How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

Most times, when a girl is secretly in love with you, you won’t know. She will just hide her feelings and send you a mixed signal. She’s doing that just to make sure you truly love her before she will reciprocate your love. But how do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

Below are the signs that tell a girl is secretly attracted to you. If you notice any of these signs, it means she likes you but is trying not to show it.

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Signs she's hiding her feelings for you

1. She asks you intimate questions 2. She pays more attention to you 3. She hardly disagrees with you 4. She calls you after a while of no contact 5. She doesn’t waste time to reply to your texts

How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it

1. She asks you intimate questions

She tells you private information about herself and tries to know more about you. For instance, she asks you questions like; where are you from? Do you live alone? What do you do for a living? Etc.

Whenever you receive such questions from the girl you’re crushing on, it’s a sign she also likes you but is hiding it.

2. She pays more attention to you

If you ever notice she gives you her whole attention whenever you’re talking, especially when you’re in a group, it is another indication that she is secretly attracted to you.

She becomes anxious whenever something bad happens to you. For instance, you were embarrassed by a friend or your boss. Or that you mistakenly misplaced something. She will quietly leave everything and help you search for it.

3. She hardly disagrees with you

When a girl secretly likes you, she will always believe whatever you say. It is not that she doesn’t know what to say either. But because she likes you and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

She agrees to hang out with you. She accepts your opinions and trusts you more than any other person.

4. She calls you after a while of no contact

After staying for some days without calling her, she finally decides to call just to hear your voice. It’s a sign she likes you, but she’s hiding her feelings for you.

A girl who doesn’t want you will never bother to call you, even if you stay for a whole year without calling her. But if she often gets in touch with you, it is a sign she loves you but does not want to show it.

5. She quickly replies to your texts

She doesn’t seem to waste too much time before replying to your texts, or phone calls. It is another sign you should look for.

No matter how busy she is online, she will always reply as fast as possible. But if she eventually delayed in returning your calls or text messages, she will apologize to you.

6. She compliments you

She says nice things about your new picture, your new hairstyle, cloth, or even your smile.

When you update your profile picture on Facebook she will always comment on it. When you notice this, just know that she secretly has feelings for you.

7. She laughs at all your jokes

Whether they’re funny or not, she will always laugh at your jokes. Others may not find it hilarious. But she laughs because she likes you.

8. She’s always shy whenever you’re together

Girls get shy when they start developing feelings for you. And you can tell if she’s shy or not through her body language. For instance, she keeps on touching her hair when you’re talking to her.  She quickly looks away when you have eye contact with her. Or she pretends to be removing something from her nails while you’re speaking.

It is a sign she likes you but she’s shying away from you.

9. Her friends seem to like you

One thing a girl does when she’s secretly in love with a guy is to tell her friends everything about the guy. Starting from how charming he is, and how she feels about him.

So, all I want you to do is to take a look at how her friends react whenever they see you. Do they smile at you or seem to be happy to see you?

All these are signs she has told them a lot about you and she is secretly attracted to you but does not want to show it.

10. She feels happy whenever you come around

Does she smile anytime you come around? Or even feel energized after being nervous for a while? It is a sign she also has feelings for you but she’s doesn’t want you to know.

Girls get excited whenever they see a guy they love. So, take a look at her mood immediately after you meet her. And whether she enjoys your company or not.

11. She doesn’t seem to get tired of your conversation with her

You can both have a long conversation without even getting tired. When it seems like you’re running out of what to say, she will come up with an interesting topic to keep the convo going.

It is only a girl that wants you that can do such a thing. So, take note of this important sign also.

12. She gets nervous when she sees you talking with another girl

If you ever notice that she gets jealous each time she sees you with another girl, then she wants you in her life but is hiding it.

How do you figure out if she’s jealous or not?  She becomes nervous or avoids you for a while after seeing you with another girl. It clearly shows she really likes you but doesn’t want you to discover that.

13. She always initiates a conversation with you

She doesn’t hesitate to chat with you whenever you come online. She will just text you and say “Hi.” She’s secretly having a crush on you but just hiding her feelings.

Men are known to be the ones chasing women. But women also chase men when they’re in love with them. Observe how often she chats or texts you, especially if she’s always the first person to start the conversation. It is another way to know if a woman likes you but is just trying not to show it.

14. She plays a little hard to get

When a girl is trying to hide her feelings for you, she plays a little hard to get. She will act as if she’s into you today and suddenly becomes cold the next day. It is not an indication that she doesn’t want you. But a sign she’s secretly attracted to you but just hiding her feelings.

15. You’re her best friend

Most times, a girl will not admit that she’s in love with you but will just call you her best friend. She’s simply trying not to show you that she’s interested.

If she always calls you her bestie, it’s a sign she admires you but prefers to hide it.

16. Everything about you fascinates her

She blushes when she sees you. She feels relaxed when you’re together. And never stops smiling at you.

She takes pleasure in whatever you do. For instance, she likes watching movies or reading with you if you’re in that category.

You even wonder if she’s your soulmate. Your hobby becomes her own. She seems to like your friends, your family, and everything that concerns you.

17. She encourages you

One thing I will never forget is this final sign. Both men and women share this important quality.

If you ever notice that she likes motivating you to be the best version of yourself, then she likes you. She sends you motivational quotes and encourages you to be the best.

She doesn’t laugh at you when you fail. Rather, she will help you find a solution to that problem. All these are the ways to know if a girl likes you but is just pretending. All you need to do is to understand women’s love languages.





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