Procrastination and How to overcome it.

Pitcture of how to overcome procrastination

Procrastination simply means “to delay something you planed to do only because you don’t want to do it”  It also means shifting your plans for another time.

It is a very big problem almost everyone in the world is facing. It has eaten deeply in the life of everyone in the world.

Any life full of procrastination experiences failure, setback, and misses opportunities.

Many missed their opportunities  as a result of postponing their work. It has brought a lot of businesses down, brought failure to students and so on.

According to Wikipedia, “Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline”

They are many ways to overcome procrastination.


Everyone in life procrastinate most of the time. You may be planing to do a particular thing but later end up not doing it.

It is a killer of time, success and opportunities.


One of the funniest thing about procrastination is that, no matter how long you procrastinate, your plans or work  are still there waiting for you.

The moment you postpone, the moment your plans or work increases.

They are several causes of procrastination.

I shall point out the major causes of procrastination before I proceed to the ways of overcoming it.


4 Major causes of procrastination:

The followings causes procrastination.


The number one factor that contributes to procrastination is laziness.

Laziness has always been associated with procrastination. When you become lazy to do things you will always procrastinate.

Lazy people don’t do away with procrastination as they always think there is enough time for them to complete their task or work.

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I could remember when I was writing my 3rd book. Each time I think of completing the book I keep on postponing until I decided to wake up from my sleep of procrastinating.


Inability to know the value of your task or work:

Most of the time, we procrastinate because we failed to know the value of what we are planing to do.

We fail to recognize how important that particular work, plan or task is. We lack the insight to see the importance of what we are planing to do.

A times we give out our time to unimportant things and abandon the most important ones.


Lack of plan schedule:

Procrastination comes as a result of lack of plan schedule.

When you don’t draw your plans or write down the important things you need to do, you will always postpone.


Poor time management:

Poor time management contributes to procrastination.

When you don’t manage your time properly, you will always live some important things behind.

Time managed properly always cover many plans. Meaning that your ability to utilize your time will always help you to cover most of your plans.


Having known the 4 major causes of procrastination, I shall reveal to you the ways to overcome it.


3 Simple ways of overcoming procrastination:

How to overcome procrastination and laziness?

1. Recognize how important that work is. 2. Manage your time properly. 3.Don’t wait till the last minutes.

The following ways will help you to overcome procrastination.

Recognize how Important your plans are:

No one will ever like to spend his/her time doing irrelevant things.

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Know how important your work is will help you to overcome procrastination.

Ask yourself the the following questions:

What will happen if I fail to do this work?

What will be my benefit if I do this work?

The disadvantages of not doing this work?


Asking yourself these questions will help you to know the value or how important your task or plan is.


Manage your time properly:

Proper time management is another way to overcome procrastination.

When you don’t manage your time properly you will always live some works behind. Work on your time schedule.

Proper time management is all about allocating a particular time to each of your plans and sticking to it.



Don’t wait till the last minutes:

Make up your mind to start doing your works now not later.

Don’t wait till you are told that you have few minutes remaining.

When you wait till some seconds to go before starting your works, you will definitely postpone.

Do everything you planed to do right now, don’t wait till tomorrow.




Overcoming procrastination is a gradual process. By practicing the 3 steps discussed above, you will surely overcome it.

Keep working on it. Be determined and you will surely conquer laziness.

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