100+ Reasons Why I love You List

We all have reasons why we love someone. The reasons why I love you as my friend may not be the same reason why you love me. That is why we need to reassure our loved ones that we still love them by expressing our love to them. At least saying ‘I love you‘ is not enough to make someone believe you truly love them. You need to give them some reasons behind your confession (I love you).

Share the following reasons with your significant other when they ask you to tell them ‘why you love them’.

137 Reasons Why I Love You

Below are some reasons why I love you letter, funny reasons why I love you for her, for your boyfriend and your best friend.

  1. I love you because you’re the best
  2. I love you because you deserve to be loved
  3. You understand my feelings more than anyone else
  4. Because you complete me
  5. You make me happy when am sad
  6. I love you because you’re cute
  7. I love you because you’re responsible
  8. Because there is none like you
  9. You have the best smile ever
  10. I love you because you first loved me
  11. because I can’t do without you
  12. You have the fear of God
  13. I love you because you have a good background
  14. Because you’re caring
  15. I love you because am always comfortable with you
  16. You make me forget my worries
  17. Because you never allow me to walk away with tears
  18. I love you because you’re my soulmate
  19. Your personality attracts me
  20. You support me when am in need.
  21. You stood by me when everyone else left
  22. I love the way you smile
  23. Your reasoning is spotless
  24. You’re funny
  25. You’re beautiful
  26. Because you’re courageous
  27. You’re handsome
  28. You make me feel special
  29. I love you because you’re my best friend
  30. Your presence solves all my problems
  31. You make me smile when am angry
  32. Because you know everything about me
  33. You’re reliable
  34. Because of the way you dress
  35. No one makes me feel the same way you do
  36. I can’t just stay without you
  37. You’re good in cracking silly jokes
  38. You have a good sense of humour
  39. You’re incomparable
  40. You encourage me
  41. I love you because you give me your attention
  42. You don’t fail to keep your promises
  43. Because you’re humble
  44. Because you’re like a brother and a sister to me
  45. You’re the source of my inspiration
  46. I love you because you choose me
  47. Because you’re such a nice person
  48. You have the ability to take care of me
  49. Because you trust me
  50. I love you because I can’t live without you
  51. You have a bright future
  52. You’re patient with those around you
  53. You’re not harsh (hot-tempered)
  54. I enjoy your company
  55. You’re a good storyteller
  56. Because you’re charming
  57. You will assist me when am in distress
  58. You never take any action without consulting me
  59. Because you value and respect me
  60. Am safe when we’re together
  61. You’re well trained
  62. You have a good reputation
  63. You’re good in flirting
  64. I feel different when am with you
  65. Because you’re honest
  66. You’re selfless
  67. You always check on me to know how am doing
  68. Because you’re smart
  69. You don’t cheat on me
  70. Because you’re attractive
  71. You take proper care of me
  72. You’re good at having a great conversation
  73. Because you’re not abusive
  74. You’re a good lover
  75. You’re a good listener
  76. You have plans for your future
  77. You’re my life partner
  78. You don’t play games
  79. Because you’re a great cook (chef)
  80. You accommodate people
  81. You apologize anytime you realize your mistakes
  82. Because you make sacrifices for me
  83. You motivate me
  84. You’re always nice to people
  85. I love you because I learn from you
  86. You’re good to be with
  87. You’re talented
  88. You don’t joke with your loved ones
  89. Because you’re always there for me
  90. I love you because I choose to love you
  91. You don’t give up easily
  92. You always stand up for what is right
  93. You’re calm
  94. You’re always eager to help
  95. You overlook my flaws and still check up on me always
  96. You have a soft heart and always forgive
  97. I love you because you’re my type
  98. Because of your energy and passion
  99. Because of your creativity
  100. You’re the best I have met so far
  101. Because you’re not stingy
  102. We understand each other better
  103. Because you’re a good friend
  104. You’re the only one that knows when am angry or sad
  105. Because you always help me to rise when I have fallen
  106. I love you not because you’re perfect but because you are unique
  107. You don’t pretend
  108. You think of others first before yourself
  109. You’re not intimidating
  110. You make me think positively when am stranded
  111. Am always myself when am with you
  112. You can go to bed on an empty stomach just to make sure I eat
  113. You’re as sweet as honey
  114. Because you’re a great lover
  115. You’re not easily provoked
  116. Because I can’t stay for a whole day without thinking about you
  117. You make me forget my worries
  118. You don’t look down on me
  119. Because you know am not perfect
  120. Because my soul delights in you
  121. You’ve made me believe that true love still exists
  122. We’re very close to each other
  123. You act silly most times
  124. You’re my husband or wife ( for married people)
  125. You melt my soul when am upset
  126. I love you because you accepted me into your life
  127. Because you’re a wife/husband material
  128. You’re diligent
  129. Because you’re my love
  130. I can’t imagine life without you
  131. I love you because you can talk
  132. Because I desire you
  133. I love the way you wink at me
  134. I love the way you laugh, hahahahaha
  135. You’re such an interesting fellow
  136. You make me feel like am the only person on this planet
  137. I just love you for no reason

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