How to know the Difference between love and infatuation

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They are  lot of difference between love and infatuation. Love and infatuation are two different words.     To have a healthy relationship you must know the difference between lust and love.     You may have come across some  online dating tips.   You are now ready to date that guy or girl you met on the social media.     The truth is that you cannot tell the difference between love and love at first sight if you don’t know the signs.   Some of unhealthy relationships we get into is because  we failed to differentiate love from infatuation.     Two people meet on a social media.  The next thing you know they have fall in love.     They proceed to date each other without knowing whether they are actually in love or not  and know  the difference between lust and love.     Love cannot grow that fast.  It needs time and commitment to develop. Love and infatuation are two antithetical words.         According to   VOCABULARY , infatuation means ” falling in love with or becoming extremely interested in someone for a short time”        
MARI COLHAM quoted ” When infatuated with someone, you become lost in the emotion of a toxic desire”
    Infatuation can make you to choose a wrong partner in marriage.   Most of the time, many think that love and infatuation are the same.     It is sometimes hard to find love on social media which a lot of people engage in online dating.       While looking for dating tips for woman and  men, it is important to know about  Love vs. infatuation Love is not just about your partner’s  physical appearance or physical attraction. It is something inside.         According to Zoosk  ‘When we think of love, we often think of two types of situations’       I shall point out the difference between love and infatuation below:    

The Major difference between love and infatuation

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  •   LOVE is not hasty or impatient.
  • INFATUATION is hasty and impatient.
  • It does not suffer long.
  • Everything about infatuation is very quick.
  • Therefore, it grows very fast as it ought not to.
  • LOVE always does good and brings happiness  to the other person.
  • INFATUATION  brings unhappiness to the other person.
  • LOVE does not resent the other person’s progress.
  • INFATUATION  resents the other person’s progress.
  • LOVE does not seek for itself
  • INFATUATION is self-seeking and self-promoting.
  • LOVE does not display excessive self-esteem.
  • Love is not condescending towards men of low status.
  • INFATUATION is limited in self-evaluation and is likely to be arrogant.
  • LOVE is not inattentive to good manners and proper behavior.
  • Therefore it enables people to be free from self-inflicted slavery

Difference between love and infatuation

  How to know the Difference between love and infatuation                            
  • INFATUATION is self-consuming and inattentive to good manners .
  • LOVE is not concerned exclusively with itself.
  • It takes into consideration the other person’s interest.
  • It listens to the feelings of others . Therefore it is ready to resolve any conflict.
  • Love makes sacrifices for the well-being of others.
  • INFATUATION is relenting, self-oriented,  and pursues personal interest.
  • LOVE is not easily angered.
  • Love is gentle.
  • Therefore, it is  soft with words even in the face of provocation
  • INFATUATION is a fertile ground for offence.
  • Therefore expectations are often disappointed.
  • LOVE does not keep record of wrongs.
  • Love understands that no one is perfect.
  • INFATUATION often dwells on wrongs committed by others.
  • LOVE allows room to disagree.

Difference between love and infatuation

  • INFATUATION says, ‘My opinion is the best and should be taken.
  • It generates and cultivates an atmosphere of fear, which ultimately kills love.
  • Therefore, there is no freedom of express opinions differing from that of your partner.
  • LOVE keeps away from immoral behavior.
  • Therefore, it hates and condemns sin.
  • INFATUATION is immoral and creates an environment for sin.
  • LOVE displays sincerity and honesty.
  • INFATUATION lacks the foundation for sincerity and honesty.

Difference between love and infatuation

  • LOVE is being loyal and committed to a person or cause, irrespective of the challenges.
  • INFATUATION does not respond to loyalty.
  • Therefore, it is flighty at the emergence of a challenge.
  • LOVE  is ever ready to believe the best of every person.
  • INFATUATION breeds suspicion and easily sees faults.
  • LOVE breeds unity between two people.
  • INFATUATION encourages disunity.
  • LOVE   faces  difficulties
  • Confronts opposition with calmness . Therefore is not discouraged.
  • INFATUATION does not face difficulties.
  • LOVE never ceases. It never ends.
  • INFATUATION has a lifespan.
  • LOVE does not criticize.
  • INFATUATION is quick to highlight other people’s weaknesses.

Difference between love and infatuation:

  • LOVE always upholds the truth.
  • INFATUATION will hide the truth to cover up wrong-doing.
  • LOVE is content. Love is not covetous of material things.
  • INFATUATION seeks material things to substain a relationship and obtain approval.
  • LOVE respects  every man.
  • INFATUATION encourages dishonourable behaviour.
  • LOVE provides a helping hand.
  • It seeks to know and meet the needs of the other person.
  • It protects and gives guidance to the other person.
  • INFATUATION is more exploitative and demanding.
  • INFATUATION does not encourage an environment for growth.
  • LOVE is reliable and responsible.
  • It provides security and a sense of belonging
  • INFATUATION  lacks sense of well-being.
  • LOVE is flexible, not rigid. Therefore accommodates other people.
  • INFATUATION is an oppressive state of unfulfilment and dissatisfaction.
  • LOVE  focus on inner beauty, that is character and not looks

Difference between Love and infatuation

  • Infatuation is more concerned with physical attraction and not character.
  • Love is not short lived
  • Infatuation is short lived, because it focuses on physical appearance.
  • LOVE calms down
  • Infatuation makes you act crazy
  • Love is moderate
  • Infatuation is reckless with ones emotion
  • Love genuine
  • Infatuation has  ulterior motives.
  • Love is deep
  • Infatuation is shallow
  • Love is a kind of energetic
  • Infatuation is self centered and draining.
  • Love is generous
  • Infatuation is possessive
  • Love answers all question
  • Infatuation keeps you guessing
  • Love is mature
  • Infatuation is childish
  • Love is most importantly content with one person
  • Infatuation is polygamous in nature
  • Love leaves with explanation
  • Infatuation leaves without any explanation
  • Love is defined
  • Infatuation is undefined
          According to THOUGHT CATALOG  
  • Infatuation makes you act irrationally or ‘crazy.’ Love calms you down.
  • It is intense but short-lived. Love is comfortable but lasts longer.
  •  Infatuation is reckless with our emotions. Love is more considerate.
  • When infatuated with someone, you become lost in the emotion of a toxic desire
  • Infatuation is a moment of getting carried away by a toxic and addictive love.
  • It usually happens at the start of a relationship while the sexual attraction is strong

Difference between love and infatuation

  Infatuation is based on physical attraction.   Love is an inner feeling and not necessarily outward.           ACCORDING TO ELITE DAILY   Lust and desire lead to infatuation         Infatuation can be said to be a wolf in sheep clothing.   It starts a relationship gently but moves as fast as Lightning.   Love tries its best to sustain a relationship, whereas Infatuation move away when it couldn’t.   Infatuation wants to control a relationship, whereas Love  is  loyal.     Infatuation is rude   Love is kind     Infatuation is arrogant     A Healthy relationship cannot be built with arrogance.       Infatuation does not listen to his/her partner’s opinion. Arrogance in a relationship is a sign of unhealthy relationship.         Love is humble.     I can say that love is deeper than infatuation.     It is not based on physical attraction as infatuation is.      

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