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7 Ways to Find Love even if you are a Shy Person

It’s hard for even outgoing individuals to find love, let alone shy ones. The struggle may come from past heartbreaks or unrequited feelings. This article describes how to approach potential partners. simply follow the advice even if you’re an extrovert.

You have seen someone attractive at your favourite restaurant, the grocery store, or your school corridors. You could approach them and say something cheesy, but there’s one problem – you’re shy. What if they reject you? Worse still, what if they like you? What next after you meet your life partner? Try using the following tips and make things easier.

The best ways to search for Love

#1. Get a Wingman or Wingwoman

A wingman or wingwoman comes in handy to find the love of your life. For starters, they psyche you up, given the insecurity of approaching new people. Moreover, they save dying conversations by adding details to your story. You also need them as a way out if your crush is unfriendly or the discussion isn’t flowing. Another responsibility is mentioning your appealing traits like your involvement in volunteering. However, they should be subtle lest your crush loses interest.

Similarly, they help you spot potentials and separate groups. Who said you couldn’t find love during ladies’ or guy’s night out? However, not all friends can fill these shoes. A perfect sidekick should mirror your personality. If they’re more interesting or attractive, the person you’re eyeing could find love in them. Likewise, your catch may leave before an introduction if the friend is boring.

#2. Try Coworkers

Dating a colleague describes how to find love in a hopeless place. Sharing friends and interests makes coworkers easy to date. For example, artists have more fun activities and things to talk about than people in different professional areas. Workmates also offer professional support and motivation to stay with the firm. The best part is that your lover can drop by your desk to lift your spirits during stressful days. If asking them out is hard, you can start by sharing lunch at the office cafeteria.

Nevertheless, your quest to find love shouldn’t hinder your job. Supposing your girlfriend/boyfriend is your junior, critiquing their assignment may be difficult. Lacking a work-love balance may kill your relationship, career, or both. Furthermore, be discreet with your romance after you find love. Not saying you should lie. However, public displays could make other employees uncomfortable and expose you to ridicule. Who knows, the secret might even strengthen your bond.

Talking in the office

#3. Be Noticeable

Let people notice you instead of slaving to find love. That way, you’re not embarrassed when your pick-up lines flop. Start by dressing well. This tells your crush you understand good grooming. In addition to fitting you, the clothes should accentuate features like hips or biceps. You can even try unique styles you’re comfortable wearing. The goal is to look good, not making a spectacle of yourself.

Some eye contact won’t hurt. But keep it short. Staring kills the spark and makes you creepy. You can accompany the glance with a smile and watch the other person’s reaction. Smiling back could signal interest. You could also face sideways and turn to them when they look in your direction. This creates the impression of them being interested in you and not vice versa.

#4. Find Love Online

Per recent statistics, the straight individuals who found love via the web grew from 2%-39% from 1995 to 2017. That’s why you should register on the best dating sites 2020. Aside from being cheap, dating sites present numerous singles. But your profile may be the reason why you can’t find love. Here’s how to improve your way to find love dating site provides you with:

  •  Avoid clichés
  •  Grammar matters
  • Stay positive
  • Be honest to find love
  • Keep the description short

An alternative is social media. Facebook isn’t all about professional connections. Check your friends’ suggestions, add your crush, follow their posts, and send a message. To avoid creepiness, start by liking their posts to show interest. However, go easy on the like button. You don’t want to be the weird person hurting pictures from seven years ago. Again, steer clear of celebrity profiles. You won’t meet your love, let alone get a reply.

#5. Leave the House

There are many ways to discover love, and staying at home isn’t one of them. However, there’s no perfect place where to find love. Rather than meeting random people, concentrate on how to find love that is perfect for you. For instance, you can attend a band concert to meet other music lovers. The good news is you still have fun, irrespective of whether you find love that day. You might even catch the attention of someone waiting to approach you in the coming events.

Another option is researching your crush’s interests and using the places they visit to find love. Assuming they’re passionate about mindfulness, you can join a yoga class with them. Your crush might notice you if they’ve seen you before. Ask mutual friends for a heads-up on their location or follow their activities on social media.

#6. Be Yourself

You’ll have to revert to your true self after exploring the “find love” playbook. Admitting you’re shy is a good start. Apart from flattering them, you need to feel comfortable around them. You could also show what you like. For example, bringing a novel to work means you love reading. If being yourself doesn’t help you find your love, the person isn’t worth the effort.

But this doesn’t mean you open up to everyone to find love, revealing everything too soon may scare away potentials or give people too much unnecessary information.

#7. Boost your Confidence

Fear could be the reason why you may think that finding love is hard. Even so, being afraid to obtain love again makes sense when you’ve been hurt in the past. This is why a self-esteem boost is necessary if you are searching for love. If your inadequacies stem from your looks, focusing less on your appearance would increase your confidence. But there’s no problem enhancing your looks to feel good.  For instance, you can change your hairdo or apply your favourite lip gloss.

Risks also increase your self-esteem. You could text your crush or approach and ask them out for dinner. You’ll be more confident the next time if you’re successful with the first attempt. You can also practice your conversation in the mirror. Most importantly, expect rejection, so you’re not shocked by it.


Sometimes you meet the love of your life when you stop looking. You can use the time alone to better yourself and contemplate your ideal partner’s traits. The break also lets you meet your love within. What would be your advice to individuals who are searching for love? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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