5 Things to do to live a happy life.

picture of how to live a happy life

To live a happy life is what everyone wants.

Have you ever been in a situation where you lack joy and happiness?. Not only that, but you pray for the situation often because of lack of joy and happiness.

If yes, you can imagine how the situation was.


According to Huffpost “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”



To live a happy life is a choice. You decide whether you want to be happy or not.

A happy life is a life of peace and joy. A life without much struggles and worries.


In life, you have the power to make yourself happy and also sad. It is a matter of choice and decision.

If you must live a happy life, they are things you should do, and ones you should not.

Happy life is a  life full of progress, harmony, joy, etc.  A life that has all that life requires.


You are happy not because it is natural but because you choose to be happy. Therefore, living a happy, joyful and enjoyable   life is all about choice and decision.


I shall open your eyes a little, to know the things you should do in other to live a happy and enjoyable life.



5 Things to do to live a happy life.

picture of how to live a happy life


If you want to live a happy life, don’t worry too much:

Do not worry yourself too much. It affects your happiness and joy.

Worrying about many things will not solve any of your problems. It will only add more injury to your wound.

To live a happy life you must learn to stop worrying yourself over unnecessary things. Things without core value.

No matter how bad that situation may be, learn to relax yourself and don’t worry so much.


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To live a happy life, don’t stress yourself often:

Many do work from morning till night without resting.  It is very bad and will affect your life, especially your happiness.

Living a life filled with happiness requires you to rest after doing a lot of works. Don’t kill yourself with works. Learn how to rest after some works because it is necessary if you must live a happy and enjoyable life.



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Learn to forgive people:

Bearing grudges will not make you happy. It will only take away your joy.

Forgiving people for whatever they have done to you will not only make you to be happy but, will also make your mind to be free.

Unforgiveness is another thing that can take away your joy.

When you don’t forgive, you will always lack peace and joy in your heart.

Therefore, forgive people when they wrong you in other to live a life of peace, joy and happiness.




Learn to forget the past and move on:

Dwelling in the past will not make you happy.

Remembering and remaining in your past life, failures, misfortune etc. will only cause you bitterness. And when bitterness comes in, happiness departs.


Your past has gone. There is nothing you can do about it.

Look at the things that are before you. Focus on them and move on with your life.



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Appreciate and adore yourself:

You cannot live a happy life without liking yourself first.

When you fully understand how precious your life is, before you can adore and appreciate yourself.


When you look down on yourself you can never see the reason why you should adore and appreciate yourself.



Life is full of choices, make the wrong choice and live a life full of hardship. But make the right choice and enjoy life.

You have the power to live a happy, and enjoyable life if you will follow the ideas or points discussed above.


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