Tips on How to be Nice to Your Friends

Kindness is one of the most important thing everyone appreciates. Being kind and compassionate brings favour, love and progress. The problem now is ‘how do you become nice to people?, What are the things you should do in other to become a nice person?

Everyone loves being in the company of good people. Probably, cheerful ones. A person with a soft heart and the ability to make others happy even in the time of difficulties.

Their priority is to take care of others. Maybe just to make them smile and be happy. Below are the 10 tips on how to be a nice person. Maybe to your friends, colleagues, family and loved ones.

How to be Nice to People

The following tips will help you to be kind to people even if you don’t like them. Although it is most of the time, difficult to help people you dislike. But do the followings if you are still struggling to be a kind of person everyone would like to associate with.

1. Be Compassionate:

One thing about good people is that they are always kind. Nice people can never do without kindness.

When their friends, colleagues or relations are in a bad state (critical situation), they find a solution to their problems.

So, if you really want to be pleasant to people, then, start by being compassionate.

2. Be helpful:

Do you ever imagine yourself being the type of person everyone would like to associate with? If that is your target, then, be a helping hand to others.

When your friends are in need, help them out. Even if you don’t have anything to offer, a piece of advice from you is enough.

How to Act Nice

3. Have Good Manners:

There is a proverb that says ” a man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait” –Wise Old Sayings.

For you to be a nice person, you must know how to approach people, how to address people (how to talk to them) and how to deal with them.

Being a good person requires you to discipline yourself when it comes to your relationship with others.

4. Be Cheerful:

Cheerful people are often addressed as nice people. You can never be a nice person if you are not happy with yourself first.

It is only when you are joyful that you can be able to make others happy.

5. Give without restrain:

Giving is another way to be a nice person. Be a cheerful giver. Someone who gives without expecting anything in return.

Do more of giving than receiving. When you have or someone is in need of something and you actually have that thing, give it out without regrets.

How to be a Nice Person

6. Practice Empathy:

Being sympathetic is another way to be nice to others. Try to be someone who understands the feelings of others. So, if you really want to act nice, practice empathy.

7. Don’t speak ill of others:

Another way to become a nicer person is by avoiding speaking ill of others.

What makes you a good person is your ability to see the good side of others. Don’t be someone who criticize or gossip others.

8. Be Approachable:

Another way to become a nice person is to be approachable.

Be someone others can freely come to whenever they need your help. Don’t be too hard to get or access.

Avail yourself to people. Make yourself approachable to others.

9. Live an interesting life:

Nice people are interesting. Everything they do attracts others.

If you want to become a good person, live an interesting life. Live a life worthy of emulation. Don’t be someone who lives a fake life. Be genuine in whatever you do.

10. Be Tolerable:

Another tips on how to be nice is to tolerate others. Don’t be someone who don’t have time for others.

When someone offends you, forgive. Do away with anything pride. Be humble and accept others. Socialize with people and learn to endure different characters from others.

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