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How to make your dreams come true

Making your dreams come true is not an easy task. It requires total commitment, dedication and time in other to achieve your dreams.     The main reason why many fail to make their dreams come true is because they don’t back them up with action. Successful people who were able to actualize their dreams are people who understood the principles needed.      
Table of contents

1. Definition of dreams

2.Steps to take to make your dreams come true

3. Conclusion
  1. Definition of dreams:
According to Oxford Dictionary, Dreams  means ” a cherished aspirations, ambitions,  or ideal”   Dreams are your those things you aspire. Your ambitions or lets say desires.       Ninety five percent of people who failed to achieve their dreams are those who failed to  understand the basic things needed.  According to Internet World Stats  “Achievers are great dreamers”       The strongest key that can help you to make your dreams come true is vision. One who set up a goal  but have no vision cannot achieve that dream. “Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence.     Medium Corporation defined vision as “the act or power of imagination”       I will emphasize on the steps to take in other to  actualize your dreams in life.        

Steps to take to make  your dreams come true

picture of how to make your dreams come true


Be focus:

Focus is required if you must make your aspirations come true. Anything you aspire without paying attention to it cannot be achieved.


To make your dreams come true back it up with action:

Action speaks louder than voice. As I have written earlier that a dream without an action is like an album of photo. To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act, you have to struggle immensely to see that you achieve your dreams in life.        

Be determined:

Be very active, determined and full of energy if you must actualize your dreams. Determination is another factor that can help you to actualize your dreams. A determined mind can go as far as possible to see that nothing stands as an obstacle to his/her success. Your dreams can come true if only you have the courage to pursue them.          

Always dream and shot higher than you can do:

Big dreams are very important.  If you have a dream, dream big. Be a dreamer with big dreams because it will give you the strength and courage to pursue and actualize them. Dreams are like rivers of water, the quantity/amount you fetch for the moment is the amount you will use. It is not just to have a dream, but to have big ones which will only take God’s grace for you to actualize.          

To achieve your dreams have confidence in yourself:

Those who don’t believe in themselves, the potentials in them can never achieve great things in life. To have confidence in yourself simply mean “to believe in who you are, the potentials in you, and your ability to create things out of nothing.          

Never give up on your dream:

Persistence and perseverance is another important factor one must consider in order to actualize his/her dreams. A times we give up on our dreams due to some challenges or the other. It is good to be indomitable especially when you want to achieve  great things.          

Learn from your past mistakes:

Do not dwell in the past but learn from your previous mistakes. Great men are those who understood these principles. For you to achieve your dreams, you have to forget your past failures and move on. either academically, financially or otherwise and press on. Wise people don’t remain in their past mistakes or failure rather they look into the future than looking backward.          

Cast away fear:

Fear can make you not to be able to actualize your dreams. It can be the fear of how to start and where to begin. Be bold and face your dream.          

To achieve your dreams learn from wish people:

“He that walks with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. If you must achieve great things in life, inquire  from those who are better than you.          

Give it your time:

You cannot achieve any of your dream without giving it time. Time is in every thing we do in life.          

Patience is needed:

You cannot fulfill your dreams without having patience. Don’t be in a hurry. Calm down and follow it.          


Take a good decision:

Good decision is also important to your dreams. Making a wrong decision can stop you. It is capable of destroying your dreams            

Seek help from others:

You don’t know everything. Two heads are better than one. You need the help of others if you must achieve anything in life. Tell others to help you where you need help. Don’t be too proud to seek help.            

Develop a strategy:

Build your own strategy. Have a good approach to your dreams. Pursue your dreams with a different way and manner.          

Be humble:

Your dreams will not come to pass if you are not humble enough to learn. Bring your ego down and listen to people who are better than you.              

Share your dreams:

A Dream shared with others helps a lot. You cannot fulfill your goals alone, you need to tell others about it. It does not mean you should tell everyone, but people who can help you.


Keep good company:

“He that follows wise people shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”. The type of friends you keep and interact with matters a lot.  Bad friends can influence you negatively and can never impact something good or meaningful in your life rather, they will ruin your future. It is good to have good friends who have plans for their future.            

Ignore Negative words about your dreams:

People must talk about you. It is left for you to decide whether to listen or not. Refuse to listen to bad comments about your dreams and move on.              

Visualize your dreams:

Have a clear picture of your dreams. Always imagine yourself actualizing that particular goal. Don’t see your goals as something too big or achieve. Imagine it daily and follow it .          


To achieve your dreams have faith in God:

As we all know that without God, we can do nothing. He is the only one that can help you to actualize your dreams and also make your future to be brighter. Hope on him and live.            
Nothing in life is too easy to get. The world is not a bed of roses. For you to achieve your goals it requires much effort. You have to go beyond what others are doing. To make your dreams come true it requires gradual process or steps. Every of your dreams can become a reality if only you understand the secrets you should know. Your aspirations or goals will not just manifest without  your efforts. It must take you something. Your sacrifice is needed. You can sacrifice your time, resources and even energy. Don’t be in a hurry. Just follow your goals with patience and persistence.      

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