How to make your relationship better

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Every individual is capable of making his/her relationship better.

There is no much thing there. Only few skills are needed to make it work out.

No relationship ever gets to a better stage without challenges. It is left for you to handle those issues when they arise.

A relationship is a type when you seek to know your partner better. A period when the both of you will decide whether you will move on or not.

Being with a toxic partner in a relationship drains. Most of the time you will continue to ask yourself “When will this relationship ever get better?

Due to the circumstances surrounding you, you loose your joy and happiness. But don’t worry, this article is for you.

Maybe your relationship has been going through a rigorous process. It is time to have a healthy relationship again.

According to Psychology today , ” If your relationship is in trouble and you want to stay together, you have to take action “

Most of the time we think that having a good relationship is all about finding the right person.

When you don’t have the necessary skills needed to sustain your relationship it will definitely fail. Even if you are with the right person, it will not succeed.

Maybe you have been complaining about your toxic relationship. How things are getting worst. It is time to make it get better again.

In this article, I shall reveal to you the ways by which you can make your relationship good again.

6 Ways to make your relationship better.

picture of how to make your relationship better

Study your partner:

It is good and necessary to know your partner very well for it will help you to make your relationship enjoyable.

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Knowing his/her personality will help you to know how to handle difficult situations or misunderstanding when they arise.

Know the type of person your partner is. How he/she reacts to certain things.

Does he/she stay the whole day without talking to you whenever you have misunderstanding?

What does he/she do when they get angry?

Does he/she damage things whenever they are upset? Or does he/she just walk away whenever you provoke him/her.

Study each other properly and know yourselves.

Nurture your relationship:

Nurturing your relationship is all about giving it your time and other necessary things needed in other to sustain the relationship.

Give your relationship your time. Everything in life is all about time management.

Don’t just sit down and expect it to get better without any effort from you.

Nurturing your relationship can be possible by caring for one another. Have concern for one another.

Adopt communication skills:

Communication is very important if you must have a good relationship.

Don’t be afraid to discuss important issues affecting your relationship. Talk to your partner. Settle issues amicably.

The power to make your relationship get better lies in your communication skills.

Most of the things that destroys a lot of relationships is lack of communication.

Your partner ought to be someone you feel free talking to or discussing important things with.

Any relationship where you find it very difficult to talk to your partner will never be enjoyable.

You ought to feel comfortable with your partner. Discuss and settle issues with him/her without fear or intimidation.

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Adopt Listening skills:

It is better to listen properly without talking than to talk rubbish without listening ear.

You listen to get meaning from what your partner is saying and not to fulfill all righteousness.

Adopting a listening skill in your relationship is a sign that shows you value your partner.

Pay attention to your partner whenever he/she is talking.

Encourage and build each other:

Another thing you should do in other to make your relationship get better is to encourage and build one another.

Relationship is not a time you engage in silly activities. It is a time you should understand and build one another.

A time you aspire to know your partner and build a strong bond.

Abstain from premarital sex:

Majority of people see relationship as an avenue for premarital sex.

One of the things that destroys a relationship is premarital sex.

You no longer think of building your relationship simply because you have gotten all you need from your partner.

Because you have gotten everything you need, you are now ready to break up with your partner any moment.

Abstaining from per-marital sex is not just only good but will make your relationship get better.

You will start focusing on how to develop your relationship.

Premarital sex can make your partner loose interest in your relationship especially if you are with a toxic partner.

Show appreciation:

Everyone loves a partner who appreciates their efforts no matter how little it is.

Appreciate your partner whenever he/she shows concern.

Don’t be too insensitive to know that your partner is trying his/her best to make you happy.

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Exchange gifts:

You cannot love without giving, but you can give without love.

Buy gifts for your partner when it is necessary.

That does not mean that you should spoil him/her with gifts.

Exchange gifts on important days like birthday, xmas, etc.


Every relationship is capable of getting better if only you will practice the skills listed and explained above.

Your relationship requires your time and effort. Just give it your time, nurture it and you will be surprised by the outcome of your actions at last.

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