Love Vs Crush – 10 Differences Between Love and Crush

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Is it Love or Crush? Love vs crush explanations.

What is Crush?

Crush is defined as a short termed feelings for someone. It is all about liking someone base on their physical appearance. It is never a real feelings. Whereas,

Love is a deep affection for something or someone. Love is everlasting and not short termed like infatuation.

It is very important to know the difference between a crush and falling in love.

Many people think they are really in love not knowing that they are just lusting after their opposite sex.

Some found themselves in toxic relationship as a result of their inability to differentiate love from like.

Yes! I said like because having a crush on someone simply means to like the person and not love. Check out the differences between love and infatuation.

According to ” Love is the glue for having a solid and strong relationship”

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Love Vs Crush.

The followings differentiates love from crush.

Crush is based on physical attractionLove is not based on physical attraction
Crush is short termedLove is everlasting
Crush sees PerfectionLove is blind
It is full of expectionsLove is contentment
Crush is full of JealousyIt never gets jealous
It is easily offendedLove is not easily angered
Crush is lustLove is Genuine
It takes no riskLove makes sacrifices
Crush makes you irrational It calms you down
It holds grudgesLove forgives

How do You know if its Love or Crush?

  • Crush is based on physical attraction:

One of the differences between love and crush is that , crush has to do with physical likeness. It is not deep as love is.

You crush on someone simply because you like them and not because you love them. Love is beyond physical attraction. It is very deep and goes beyond someone’s appearance.

  • It is short term:

Crush is short term. Its life spam is nothing to be compared with love. Love is everlasting. It has no end and therefore does not die. When you have a crush on someone, the feelings can fade anytime.

  • Crush sees perfection:

At the initial stage of falling in love, which is crushing on someone, you feel the person is perfect in all ramification. You imagine yourself marrying him/her because you feel you have found the right person.

  • It is full of expectations:

When you have crush on someone, you expect them to like you back, but it is not so with love. Crush is full of expectations. It can be material things or desires, etc. Love is contentment. It is always satisfied with the little it has.

  • Crush is full of jealousy:

Love can never be jealous, but crush is full of jealousy.

When you have a crush on someone, you get jealous when the opposite sex approaches him/her. Love is not so. It has nothing to get jealous of.

Difference between Love and Crush

  • Crush is easily offended:

Whereas crush is easily angered, love is not easily offended. When you are having a crush on someone, you get easily offended when they do things like: when they fail to pick your call or call you, When he/she forgets your birthday, or don’t reply your text on time. But love is not so.

  • Lust is Crush:

Crush is all about lusting after your opposite sex. I call it ‘lust’ because it is normally based on physical beauty, material things, etc. But love is genuine in all areas.

  • Crush takes no risk:

Love is ready to lay its life for loved ones but crush cannot take a risk. Love makes sacrifices even at the point of death. But crush disappears at the point of difficulties.

  • Crush make you irrational:

Whereas love calms you down, crush makes you act crazy. The feelings attached to crush comes very fast and heavily, whereas love takes time to grow.

  • Love forgives:

Crush holds grudges, but love forgives. It keeps no record of wrongs. When offended, it forgives. When it offends, it pleads for mercy or forgiveness.

When does crush turn into love?

A crush can turn into love. It normally takes time for that to happen if the feelings are properly nurtured. It may take up to a year, two years or more than that depending on your effort in sustaining the feelings.

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