Questions to ask your crush

53 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Get To Know Him Or Her

If you’re looking for deep, intimate, dirty or flirty, and funny questions to ask your crush, here are some ideas for you. With these interesting questions, you will never run out of what to say to a guy or a girl you like. 

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What questions should I ask my Crush over the text?

1. How do you stay motivated when you are bored?
2. What is your biggest turn-off?
3. Where do you imagine yourself in 5 years’ time?
4. Do you believe in love at first sight?
5. When was the last time you cried for someone and why?

53 Deep Questions to ask your Crush

Here are some thoughtful, dirty, or flirty, deep, intimate, smooth, and funny questions to ask a guy or a girl you’re crushing on. Ask him or her these questions while texting them, or when you’re having a heart-to-heart talk with them.

1. What type of people are you attracted to?

Asking your crush this type of question will give you a better comprehension of the kind of person they are, and the type of people they are likely to fall in love with. This question is essential since you are yet to know your crush. Therefore, it will help you to get to know him/her better.

2. Have you ever been in love before?

Chances are that your crush may have had a relationship before.

It is a way to figure out if they have dated anyone before, and why they broke up with their ex.

This question can make you become more intimate with your crush if you give them the proper response and equally empathize with them if they say they have had an unsuccessful relationship before.

They will end up thinking about you after the conversation.

3. What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

Most people want to be the center of attention in a relationship.

It is necessary to figure out the type of relationship your crush wants, in case, you end up, dating each other. It will help you to know what they frown at in a romantic relationship.

4. What is your most unpardonable sin in a relationship?

It can be cheating, telling lies, or any type of unscrupulous behavior at all. If you prefer not to lose him/her, you seriously need to ask this question, to avoid those things that turn them off.

5. What is your way of expressing affection?

It is important to know your Crush’s love language in order not to expose yourself too soon.

Communicating with his/her ‘language’ (love tune) makes them feel seen, heard, and emotionally approved. It’s complimenting, extends your bond, and because they feel appreciated, they will be left thinking about how amazing you are.

6. When it comes to meeting your Soulmate, do you believe in love at first sight?

This query will help you know your chances of becoming more intimate with your crush. Does he/she believe that two strangers can suddenly fall in love and go into a long-term relationship?

Questions to ask your crush to get to know him or her

7. Have you ever cried for someone before?

It may be as a result of their previous break up if any. Or that they lost a loved one. Ask them about how they feel right now.

This question will help you to know if your crush is too emotional or not.

8. What is your greatest mood killer?

Realizing your Crush’s major turn-off will assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from those things all together, in order not to hurt them.

9. Are you happy to be single now?

Your crush may be happy being single by now.

It is not all about knowing why they are still single, but their feelings towards their status. Is he/she ready to go into a new relationship?

Or they just want to be alone for now? If yes, then this is the right opportunity to express your feelings to them.

10. Can you be in a platonic friendship with your crush?

Platonic friendship is an intimate but sexless friendship. This question will help you to know the type of relationship to expect from them. Whether a romantic relationship or a casual one.

11. Do you like spending time alone or socializing?

Your crush may be an introvert or an extrovert. It is very important to figure out before going on a date with him/her.

Your aim is to make them feel relaxed if they are not outgoing individuals (people with easy personalities).

12. What is your biggest dread in life?

Everyone has their greatest fear in life. Knowing this secret will help to strengthen your relationship with them as you acknowledge their fears, strengths, and weaknesses.

Thoughtful questions to ask your crush

13. What are your values?

Everyone has their preferences.

This intimate question is needed to help you discover what your Crush enjoys, and the things they grimace at. Realizing this will assist you with regards to their limits and have a happy relationship with them.

14. What keeps you awake till 12:00 am?

Is your crush the type that watches movies till 12 am? Or will be reading at that time? This question is important if you have some plans for a date night at home.

15. What does your name say about you?

A person’s name has a lot to reveal about them.

Get to know your crush by asking him/her the meaning of their name if it’s strange to you. For example, if they answer a name you’ve never heard before. It is also a way to have an interesting conversation with him/her.

16. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

This question tells you what matters most to your Crush, in case, you are planning to get them a surprise gift they will love. Is it a teddy bear? Or a rose flower on Valentine’s day?

17. How will you react if your partner forgets your birthday?

Birthday is very crucial in everyone’s life. Will your crush simply stop dating you if you forget their birthday?

Will they still accept your gift or apology after the birthday? Knowing the answer to this question is very crucial.

18. What is your best date spot?

Would you want to go to a bar, a concert, a museum, or an amusement park?

This inquiry won’t just give you some insights on where to go out on a date with him/her, but will equally help you see if he/she is a modest individual who wouldn’t have any desire to be seen with a man or a lady in a bar.

It is an important question to get to know your crush.

19. In your opinion, who should pay for dates?

You should only ask this question if you find it necessary to split the bill after a date. If not, don’t inquire. But if you should make this inquiry, it should be after your second or third dates.

Intimate Questions to ask your crush

20. What is your opinion about money?

Most people believe in spending everything, while others will urge you to save. This question is significant because you may fall in love tomorrow, only to discover that you need financial compatibility.

21. What are your best love quotes?

Whether, “life without love is like a tree without blossom or fruits” from Khalil Gibran, or “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other” by Audrey Hepburn. This question will help you to know their views about love. How they think love should be.

22. What was your first thought about me?

This question will help you to know if your crush likes you or not. It is their impression about you that tells if they’re interested or not.

Ask them this question to know if you are equally attracted to them. You may proceed to ask them about what they find attractive in you.

If they say they like your smile, your dressing, or the way you speak, then they like you.

This question can equally be a good conversation starter, especially if you are chatting with them online. You don’t need to ask them a “yes or no” query.

They need this kind of question to keep them talking and also to know how they feel about you.

23. What do you think I will be good at?

You are not asking them this question simply because you don’t know what you’re good at. But because you want to know how far they’ve been thinking about you.

For someone to tell you what you would be good at, it simply means they’ve been studying your life.

If you ask them this question on a date, try to look at their face to see if they’re smiling while saying it. If they’re, it means they like your personality.

24. What do your friends say about me?

This question is super important. Their friends’ impression of you will tell you if they like you or not. So, asking this question will reveal some secrets about how they perceive you.

If their friends hate you, but he/she says they like you, it may be true, but they’re not going to commit to you or even think about dating you. Rather, you will remain casual friends.

25. Do I have a sense of humor at all?

This question is a little bit tricky. You know your sense of humor. But all you’re trying to do is to know if they’re aware of those humorous or not.

If they say yes to this question, they will surely tell you what they like about you. It may be your funny jokes, if you are funny, your lovely voice, or how romantic you sound while talking. Don’t skip this question. It is very important.

Deep Questions to ask your crush

26. Can you proudly introduce me to your friends?

This question sounds interesting, right? If your crush will not be proud to introduce you to his/her friends, or family members if they mistakenly see the both of you on the way, then they don’t have the same feelings for you. The only way to figure out how they feel about you is to ask them this question.

27. Have I told you am crushing on you?

The fact is that, if you don’t tell your Crush that you have feelings for them, they might not know. Your purpose of asking this question is to know their reaction.

If you ask them this question on a date, look straight to them and see their reaction. What if you are chatting with them?

If you ask them this question over the text, their first reply will tell you if they like you also or not. For instance, if they send you a love emoji, or a wow (emoji), it is a sign they equally like you. But that does not mean they have fallen in love with you. It is your attitude that will either make them fall for you or lose interest.

28. Do you mind receiving a gift from me?

If he/she is not interested, they will say yes! Meaning they don’t need your gifts. But if they like you, they will say no.

This question is to know how far you’ve gone with him/her. Whether they will be proud to receive a gift from you either on their birthday, Valentine’s day, etc.

You are not asking this question because you want to buy them a gift right away. But because you want to know if they will accept it.

Accepting your present is the same thing as accepting you into their life. So, is another question that will help you figure out if your Crush likes you or not.

29. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

This funny question will make your crush smile as they recall their past life.

The aim of this query is to trigger laughter. The more you make them laugh, the more they develop an interest in you. Not only that, but it is also a way to have a long convo with your crush. Just keep them talking and laughing.

Funny Questions to ask your Crush

30. Who’s your best comedian and why?

Whether Mr. Bean, Charlie Chaplin, or whoever, the purpose of this question is to cause them to laugh, and equally feel comfortable.

31. Who’s your celebrity crush?

This is also a good hilarious question to throw on your crush to make them laugh harder. You may even decide to ask them why they’re crushing on the celebrity, and so on.

32. Do you close your eyes while kissing?

This question may sound funny, but it’s the best way to flirt with your crush.

33. What turns you on?

This is a kind of a flirty or dirty question. It will help you to know your crush’s sexual attraction or what turns them on sexually. 

34. What does sex on a first date mean to you?

This question will help you to know whether they’re the type that wants to have sex on the first date.

35. Is it bad for a girl to kiss or hug a guy, he’s meeting for the first time?

In case you are thinking of kissing or hugging him/her when you’re meeting for the first time. Asking them this question will help you to know the type of person they are.

36. Do you love pet names?

Most people love being given or called a pet name. You can give them one sweet name and make them end up thinking about you.

37. Do you think a guy can survive without a woman?

This question will help you to know whether they’re ready to go into a relationship or that, they are happy being single.

38. What makes you look so attractive?

This question is a form of compliment. You are indirectly telling your crush that he/she is beautiful or handsome.

Romantic Questions to ask your crush

39. What does it take to win your heart?

It is just a simple way to say you are too hard to get. What does it take to attract you?

30. What does a flower mean to you?

A flower is a sign of love and affection. Asking them this question will help you to know the type of gift they want. Are they the type that loves receiving a flower on Valentine’s day or their birthday? Asking them this question will help you figure it out.

41. How do you reply I love you?

Most people are too shy to reply I love you. What if your crush is one of them? Maybe he/she feels shy anytime someone says I love you to them. How do you interpret their actions if you don’t know this?

So, it is equally important to ask them this question.

42. Do you like receiving love letters?

If they are the type that loves romantic love letters, sending them one will help you become more intimate with him/her.

43. Where were you born?

It is necessary to know a little about your Crush’s background. Ask them this intimate question will help you to know more about them.

44. How many are you in your family?

Know your crush’s position in his/her family by asking them this question. Whether they’re the first, second, or even the last born.

Don’t say it is not necessary. It is very important to know a little bit about your crush.

45. Who is your best friend?

This is a deep question that will help you to know more about your crush. Their friends and the type of people they love interacting with.

46. What is your educational background?

Of course, this is not an interview. It is just a way of knowing more about your Crush. Know more about his/her educational background by asking them this question.

Freaky Questions to ask your crush

47. Do you like hanging out with friends?

Most people are not outgoing individuals. You can discover that by asking your crush this type of question.

48. What hurts you most about love?

It can be being taken for granted by a loved one, or unrequited love. This will help you to avoid those things he/she frowns on.

49. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Everyone has what motivates them. This question will equally help you to know your crush’s value.

50. What are your favorite dishes?

In case you end up, dating each other, knowing the answer to this question will help you prepare them a delicious meal they will love.

51. Who have you ever told your darkest secret?

This question will help you to know whether your Crush easily trusts people or not.

You are asking them this question to know how they feel about you. Whether they will be proud to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

52. How will you feel if I introduce you as my girlfriend or boyfriend?

It is now time to know if your crush likes you. This question will help you to know if he or she is interested in having a relationship with you. 

53. What is your favorite pet

This question will help you to know if they’re things you have in common with your crush. That will help you to become more intimate with him or her. 


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