8 Signs that shows You’re in a Fake Friendship

Fake friendship is real but how do you identify it?.

Friendship is one of the most important thing no one can ever do without. In fact, it is the umbrella that covers all living things. They are friends who pretend to be good but they are wolfs in sheep clothing.

Today, am going to reveal some of the signs that shows you’re with a fake friend.

Signs of a Fake Friendship

Bad friendship manifests in the following ways:

1. Conditional Love:

One of the signs you’re with a fake friend is conditional love. The love your friend has for you is not genuine.

They simply love you when things are right but disappears in difficult situation.

True friendship is known for unconditional love. Love that has no end.

So, if your friend claims to be a true friend but he/she is not a friend in need, your relationship is fake.

2. One sided Love:

One sided love is different from conditional love I mentioned above. Unbalanced love is the type of love that exist or proceeds from one partner.

Either you or your partner is good in expressing love, whereas the other person is good at enjoying the benefits.

If your friend does not love you the same way you love him or her, then he/she is a fake friend. In other words, you’re in a parasitic friendship.

3. Fake friends don’t have time for you:

Friendship is all about sacrifice. If your friend does not give you his/her time especially when you seriously need it, then he/she is not a true friend.

A fake friend will always give you some excuses why he/she may not be able to help you.

When you need their help, they disappear. They only come around when things are going well.

They don’t value you at all. All they are after is their welfare and not yours. Your happiness is never their priority.

How to identify a fake friend?

4. They are good in condemning others:

Another way to identify a fake friend is how often they tell you about others.

There is this adage that says “one who tells you about others will one day tell others about you”. That is how fake friends operate.

They like justifying themselves before you but condemns (gossip) you at your back.

When you are together, they claim to be nice.

They may even look very innocent but they are secretly working against you.

All they want is your downfall but you may not know. It is a sign of fake friendship.

5. You’re not always yourself when you are together:

If you always pretend to be someone else when you are with your friend, it simply means you’re not in a genuine friendship.

Fake friends will always try to change or influence you. They don’t want you to be the person you are, but the person they want.

6. They are nagging in nature:

All these signs are the things I have experienced in life. A fake friend will always complain and want everything done right now.

They don’t care to know whether it is convenient for you or not. If you fail to do that, they become angry and walk away.

7. Fake friends walk away unnoticed:

Another thing about fake friendship is that, a fake friend moves away without any reason for ending the friendship.

They simply have no regards for you.

8. They intimidate and manipulate you:

Another weapon fake friends use is intimidation and manipulation.

They will always want you to do things that will favour them. When you fail to do it, they feel sad. They are not just doing it. All they want is to manipulate you.


Friendship is the number one thing man cannot do without.

I always think about how the world would have been if nothing like friendship ever exist. It would have been a place of war, agony, crisis etc. But with the help of friendship, we have peace, unity and orderliness in the world today.

Friendship is a choice. You don’t force people to relate with you.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above in your friendship, then you are with a fake friend. Take heed and save yourself from the dangers ahead.

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