9 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

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Why do Relationships fail?

Why Relationships fail?

Every relationship can fail if it lacks the followings:
2. Commitment
3. Loyalty
4. Understanding
5. Respect etc.

Being in a bored and unfruitful relationship is worst than not being in any Relationship at all.

Most of the time, many do complain about the changes they noticed in the life of their partner, either towards them or their relationship.

Today, I shall reveal to you some of the reasons why relationships fail nowadays.

Why Do Relationships Fail?

#1. Improper definition of the relationship:

One major reason why relationships fail is improper definition of the relationship.

The two individuals failed to draw out what the relationship is all about.

Where they want the relationship to end. Either in marriage, or just mere friendship.

Your partner may have had it in mind that the relationship will eventually lead to marriage.

When he/she letter discovered that it was just a mere friendship that you want, He/she will walk away in disappointment.

Any undefined relationship can never be successful or fruitful.

Most of the time, two individuals start a relationship without defining it; the purpose of the relationship, which eventually ends up in breakup.

Therefore, it is advisable and needful to define a relationship before starting it in other to make it clear to your partner on what the relationship is all about.

why relationships fail- lack of time

Lack of Time:

Every relationship requires time and patience to develop.

Nurturing your relationship requires your effort and that of your partner.

When it is left in the hand of one person, there are chances that he/she will loose interest and go and the relationship will fail.

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picture of Why relationships fail- abuses


Be it verbal or any kind of abuse contributes to why relationships fail.

When you are in the habit of insulting or abusing your partner, your relationship can never succeed.

Lack of Respect:

Lack of respect destroys relationships. It is another reason why most relationships fail these days.

Respecting each other in a relationship is very crucial. You cannot expect your partner to remain in a relationship he/she is not properly treated. Therefore, lack of respect contributes to why relationships fail.

Why Some Relationships don’t succeed?


When two individuals in a relationship are not compatible, the relationship must fail.

If you and your partner always have issues in your relationship, it may be that you are not compatible. Such relationship will not succeed.

He/she has Lost Interest in the Relationship:

You cannot continue in a relationship with someone you have lost interest in.

Most of the time, the two individuals may have lost interest in themselves, either because of the behaviour or changes noticed in each other.

When such thing happens, the relationship fails.


Another reason why some relationships don’t succeed is infidelity.

For any relationship or even friendship to be successful, the two parties must be faithful to each other.

Any relationship built on cheating, if eventually the two parties end up marrying each other, such marriage will not be enjoyable.

Therefore, unfaithfulness destroys a relationship.

Lack of Concern For Each Other:

When you love you show concern. If you don’t show any concern towards your partner, he/she may assume that you are no longer interested in the relationship.

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  • You may be too possessive: Every individual wants a partner who is not possessive, not a partner who believes in spending. You focus more on material things rather than developing your relationship.

He/she may have found another person:

Most of the time, your partner tends to loose interest in your relationship if he/she have found someone else he/she thinks is better than you.

In conclusion:

Every relationship is like a garden, you are the gardener, you need to water it everyday in other to make it work out for you.

Lack of trust also destroys relationships.

According to Life Hacks ” Trust is a very important tool to solidify your relationship “

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