Honesty in a Relationship

Importance of Honesty in a Relationship

Honesty is the key to every healthy Relationship.

It is the ability to tell your partner the truth no matter how hard and difficult it may be to you.

Honesty is very important in every relationship because it helps you and your partner to develop trust in your relationship.

When honesty departs from a Relationship, it first of all brings distrust, disharmony and finally tears the relationship apart.

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Importance of Honesty in Relationships

Honesty is very necessary in every relationship because it does the followings:

1.It helps to develop Trust or Confidence in one’s partner.

2. It brings unity and progress.

3. It helps in developing mutual love in a Relationship.

4. Honesty attracts respect.

A partner who is straightforward in his/her ways will always be trusted by their partner.

For instance, in some marriages or Relationships where trust is rare, the husband or wife will always like to verify every information he/she receives from his/her partner.

In other words, honesty builds Relationships by making both partners develop trust or confidence in each other.

Honesty is the best policy

How can one develop Honesty in a Relationship?

Being honest to your partner is a personal decision. You cannot be forced to be faithful to your partner except you have taken the decision to tell him/her the truth always.

Below are the two major things I think can help you to be honest to your partner.

1.Love your Partner:

One major thing that can make any couple lie to themselves is lack of love.

When you sincerely love your partner, it will be very difficult for you to hide any secret from him/her, for wherever love is, there is honesty.

So, the first thing to do in other to start being honest to your partner is to develop love for him/her first.

2. Be determined to say the truth at all time:

Another way you can become a man or woman of integrity is to be determined to say the truth at all time.

Be a man or woman of integrity.

Don’t be afraid of the outcome of your truth. Although, it is not always easy to tell the truth at all time, but, try your possible best.

That doesn’t mean you should be completely honest at all time. They must be some information that are confidential to you. Keep them to yourself.

Causes of Dishonesty in a Relationship

The following are the causes of dishonesty which is the direct opposite of honesty in a relationship.


Fear brings dishonesty instead of being honest to your partner.

It may be fear of being beaten by your partner if you are in a toxic Relationship, or fear of criticism.

2. Ulterior motive:

Another causes of dishonesty in a Relationship is ulterior motive. When a partner has a hidden agenda, it will always be very difficult for him/her to tell the truth.


Being straightforward is very necessary for everyone who wants to have a long lasting Relationship. Honesty is a virtue everyone ought to have irrespective of your age, sex etc.

According to Dummies ” To become intimate with your partner and to have a healthy Relationship, you need to share some experiences and secrets that you don’t share with anyone else”.

Honesty is the best policy they said. Therefore, be a man or woman of integrity.

For you to be able to tell the truth in every occasion, you must first of all discipline yourself.

Be someone your partner can confide in. Honesty is the key to every healthy Relationship.

If you want to have a long lasting relationship, then be honest to your partner.


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