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Online Dating Tips to having a Successful Date

Are you ready for a date? Here are some online dating tips to having a great conversation with your Crush.

Breaking the ice online can be hard. The thought of sending that risque message, only to be hit with that dreaded ‘delivered’ message and no actual response, can be soul crushing. 

There’s no need for that initial interaction to be such a daunting and over thought-out process.

The luxury of meeting someone online, is the protective shield, otherwise known as your screen, giving you the freedom and flexibility to take as long as you need to think about the perfect initial message to send. 

It can be difficult trying to word the perfect message to send to someone you are really interested in and keeping a good balance between wanting to find out more about them, whilst keeping it cool, and coming off as a bit funny at the same time. 

With so much to consider it can turn the whole ordeal into an off-putting process that if you put off for too long, can mean you are potentially further and further away from meeting that special someone. 

If you’re still struggling with what that may be, then check out these 6 online dating tips we have come up with here that will get the conversation flowing in no time. 

And once that first date is in the bag, head over to these important questions to ask when you finally meet in person. 

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Online Dating Tips

  1. Connect on common ground 

One of the best ways to initially connect with someone online is by finding some common ground between the both of you.

You may have noticed a particular skill or passion they have spoken about that you may also share. 

It’s so exciting to meet someone you have things in common with, and it’s even more exciting to talk to them about it! 

This is a really natural and fun way to start a conversation with someone on a dating app, that will snowball into a great discussion. 

  1. Show an interest

There is nothing more cringy than sparking up a conversation with someone by commenting on how good or “fit” you think they look from their pictures.

It not only makes the person feel potentially really awkward, but has the danger of portraying you as shallow and quite creepy. 

Try to take it to a deeper level. Check out their profile for any hobbies or interests they have listed, and start a conversation about any that have caught your eye.

Ask them about it and take a genuine interest. This will not only get them excited to talk about something they are interested in, but you will come out looking really good and a great conversationalist. 

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  1. Be funny

They say love is the best medicine and laughter is a very close second. Being able to make someone chuckle and have a good old laugh with them is the best feeling. Most people look for someone that can really make them chuckle. 

Laughter is one of the best ways to break that initial awkward interaction and make both parties feel instantly at ease. 

There is nothing more attractive than a good sense of humor and talking to someone that can really make you laugh.

Whether it be sending a funny gif or a cheeky, inappropriate joke – you’re sure to get a response and start a great conversation on a light-hearted note! 

  1. Be flirty!

You need to be careful with this one. There is a very thin line between being flirty with someone, and then falling into the creepy, uncomfortable territory. 

The whole point of online dating is to meet someone you could potentially be interested in and be compatible with. So it’s natural to have a bit of a flirt to see if there is an initial spark there. 

Keep it as light-hearted and casual as you can without making it look like you’re trying too hard in danger of scaring off anymore away!

Just remember to keep it natural, don’t overthink what to say too much, and most importantly have fun with it! There’s nothing better than having a cheeky flirt every once in a while. 

  1. Show your creative side 

You don’t get many chances to show your creative side when initiating conversation with a potential date.

Starting a conversation with someone online gives you the space and opportunity to write and express yourself in any which way. 

It gives you a chance to let the other person see you’re so much more than a few pictures and written interests on a screen, but that you can articulate and present yourself in a much more articulate and imaginative way. 

Ditch the generic “hello, how are you today” for a more creative and thought out message that will leave your date impressed and intrigued (it’s a good way to get a few laughs as well if you want to go down that route). 

This could be a funny poem, limerick or riddle. It is a sure way to break the initial ice and get a guaranteed response while taking the awkwardness out of that initial hello.

 Be creative when trying to ask him/her questions on your first date.

  1. Get personal 

Everybody loves talking about themselves. Whether you’re talking to someone familiar or you’ve just met someone, talking about your life is always fun. 

Asking open ended questions when first getting to know someone, allows for that opportunity. It could be a simple “tell me more about yourself…” or asking about something you’ve noticed on their profile. 

Be careful not to get too personal and cross any inappropriate boundaries (you are speaking to a stranger after all) that can leave the other person feeling uncomfortable or too exposed to answer.

This is where good old common sense needs to kick in and create that necessary limit. 

This shows them you’re taking an interest in them, and allows for longer and deeper responses which can then turn into a great ongoing conversation. 

There are so many ways you can create that initial spark and get the conversation off on the right foot.

Use one of these techniques, and you’re guaranteed that all important first date away from the screens.

Maria Asaad

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