10 Reasons Why Men Pull Away from a Relationship

Why do men pull away when it seems like a relationship is becoming more serious? In this article, I am going to share with you, the 10 major reasons why men pull away from a woman after getting closer to her.

Why Do Guys withdraw from a Relationship?

They are many reasons why a man may decide to abandon you even after getting closer to you. Most a time, women are the reasons why men pull away. A man may decide to withdraw from a woman if he feels she’s too cheap for him.

Most women make themselves less expensive by allowing a man to have sex with them on their first date. This has simply shown him that you are not a wife material. Men tend to stay with a woman they feel she’s a material. When a man begins to fall in love, he’s not really looking for sex, except if he’s lusting after you. Sex doesn’t keep a man. Any man that truly love you will surely stay. Below are the reasons why men pull away after having sex with you, when things start to get serious, or even at the early stage of a relationship.

Reasons Why Men Pull Away from a Woman

1.They are seeing a different thing in you:

Men pull away because they are seeing a different thing in you. Maybe before he started dating you, he was attracted by your character. But now, you’ve suddenly changed. He’s no longer seeing you like the same woman he knew before.

When a man pulls away from you, the first thing to do is to check to know whether you are the cause of his withdrawal or not. Even some husband pull away from their wife. Real men don’t just abandon a woman they love except if he’s a player. So, check yourself to know whether you are the cause of this problem.

2. You’re too cheap for him:

Another reason why a man refuses to commit to a relationship is, when you make yourself too cheap for him. For instance, he has sex with you anytime he feels like. You bring yourself too low in such a way that he doesn’t value you anymore. That is another reason why a man may decide to pull away from you.

3. He’s a Player:

A man who is not ready for a relationship will never commit to you. If a man is trying to play with your heart, never you expect him to stay in a relationship. The reason is that he’s just faking his feelings. So, a man pulls away if his feelings for you are not genuine. Here are the ways to identify a player.

4. Men pull away because they’re not ready for a Relationship:

If a man is not ready to go into a long term relationship with you, then don’t expect him to be committed in the relationship.

When a man is ready for a relationship, he makes himself available for you. Not only that, but he will never use you and dump you. So, if he is ready to settle down, he will not withdraw from you if you are good for him.

5. They feel you’re not the right person for them:

Another reason why a guy may decide not to continue in a relationship is when he feels like you’re not the right person for him. Although no one is perfect, everyone wants a compatible partner. So, he may decide to move back when he’s not actually seeing what he expected from you.

6. He has found another woman:

Another reason why a man pulls away is when he has found another woman. Men tend to be distracted by what they see. A guy may decide to withdraw from you when he finds another girl he feels like she’s better than you.

7. Peer influence:

Some guys dump a girl as a result of the advice they received from their friends. Maybe his friends told him that they knew you before. That you are not good for him or that you have a bad record, etc. Therefore, he should look for another girl to date. It is another reason why a guy may decide not to stay in a relationship.

8. The Relationship moves faster than it ought to:

This is one of the reasons why I withdraw from most of my female friends. When a relationship is moving faster than it ought to, it is a clear sign of infatuation or lust. Love takes time to develop. So, men pull away most times as a result of how fast your relationship or friendship moves. They may think you are trying to make them commit when they are not ready to.

9. You show too much interest:

Most men tend to withdraw from a woman who shows too much concern. They may be thinking that you are doing that with an ulterior motive. But that is a sign of lack of understanding from such a man. I advise you not to show too much concern or interest at the beginning of a relationship. Don’t fall in love too quickly. If you do, it will appear as if you are desperate for him and that will make him withdraw from you.

10. He’s not really into you:

When a man is deeply in love with you, it will be very difficult for him to abandon you except if you are not giving him your attention. Men love it when a woman they love gives them attention. Playing hard to get may cause a may to pull away from you. So, if he has not fallen in love with you, don’t expect him to stay.

What to do when a man pulls away

Here are the things to say to a man when he is pulling away. Do the followings if you notice he is pulling away from you.

1.Ask him what the problem is:

A man may decide to break up with you if he notices that you don’t love him. How did he know? You don’t give him your attention, you don’t call him even for a day, you don’t support him, etc.

When he is pulling away from you, he may not tell you the reason(s) behind his action. So, what you have to do is to ask him. You may say it this way “you suddenly changed your attitude towards me, does it mean you are no longer interested in our relationship? If he refuse to give you a definite answer, you may throw in another question like-what have I done wrong or have I done anything wrong? etc.

2. Make amendment:

If he is pulling away as a result of your attitude towards him, then it is time to make an amendment. For instance, maybe his reason for withdrawing from you is because you don’t value him or that you don’t respect him, then it’s time to start respecting him. Don’t be an arrogant woman because pride kills a relationship.

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