How to define intimacy and types of intimacy

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How do you define intimacy?.

To some, intimacy is all about sexual intercourse, but how true is that?

The word intimacy means close relationship.

You may be in a friendship but not really close to your friend simply because there is no bound between the both of you. Intimate relationship does not necessarily involve sex especially for unmarried persons.

Tables of contents.

1. Meaning of intimacy

2. Types of intimacy

3. How to be intimate with your friend.

Define intimacy- meaning of intimacy

picture of how to define intimacy

Oxford Dictionary defined intimacy as “the state of having a close personal relationship with somebody”.

When we talk about intimacy, we mean closeness, togetherness, familiarity, companionship, attachment and so on.

Two persons who are in a relationship or friends but barely talk to each other or have no deeper connection cannot be said to be intimate friends. They must be closeness, affection, mutual sharing, understanding and openness to each other.

For couple, intimacy involves sexual intercourse, closeness and affection.

They are 4 different types of intimacy

4 Major types of intimacy

An image illustrating the 4 major types of intimacy and how to define intimacy.
4 Major types of intimacy
  1. Physical Intimacy
  2. Sexual Intimacy
  3. Emotional Intimacy and
  4. Spiritual Intimacy
  1. Physical Intimacy: Physical intimacy involves physical affection, holding of hands, hugging and most of the time kissing. It is all about being physically close to each other, and not necessarily emotionally or spiritually connected. They may or not be any emotional connection.
  2. Sexual Intimacy: It involves sexual intercourse. It is a strong bound that involves sex especially for couple. They are sexually bound and attracted as husband and wife.
  3. Emotional Intimacy: It has to do with strong feeling and connection. For example, when you fall in love for the first time, you become emotionally connected to your lover. You begin to develop a strong feeling for him/her. Your body chemistry begin to work together.
  4. Spiritual Intimacy: It has to do with spiritual closeness to God or gods, or any spirit being. This type of familiarity is beyond physical, emotional and sexual intimacy. It is all about spiritual connection with God or spiritual forces you know about.

7 Ways to become intimate with your friend

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  1. Share things together: Mutual sharing brings intimacy. You become more connected to each other. Sharing things together can be in the form of information, gifts and so on. Also share and keep your secrets.
  2. Show Concern: Every close relationship has to do with affection. Show your friend how much you care for him/her especially in hard times. When they are sick or passing through a very tough time, never forget to comfort them.
  3. Forgive when wronged: To become best friends, they must be forgiveness between the both of you. You must let go of wrongs and move on with the friendship.
  4. Support each other: Be it financial support, spiritual, or material support, they are all necessary for close friendship. Be a helping hand to your friend when he/she needs your assistance. Be there for him/her anytime they need your help.
  5. Respect each other: For they to be closeness in your relationship, they must be mutual respect. Respect his/her values, dislikes and privacy. Close relationships don’t just happen. It requires respect from each other.
  6. Make sacrifices: Best friends make sacrifices. For you to be very close to your friend, learn to make sacrifices for them. It may be your time, personal belonging or resources etc.
  7. Be appreciative: Be grateful to your friend anytime you are favoured. Appreciate his/her efforts no matter how little it is.

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Close relationship don’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to develop friendship. For you to be intimate with your friend, family or relation, they must be emotional connection. When that occurs, it is left for you to develop the friendship/relationship in other to have an intimate relationship.

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