5 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail Nowadays

No matter how romantic your relationship is, it is likely to fail if the foundation is not strong enough.

The increase in breakups and divorce in the world is very alarming. Everyone is so confused that we all want to know what causes breakups? And that is what we are going to discuss in this article:

5 Reasons Why Relationships fail

1. Inability to resolve Relationship problems:

There is no relationship without problems. The difference is, everyone has a different approach to resolving issues in their relationships.

Nowadays, most couples avoid conflict resolution, thinking it is the best way to resolve relationship problems.

What causes breakup is not as a result of the issue you’re having with your partner. But as a result of your unwillingness to resolve the matter once and for all.

For instance, if your partner is abusive, how do you resolve this relationship red flag? Will you just sit down and watch your partner treat you like a nobody?

2. Poor Communication Skills:

Most couples don’t know the importance of communication in a relationship. That is why 99% of most relationships fail.

When you misunderstand each other, how do you resolve it? Do you just walk away out of anger, and expecting your partner to apologize to you first?

Lack of proper communication is another factor that destroys most relationships. Couples lack the necessary skills for proper communication.

3. Incompatiblity:

Most couple are not compatible with each other. And that is why they breakup instead of fighting and quarreling everyday.

So, before settling for any relationship, make sure you are compatible with your partner.

For instance, if you are the type that likes going to church, look for someone that has the same zeal for the things of God.

If you don’t, you will end up quarreling and fighting everyday until you end the relationship.

4. Trust Issues:

Trust issues is another common causes of breakup.

Can two walk together except they agree?

Likewise no relationship can survive without trust. So, if your relationship is about to fail, learn to build trust again.

5. Intolerance:

The inability of couple to tolerate some negative behaviours in their partner contributes to why relationships fail.

Two cannot walk together except they be in agreement.

The moment you stop compromising in your relationship, the moment your relationship starts tearing apart. That is why you need to compromise most times just to save your relationship.

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