular amongst dating couples, especially during times when distancing is a norm.

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