Giving up on love

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t give up on love

Are you considering giving up on love? Consider these 3 major things if you have decided to stop searching for love.

What does it mean to give up on love?

To stop searching for love means to do away with any possibility of love. It means accepting a life of loneliness, hate, and to remain single only because you believe that true love does not exist. It may be as a result of one’s experience in their past relationship. Maybe, they had a heartbreak before.

When you stop hoping for love, you will come to the conclusion that genuine love does not exist, but how true is that?

Is it okay to give up on love?

To give up on love isn’t a great idea. Love is a necessity. That means, no one can ever survive on earth without being touched by the love of others.

That you were searching for love, for several times, but couldn’t find it, does not mean you should stop searching for your soulmate. Or that your relationship didn’t work is not a reason to give up on someone you love.

Love is a great teacher. It teaches you how to relate to people.

What happens when you give up on love?

When you stop hoping for love, you will find it difficult to walk along with others, which will eventually make your life miserable.

For instance, you will find yourself being depressed, lonely, and hating everyone that comes in contact with you. Love ought to be given and equally received.

Signs You’ve Given Up on Love

1. You’ve concluded that true love does not exist:

Those who have stopped hoping for love has come to the conclusion that true love does not exist. They now prefer to be single to falling in love again.

They are simply afraid of experiencing what they had already encountered before.

For instance, someone who had been in a toxic relationship wouldn’t like to have the same experience if he/she is to fall in love again. Therefore, they rather stop searching for love than to end up being disappointed.

2. You simply don’t want to fall in love again:

Another sign you’ve finally given up on love is that you reject every proposal or idea of dating again.

I do hear people saying “I don’t want to date anyone again” I am tired of love”. Why? It is because they are tired of so-called love.

3. Going on a date is an old fashion to you:

Everyone who has given up on love now sees going on a date as an outdated lifestyle.

The truth is that they are tired of meeting the wrong person in the name of searching for love. Those who are ready to fall in love over and over again know the importance of dating in every relationship.

4. You’ve concluded that its not going to work:

Those who have finally made up their mind to give up on someone they love always believe that no amount of effort will ever make their relationship or marriage work again. They have summarized it that they will never be able to find the right person. Some who started with online dating websites have now given up. Why? Because they couldn’t find the right person.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give up on love

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1. Love is a great teacher:

No one can ever survive on earth without love. Love teaches us how to relate to others.

For instance, if you don’t have love, you cannot tolerate other people. No wonder the bible said that ‘Love is the summary of the whole law’.

Everyone you meet has something to offer. Everyone that comes into your life came with his/her own lessons to teach you.

So, one major reason why you shouldn’t stop loving someone is that love teaches a great lesson.

When you fall in love, you are giving yourself the opportunity to study other people’s life.

Love is an indicator of happiness, says Legit. In other words, when love departs from your life, you are likely to end up being depressed.

2. You need love:

Love is a necessity. You need to express it and equally receive it back.

A life without love would be lonely, dark, sad, and in a constant state of depression says “123 Help Me

Love gives us the reassurance that we will be cared for and helped in times of need and given support to achieve goals, says Brittany B.

3. It takes time for love to develop, be patient:

Don’t give up on someone you love simply because the relationship isn’t working.

It takes time for love to develop. Developing a strong and healthy relationship does not happen overnight.

It takes a lot of commitment, to build a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, don’t give up on your love. Be patient.

If you have been searching for your soulmate but it seems as if you are unlucky, don’t stop hoping for love. If it seems like your relationship or marriage isn’t working, don’t give up on your love. Give it time.

It is all about time. Wait for the right time. Likewise, those who have experienced heartbreak in the past. Don’t conclude yet. Continue trying. Don’t allow anything to stop you from getting what you want.

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