How to get back Your Ex “Simple Steps to take”

Winning your ex back is not as hard as you think. It only requires some strategies.

Breakups are one of the toughest experience one can have. In fact, when your boyfriend or girlfriend says your relationship is over, it seems like all hope is lost.

After a long time, you begin to remember your past life with your ex. You begin to long for those sweet text messages you do receive before. Not only that, you start checking your phone now and then to see if your ex called or texted you.

When you come online, you always check whether he/she is online. Did he/she texted you? When was the last time he/she was active?.

When your ex posts pictures on facebook or instagram, you quickly check those he/she tagged. You begin to read other people’s comment and replies on your ex post.

I know how you feel. But am here to help you recover your ex.

Read signs your ex will eventually come back.

So how do you get your ex back?

Here we go.

Do This Things To Make Your Ex Come Back

#1. Give Him/her Space:

The first step to take in other to get your ex back is to give him/her space.

The relationship is over. what do you do? Distance yourself from him/her.

Don’t be in a haste to call or text him/her.

Space is needed at this time.

Make your ex realize that you can live without him/her.

It shows you are independent and that will make your ex to miss you and decide to come back.

#2. Be the Best of Who You can:

Another way to get back your ex is to be the best of who you are.

Don’t fake your life to please anyone. Just be original.

Your past boyfriend/girlfriend may have left because of your fake life.

If that is not really the reason, then don’t worry. Just be yourself. Don’t try to change to another person. Except if you had been living a fake life or a life that displeases him/her, then it is time to make amendment.

Make yourself happy.

Don’t allow the experience to overwhelm you.

When you feel depressed, go out and socialize with friends.

#3. Help hi/her when he/she needs Your Help:

Another way to make your ex come back is to help him/her when he/she needs your help.

Although the relationship is over, but, if you must get him/her back, then you have to assist them when they need your help.

Don’t say ‘ I don’t have anything to do with you again’.

Just do it to show him/her that you value everyone. After all, we were thought to love our enemies. But don’t see him/her as your enemy. It hasn’t gotten to that level.

#4. Hide your Emotions:

What do I mean to hide your emotions?

For instance, a lot of people after break up, do post on the social media how they feel for their ex.

Some even go to the extent of blocking their ex on facebook, instagram, etc. just to show how unhappy they are. It is not advisable.

Don’t let him/her know that you feel bad about how he/she left.

Hide your feelings.

Just pretend as if nothing happened.

#5. Exercise Patience:

Your ex will come back to you but it is only a matter of time.

Just exercise a little patience.

Don’t rush into a new relationship yet. The relationship is not yet over.

Wait patiently for your him/her, he/she will surely come back.

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