Loving Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Loved Ones

Nothing gives joy than waking up early in the morning, only to receive a loving good morning text from your loved one. In other words, it makes one feel special and loved.

For instance, sending your loved ones good morning messages are great ways to make their day. Every loving partner shouldn’t miss sending their loved ones romantic good morning texts. It is a way to make them feel special and loved. In other words, a well written good morning sms can show your partner how much you value them. You may be a bit confuse about what to text your girlfriend, boyfriend or even a friend as good morning text messages to make their day. Don’t worry, this post is for you. I have some well organized notes you can send to anyone as a message of love.

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Below are some nice good morning love messages for your boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, mum, brother, sister, wife and even your husband.

Good Morning Texts

Below are some loving good morning texts to send to your loved ones. Send anyone these sweet good morning notes to make their day. In fact, these love paragraphs is capable of putting up a smile in their face.

1. Loving good morning to you my love, have a great day.

2. How was your night my love? I hope you dreamed about me? May your day be filled with joy and happiness.

3. Wake up dear! Welcome to another great day the Lord has made. Have a lovely morning, day and night.

4. Good Morning Dear! my wishes for you today are peace of mind, sound health and promotion in your place of work. Also, have a wonderful day.

5. This good morning sms is specially made for you to remind you that you’re always in heart. I wish you all the good things that life deserves as you go out today. Have a great day ahead.

6. One thing I can never forget is to tell you how happy I am to see you alive. Make all your heart desires be granted unto you today as you go out. I love you.

7. Because you are alive till today, you shall not die before your time. God bless your day dear.

Loving Good Morning Texts

Below are some good morning love messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend to make their day. These good morning messages for love is capable of making your partner feel loved. Also, your crush, wife, husband or loved ones will know you value them much.

Below are some nice good morning love messages for your sweetheart. Make his or her day today by sending these cute texts to them.

1. Good morning my love! may your day be filled with love. Have a nice day, sweetheart.

2. A loving partner like you deserves sweet good morning text. I have been missing you since last night. Good morning my love.

3. How was your night dear? I hope you had a great sleep? Please wake up and prepare for work.

4. Wake up my love. Stop sleeping, is already morning. Get up from your bed and don’t forget to pray before any other thing.

Good Morning Messages For Love

5. You are very special to me. I have every reason to be proud of you. Good morning dear.

6. My love for you is immeasurable. I cannot express my love for you in words. Also, all I want to say is ” I love you” Good Morning.

7. Darling! I miss you. How was last night? Have a lovely day and don’t forget to buy something for me while coming back from work.

8. I couldn’t sleep last night all because I am waiting for the day to break for me to text you a lovely text message. Good morning my love.

9. Welcome to a bright new day. Enjoy your day my love. Good morning.

10. Your desire is my desire, your wishes are my wishes, your taste is my taste. You are my one and only. Good morning, Sweetheart, have a nice day ahead.

Romantic Good Morning

Below are some sweet good morning texts for your loved ones. Also, these cute texts are capable of making their day.

1. Good morning darling! may your day be as sweet as honey. I love you.

2. Baby, I love you. I just want to say ‘good morning to you’ I miss you.

3. All I want from you today is a flower. Preferably, Rose flower. Good morning my sweetheart, I love you.

4. Arise my darling! today is gonna be a lovely day for you. Good morning.

5. Sending you this loving good morning text gives me joy. All I care for is your happiness. As you are reading this, don’t forget to smile my love. Good morning.

6. Good morning my Sweetheart, I hope you had a sweet dream last night. Wake up and eat your breakfast.

7. Am happy I found someone like you. You are my darling, my sweetheart. Also, I must not forget to say “I love you”. Good morning to you.

Good Morning Love Quotes

Below are some interesting good morning my love quotes to send to your loved ones.

“If life is a book and every day a new page, let the first words for today be ‘I love you’ from me to you.”


“A million things get me down every day, but every morning I need only one reason to go through it all again – you. Good morning!”


“Every time I wake up, I feel your love. My day is never complete without texting you to say ‘Good morning my love’.

Good Morning Messages for Her

These cute good morning messages can make your woman happy. For instance, it is capable of putting up a smile on her face. Make your girlfriend happy and feel loved with the following good morning paragraphs.

1. Every morning I wake up to realize that my life is not ordinary because I have a girlfriend who is extra-ordinary.

2. I wish I can wake up someday to find you lying beside me on my bed. Good morning my Princess, I miss you.

3. No matter what happens between us, I can never stop loving you dear. Good morning to you.

4. If I should fall in love the second time its with you. I love you and will continue to love you. Good morning my Angel, how was your night?

5. I hope you had a lovely night? I dreamed about you last night. just want to say Good morning to you. Have a night day ahead.

Good Morning Messages for a Friend

Send your friend these good morning notes to make their day.

1. One thing I can never joke with is our friendship. You are more than a friend to me. Good morning to you friend.

2. Friendship is one thing no one can do without. I have found you. Not only that, but you are my best friend. Have a great day ahead dear.

3. Your presence in my life has brought many good things to me. I value you my friend and I wish you all the good things that life deserves. I just want to say ‘Good morning’ and also, have a nice day.

4. How was your night buddy? As you go out today, may blessings follow you. Good Morning to you.

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