7 Qualities Of A Good friendship You Must Know

Do you want to have a good friendship? Then you need to know the characteristics of a good friend.

It is very easy to start a friendship. When it is not properly nurtured, the relationship gets terminated.

According to Quora, a true friend is ” Someone who’s not afraid to point out our faults and try to rectify them.

They are 7 characteristics of genuine friendship I will like to share with you.

It will not only help you to make good choice of friends, but it will also help you to develop your friendship.

Most of the time, we end up regretting meeting a friend not because he/she is not good, but because they lack the attributes of a true friend.

They are people who claims to be a friend but not really. Others come closer to you when you are in a better position, but vanishes in hard times.

Hard times defines a true friend because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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7 Characteristics Of A Good Friendship

A good friendship is built on the followings:

What are qualities of good friends?

Good friendship is built on the followings: 1. Trust. 2. Commitment. 3. Sacrifices. 4. Honest communication. 5. Mutual Support. 6.Acceptance of each other as they are. 7.Mutual Respect.


Genuine friendship is anchored on trust. You both trust yourselves. You can share confidential information without fear of disclosing your secrets.


A genuine friend is a committed friend. Someone who is ready to go with you on extra mile.

Friendships are among the most important relationships we form in life.

Through friendship, individuals come to know, trust and depend on each other for affection, acceptance and support.

Our first and most important relationships outside of the family are those we establish with friends.

That is why true friendships requires commitments.


Sacrifices is the fundamental of true relationship. Good friendships are built on sacrifices.

A good friend is always ready and willing to give up on his/her plans just to satisfy you.

When friendship is contracted or established, it needs to be nurtured and sustained through some qualities like sacrifices.

#4. Honest Communication:

Honest communication here implies sharing of truth and being able to talk about sensitive issues or negative behaviours without malice.

A true friend will be able to keep every secret revealed to him/her by a friend.

#5. Support:

Support is another characteristics of genuine friendships.

The both friends are always willing to help each other in time of need.

Not only that, but doing it without expecting anything in return.

Good friends does the followings also:

#6. Acceptance of each other as they are:

You don’t try to change people just to fit yourself.

True friendship recognizes two different identities.

A true friend will always know that he/she is quiet different from his/her friend.

Therefore, there is no need of trying to change or make him//her to live up to your expectations.


Talking and listening builds friendship and requires mutual respect and loyalty from persons involved.

Not all friendships are positive or beneficial. One should set limits in friendships and all other relationships especially ones that likes respect.

Respect is another core thing in positive friendships.

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Basis for friendships:

Friendships are usually developed out of similarities discovered by people in each other.

True friendship involves mutual respect, which means relating with others in ways that honour their personal values, etc.

Some other similarities or things that draws people together in friendship are:

Common interest, background, values, views and attitudes, loyalty, gender, taste, beliefs, age, ability to keep confidences, and loyalty.


There is this adage that says that “a bachelor does not know when he passes the compound of his prospective in-law”.

In the same vein, one doesn’t know where he/she contracts friendship. It could be any where.

It therefore implies that sources/avenues of friendship could be through peer group, neighborhood, school, classmates, social gatherings, workplace, playground/recreational centers, religious gatherings, or even accident scenes.

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