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6 Reasons why Men pull away from a Woman

You’ve been dating each other for a while, all of a sudden, he started ghosting you. He no longer picks your calls nor replies to your texts. You’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong. All he could tell you is ‘everything is fine’ I am just busy.

All these are signs a man is gradually falling out of love with you. But what could be the cause of all this nonsense?

Why do men pull away from a woman when things are becoming serious?

1. You are no longer the person they thought you are

At the initial stage of every relationship, everyone sees their partner as a “perfect being”.

But as time goes on, you begin to notice some flaws in your partner.

This is the number one reason why men dump women in a relationship.

According to research, men are visually stimulated (they are attracted to what they see). That is why, about 95% of what we call love are love at first sight.

You met a guy in a bar, the next thing, you have fallen in love with him. That is not how love works. Love takes time to grow.

So, a man may decide to leave a relationship if he discovers that you are not the type of person he thought you are. He has no other option than to break up with you.

So, a man may decide to leave a relationship if he discovers that you are not the type of person he thought you were. He is now tired of the relationship.

To him, you are not the right person. Therefore, he has no other option than to break up with you.

2. You are too hard to get

When you appear too easy to get, a man will likely take advantage of you.

On the other side, if you play too hard to get, a man will assume you are not interested.

So, what do you do?

Be in-between. Don’t be too cheap for a man, and avoid playing too hard to get. It is another thing that turns men off when they fall in love with you.

3. He’s afraid of taking responsibilities

Most men are afraid of taking responsibilities.

They are simply not ready for a long term relationship. All he wants now is to mingle. But when things become serious, he walks away.

That is just a sign that shows he is not ready for a long term relationship.

4. He has gotten what he wants from you

I hear most women complaining that a man dumped her after having sex with her.

The reason may be because he has gotten what he wants from you.

Maybe he has been lusting after you, all this while, and you thought it was genuine love.

A man who truly loves you will not use you and decide to abandon you.

So, may all he wants is to have carnal knowledge of you and that is all. He may pretend to love you. But it takes sensitivity to identify a fake love from a man.

5. Peer influence:

Some men pull away from a woman as a result of the advice they received from their friends.

For instance, a man may decide to breakup with you if his friends or family members says bad thing about you. Like, you are not good for him. Therefore, he shouldn’t marry you.

Most times, parental wishes are very important when it comes to marriage. That is why a man may decide to walk away from you even when things are becoming more serious.

6. You take everything too fast

If you want your relationship to last, take everything slowly.

Your man may decide to end your relationship if you are moving too fast.

Don’t be in a haste to prove to a man that you love him. Otherwise, he may think you are desperate for a man, and may decide to withdraw from the relationship.

What to do when a man pull away from you

1.Try to know why he left

If you can’t figure out why a man left you, you will never know how to improve or resolve those issues.

Try and figure out why he decided to leave the relationship. If you still see each other on the way, ask him what happened. That is the first step to resolving relationship problems.

2. Find a way to resolve the issue(s) if possible

If the issue(s) are repairable, look for a solution.

You can visit a therapist, a Psychologist or a relationship expert for a piece of advice.

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