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Good Night My Love Text Messages

Sweet good night messages are capable of giving your loved ones a sweet dream. Everyone loves to receive cute goodnight texts. So what are you waiting for? I have compiled some romantic good night my love texts that will make your lover to smile and be happy after reading it.

Everyone in a relationship expects nice words from their partner. Furthermore, sending love paragraphs to your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is a way of expressing affectionate feelings to them. Also, as good morning texts are capable of making their day, likewise, bed time messages are able to bring them a nice sleep.

Below are some cute good night wishes for lovers. Make your sweetheart smile tonight with the following good night love letter or sms.

Sweet Good Night My Love Messages

  • Sweet dreams, my love, have a lovely sleep. Goodnight my love
  • Morning and day has past, its our night of love. May your night be as wonderful as the moon and your day as bright as the stars. Good night dear.
  • My sweetheart! How was your day? I hope you have taken your dinner? As you sleep tonight, may you sleep like a new born baby and wake up like a giant man.
  • Goodnight my darling! I miss you. Sweet dreams to you dear. Make your heart desires be granted unto you.
  • At sunset and sunrise, my love for you cannot be described. Goodnight my love, sleep tight.
  • Each time I wake up from sleep I remember you. At night, whenever I want to sleep, I think about you. You are the love of my life. Good evening honey and have a wonderful sleep.
  • Good evening honey! how was your day? I just want to say ‘Hi’ and wish you well before you go to bed. Sweet dreams.
  • If I ever sleep without sending you some lovely goodnight texts, I am indeed a fake lover. Sweet dreams my love, sleep tight.

Good Night Message For Him

  • I wish you the best of dream my love, sleep tight. My love for you cannot be hindered by our distance. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I want to say ‘Sweet dreams’ to you.
  • Your presence in my life has brought joy, happiness and blessings to my life. You are my hero as I am your heroine. I am proud of you honey. Goodnight to you and have a lovely sleep.
  • Each day I wake up, my love for you increases. I cannot love you less. I miss you darling. Good night to you dear.
  • Hi darling! How was your day? I hope you didn’t stress yourself today? I just want to wish you a lovely night. Sleep tight honey. Have a nice rest.

Good Night Message For Her

Picture of good night my love
  • I can never forget to say ‘Hi’ before I sleep. Good night my sweetheart.
  • Darling! have you finish cooking your dinner? Don’t forget to call me to come and join you as soon as you finish. Goodnight my love.
  • You’re the Angel of my life. The Paragon of beauty. I miss you darling and I want to say ‘ Goodnight and sweet dreams to you’.
  • Good night to you my queen. I wish you a lovely and wonderful sleep tonight.
  • The Sun has gone and the Moon has risen. May you rise above your enemies. Goodnight my Princess. Sleep under the stars.

Goodnight Texts to a Crush

  • My feelings for you are immeasurable. I cannot love you less. Goodnight my Crush.
  • I love you more than any other thing. You’re the Apple of my eyes. I just want to say ‘Good night to you’ Sweet dreams.
  • My love, how will you describe your day? I hope no one provoked you today. Have a nice sleep.
  • Good night my darling. You’re the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in the world.

Good Night Messages for Friends

  • My friendship is of great value to me. I can never forget your kindness, love and efforts in my life. I love you my good friend. Goodnight to you.
  • Sweet dream to you, my best friend. Sleep tight.
  • I am so excited that we are back to our place of rest. Have a good, lovely and sweet sleep. Good night dear.

Goodnight Love Quotes

  • Tonight shall not pass without sending you a lovely sweet goodnight text, my love. Goodnight to you.
  • A wonderful night to you dear. I miss you. Sleep tight. Have a nice rest.
  • Each time I look at you I see a bright new morning and day. Goodnight to you my love. Sweet dreams.
  • I cannot rest without you. Whenever am lying on my bed, I always think about you. You’re the love of my life. Without you I am nothing. Goodnight to you darling, I miss you.

Romantic Good Night Messages

  • Your love is as sparkling as red wine. You’re my heart desire and I cannot do without you. Goodnight my love.
  • Good night my darling, I love you.
  • You’re the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. Good night to you my love.
  • The greatest mistake I can ever make is to be without you. You are everything to me. Goodnight my Sweetheart
  • You are as sweet as honey and as meek as Dove. Your appearance and beauty marvels me. Good night my love.

How do you say Goodnight

First of all, appreciate his/her love for you. After that, be yourself. Don’t be too flirty or look as if you are faking your text. Just say what you know about him or her. You can say goodnight in this manner ” Hi dear or darling or in whatever way you wish to address him or her. The next thing is to ask them how their day went, then you can choose or add any of the goodnight my love messages above and send to him or her.

How do you say Goodnight in Romantic?

Goodnight in Romantic has to do with appreciating and saying what you love about your partner. It can be their life style, hair, dressing, etc.

Goodnight Images

Below are some interesting goodnight images you can send your loved ones. Make them love you more by sharing the following beautiful good night messages in image form.

Goodnight images
Goodnight images

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