6 Life Principles you should know

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The word “Life principles” contains two different words- life and principles.


According to Merriam-webster, life means “The sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual”.


In the other side, the word ‘principles means “A fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or a chain of reasoning”.


When we combine the two words, life and principles, it means “Those fundamental truth that seems as the foundation for the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual”.


Life principles are those natural laws, lay down procedures or basis of life which we cannot do without.


In life they are principles that governs every living thing. Those principles is what we call “Life Principles”  The do and don’t of life.


The principles of life is like a game. When you ignore the rules of the game you will definitely fail. But when you follow the instructions, victory becomes yours.


There are 6 Major Principles of life you should know and also abide by.



6 Life Principles you should know

picture of life principles








Life principles of  Whatever you sow you shall reap:

This principle of life is very clear to everyone. Whatever you sow you will surely reap. Sow a bad seed and reap a bad fruit.


Most of the time we do certain things, act carelessly without knowing that the result of those actions awaits us in the future. Life is all about sowing.

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You cannot sow a bad seed and reap a good one.




 The principle of Giving:

The principle of giving is another life principle we have.

It is very clear that givers never lack. The more you give the more you receive.

This principle is often neglected by so many people. One thing  we don’t know is that the more we give out the more it returns to us.





The Principle of Forgiveness:

The principle of forgiveness states that we should “Forgive others that we may also be forgiven”


It is very clear and self explanatory. When you fail to forgive people of their sins,  you will one day need their forgiveness which they may not pardon you also.

Most of the time, this principle tends to block some of the goods things we are supposed to get if we forgive one another.




The principle of No Strain, No Gain:

This principle states that ” Hard-work comes before success”

When you labour, you get something to eat.

You cannot sit down and fold your hands watching and manner will fall from heaven.


This principle deals particularly on laziness and hardworking.

You cannot be a millionaire over night without making any effort.

Your effort is needed for you to become successful in life.




Principle of  Time:

This principle deals specifically on time management.

This principle makes us to understand that time waits for no man.

Time wasted doing nothing can never be regained or recovered.

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You can set the clock but you cannot stop the time from moving even after removing the batteries.

Time is no ones friend. Proper time management leads to success but a time wasted doing nothing is unprofitable.




Principle of Love:

It is often said “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”


Love is something we should give out and also receive back.

An intense feeling of deep affection is ‘love


The principle of life states that we should love our neigbour as we love ourself.

You cannot hate someone  and expect him/her to love you back.





There are many principles of life we should know. Those principles are the fundamental  things that controls the activities of men. Refusal to adhere to these principles leads to regrets and failure in life.






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