10 Ways to Express Your Love to Your Partner.

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The feelings of Love are what everyone experiences at some points in life.

You begin to feel the inner feeling of attraction towards someone. It is natural to every human when it comes to love feeling.

The feeling of love can be so deceptive especially if you don’t know the difference between love and infatuation.

Every guy, wife, husband, girlfriend and boyfriend wants a partner who will cherish them.

If you are in love, you ought to know how to make your partner feel loved and special in a relationship.

Love feeling without the ability to make your partner feel loved and special is of no use.

Have you been wondering on how to make your partner feel loved and special, don’t worry, I will teach you the necessary things you need to know.

The feelings of love can also be seen as:

According to ELITE DAILY ” Love can make you feel happy, sad, excited or worried, sometimes all at once”.

Everyone needs someone who will cherish and love them. Someone who makes them feel special, loved and cherished. No wonder everyone is looking for a perfect partner not minding the love feeling or feelings we experience at times.

Everyone wants Mr. Right and Miss Right person (Perfect partner).
Someone you think has all the qualities you want in a man or woman.

Most of the time we seem to loose someone we dearly loved because we don’t know how to make them feel special and happy.

That is why it seems like 35% of couple or two individuals in a relationship enjoy their union or relationship more than 65% of others.

Knowing how to make your partner feel special is a way of sustaining your relationship. The feeling of love without the ability to make your partner feel loved is useless.

People often like those who admire and make them feel good and special in one way or the other. No one will like to be in a toxic relationship or with a toxic partner who don’t know how to make them feel loved.

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There is no much thing in making your partner feel special and loved. It only requires a little effort from you.

10 Ways to express your love to your Partner

1. Compliment him/her:

Every human-being loves compliment. It is something that gives joy to the soul and also make one feel special and loved.

Your partner needs compliments. Compliment him/her when they wear nice outfit or when they make new hair (for ladies).

Tell them how beautiful or cute they look. Remind them that they are beautiful or handsome by complimenting them.

Give him/her the right compliment at the right time and don’t insult them indirectly saying it is just a joke.

2. Appreciate every of their effort.

Some prefer to do things that will show how much they love you instead of saying it out.

Most of the time it is as a result of shyness or fear of been rejected.

You can make your partner feel special by appreciating every little thing or services they render to you.

It is a sign that shows you value what they did for you. He/she may not have much to give to you but appreciate their little effort.

Don’t complain about how little what they gave to you is, rather, appreciate them by saying “Thank you”.

3. Fulfill your promises:

Making your promises come true is another way to make your partner to see how much you value them.

When you promise to do something, try as much as possible to fulfill your promise.
It is better not to promise at all than to promise without fulfilling it.

For someone like me, I hate unfulfilled promises. I will rather promise you nothing than to promise without fulfilling it.

Unfulfilled promises destroys a relationship. It is a sign that shows you do not value your partner. Make your partner feel special by fulfilling your promises.

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How to make your partner feel special?

4. Pay attention to him/her:

Nothing makes one feel valued, loved and special than giving them your attention. When they speak, listen to them. It gives joy. Try and be a partner who has listening ears. It is a sign that shows you value your partner’s words and opinion.

Give him/her your attention as much as possible. It is a way of making your partner feel special and loved.

5. Be kind to him/her:

An act of kindness cannot be forgotten. It is another way to make your partner feel special.

Be kind to him/her. Show them that you love them and they mean a lot to you. Be kind both in words and action.

Whenever he/she gets worried or is in a bad mood, comfort them.

Show concern to them and let them know that you care for them.

How to make your partner feel lovedLove feeling”

6. Be supportive:

Learn to support your partner and make him/her feel special. Support their goal. Help them in one area or the other. Make him/her to know that you are such a wonderful partner to be with.

7. Remember their special day:

Present a gift to your partner on a special day like Birthday, Valentine, Christmas etc. You cannot love without giving.

Giving is a sign of love. It is something that shows how special your partner is to you. Make him/her feel special by buying gifts for them on special occasion.

8. Spend quality time together:

You can make your partner feel special by spending time together. Have fun together. Love can be expressed in many ways.

Make him/her feel special by giving them your time. Spend quality time together. Discuss things, have fun, etc.

9. Encourage them:

Encouraging your partner is a sign that shows you value and want the best for them.

Encourage them to be the best of who you they are. When they feel like giving up on their dreams, encourage and lift their spirit. By so doing, you will make them realize how special they are to you.

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10. Surprise them:

Be someone who surprise his/her partner often. Do something good that your partner never expected from you.

You can surprise them with a flower, their favourite book, music, etc. Make him/her to know that you still remember the things he/she likes most. Those things that makes them happy, do it for them.

2 Benefits of making your partner feel loved.

1. It will sustain your relationship:

“Every successful relationship has a secret you do not know”

When you make your partner feel special or loved, he/she will see every reason why they should remain in the relationship.

No one will ever think of being with a toxic partner. Someone who don’t value them, let alone of making them feel special and loved.

2. It creates a great bound between the both of you:

One way to make your partner love you so dearly is to make him/her feel special always. By so doing, you are creating a great union between the both of you until you become the apple of his/her eyes.


Everyone wants to feel special and loved by their partner. But there is no two ways about that.

You can put up a smile in the face of your partner by making him/her feel special always.

Make your partner to know how important they are to you, how much you care for them, and how you value their union with you.

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