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How to love yourself better than as you do before

Self-worth is self-love. Here are the best ways on how to love yourself.

One of the problems we face most times is giving more attention to others and neglecting ourselves. You are important as well as those you think are more important to you.

Practicing self-care or self-love is one major thing we should all learn. You cannot love others without first loving yourself, because, you can never give what you don’t have.

Loving yourself starts from understanding who you are. It is only when you understand who you are that you will be able to accept yourself unconditionally.

I always tell people that love is what you develop inside. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will never be able to love others.

The question now is “How do I love myself?

Before I move on to point out the various ways by which you can learn to value and appreciate yourself, let’s see what it means to love yourself.

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What does it mean to Love Yourself?

To love yourself means to have a full understanding of who you are and accepting yourself as you are.

It is a sense of self-worth (having a positive self-image), self-respect and total acceptance of yourself.

“You can never love others until you learn to love yourself”.

Developing a relationship with yourself first matters a lot.

If you don’t focus on yourself, listen to yourself, understand and love yourself, you will end up being frustrated, confused and angry with yourself.

But when you learn to be happy with yourself, that is when you can fully express your love to others.

Self-love isn’t easy at all. It is not always easy to focus on yourself alone when you have your friends and loved ones around you.

But the first step to loving others is to realize your self-worth. If you don’t value the person you are, you will end up hating everyone in the world.

How to Love Yourself

Here are the various ways you can start loving yourself even when you don’t know how to.

Apply these self love techniques and learn to love yourself unconditionally and develop confidence in yourself no matter what you are passing through in life.

Ways you can learn to love yourself, the more.

  • Discover your positive traits
  • Appreciate Yourself
  • Engage in activities that excites you
  • Never dwell on your past mistakes
  • Work on developing yourself

1. Discover your Positive sides:

The first journey of self-love is to discover your positive traits. Recognize the good qualities in you. It will help you to learn how to value yourself.

For instance, if you are someone that hates yourself because you believe you’re inferior, maybe out of low self-esteem, it’s time to sit down and write down all those good qualities in you. It will help you realize your self-worth.

2. Appreciate Yourself:

Appreciating yourself can be done in this manner: say good things about yourself.

For instance, you can call yourself by your name and say “I am beautiful (for female), I am handsome (for male). I am a wonderful creature indeed. I am born to rule and I shall be great in life. All these are words of exaltation. And also, learn to listen to yourself.

According to Research, “Listening to yourself can mean two things. Firstly, paying attention to how you internally talk to yourself is crucial for learning to cultivate an intimate feeling of self-love”.

So, say good things about yourself. By doing this, you will start liking yourself again.

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3. Engage in activities that excite you:

Another way to love yourself is to engage in activities that make you happy. Do what you love doing.

If socializing with friends excites you, then it’s time to hang out with friends. If watching movies make you happy, then start watching.

To love yourself is to remain happy no matter what you’re passing through. So, learn to do things you enjoy doing.

4. Never dwell on your past mistakes:

Remembering past mistakes or errors hurt.

It is time to let go of your past negative life.

Your aim now is to start loving yourself. Therefore, you need to focus on your present life. Start seeing your life from a different perspective.

Maybe your relationship failed or that your partner disappointed you.

Don’t dwell on your past. The breakup is over. Move on with your life and begin to love yourself again.

5. Work on developing yourself:

To love and build confidence in yourself, you must develop yourself.

Develop the potentials in you and have confidence in yourself.

You can only realize your self-worth when you have made yourself a better person in society.

Therefore, work on building yourself to become a well-respected person in your society.

The reason why you hate yourself maybe because you thought you are nobody.

Maybe you don’t have the skills. But I must tell you, you’re not empty. They are hidden potentials in you.

Therefore, discover and develop them in other to start taking care of yourself again.

An Award Cup

6. Celebrate your Achievements:

Celebrating your accomplishments is another way to love yourself.

Write down those things you have achieved so far, and celebrate them.

On your birthday, get a cake for yourself if you can afford it.

This is not the right time to start judging yourself again. Forget your past failures and celebrate your achievements. Have fun and be happy.

7. Surround yourself with Positive friends:

Good friends are good for healthy living.

Having nice friends around you will help you to know your self-worth. It will help you realize that you are important.

Surround yourself with friends who will encourage you. They are the type of people that will help you realize that you’re important in life.

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Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’re a man or a woman, loving yourself should always be your priority. Put yourself first.

Loving yourself first is not a sign of selfishness. You cannot love others without first of all loving yourself.

Believe in yourself. Build confidence, show yourself some kindness by prioritizing yourself.

It will help you to start seeing your positive side and learn to adore yourself as a man, a woman, or a couple in a relationship.

I learned to value myself when I started focusing on my positive side and forgetting my past mistakes and failures.

Love yourself because you have no replicate. You are the original of who you are. Therefore, fall in love with yourself first before falling in love with others.

You can only know if you love yourself when you start seeing the positive side in you.

Stop name-calling yourself (stop abusing yourself). Even if you came from a poor background, learn to value yourself. The above tips will help you to start practicing self-care. I hope you enjoyed the article? Say your mind in the comment box below.

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