10 Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail Nowadays

Why do 99 percent of Relationships fail nowadays?

It is always easy to start a new relationship, but the question is ‘how long will that relationship last?

Some relationships ended after 6 months, 1 or 2 years of existence. Does it mean that both lovers are not yet ready for a relationship? Or are they other reasons why relationships fall apart?.

In this post, am going to reveal to you some of the reasons why people break up after being together for some months or years in a relationship.

10 Reasons Why Relationships fail

1. The Relationship was not properly defined:

One major reason why relationships fail is improper definition of the relationship.

The two individuals failed to draw out what the relationship is all about. Where they want the relationship to end. Either in marriage or just mere friendship.

Your partner may have had it in mind that the relationship will eventually end in marriage but was later disappointed at last.

So, it is very important to define a relationship at the initial stage.

Any undefined relationship is likely to end up in break up. Every relationship has stages.

2. Lack of Time:

Every relationship requires time and patience to develop.

Nurturing your relationship requires your effort and that of your partner.

When it is left in the hand of one person, there are chances that he/she will lose interest and the relationship is likely to fail.

3. Abuses in a Relationship:

Be it verbal or any kind of abuse contributes to why relationships fail.

When you are in the habit of insulting or abusing your partner, your relationship can never succeed.

Emotional abuse hurts so much. Its very hard to bear the pains of emotional abuse from your partner. If any of these is seen in a relationship, it is likely to end quickly.

4. Lack of Respect:

Lack of respect destroys relationships. It is another reason why most relationships end these days.

Respect is very crucial for every healthy relationship. You cannot expect your partner to remain in a relationship where he/she is not properly treated.

Therefore, lack of respect contributes to most relationships failures.

Some couples dishonour their partner out of pride. And when pride enters into a relationship, such a relationship will not last long.

Why Relationships fall apart?

5. Incompatibility:

Maintaining a long lasting relationship is all about finding a compatible partner. Someone that suits you. But when you’re dating someone who is your direct opposite, do you think such a relationship will work?

For instance, some couples that experience constant quarrels or argument is as a result of incompatibility.

Am not trying to say that there is a perfect marriage or relationship. All am trying to explain is that some relationship problems we experience or have with our partner are as a result of not being incompatibility (not being with your perfect match).

6. Lack of Trust:

Breach of trust destroys relationships.

Any relationship where couples hardly believe each other, such relationship does not last. Why? because trust is very important in every relationship.

Can two walk together except they be in agreement?

So, lack of trust is another thing that causes most relationships to fail. Learn how to build trust in your relationship.

7. The Relationship has become boring:

There is nothing so sad than a boring relationship.

What do I mean by a boring relationship?

Some couples don’t know how to spark the love in their relationship. Love needs to be rekindled less it wax cold.

The question now is “How do you rekindle the love you first had for your partner?

The only way to do that is to learn how to express love to your partner in other to make them feel special.

Saying ‘I love you‘ isn’t enough in a relationship. You must back up your confession (I love you) with action to prove that you are serious about what you’re saying.

So, try and make your relationship a bit interesting by having fun. Flirt with your partner. Tease them. Make the relationship romantic.

One thing you must know is that no one would like to continue dating they’ve lost interest in. So, make your relationship lively again if it’s so boring.

8. Relationship infidelity:

Another causes of break up in a relationship is infidelity.

Infidelity kills a relationship.

Most relationships failed as a result of cheating in a relationship.

Any relationship built on cheating, if eventually, the two parties end up marrying each other, such marriage will not last.

I don’t think there is anyone who would like to get married to a partner who cheats. So unfaithfulness is another reason why relationships end too quickly.

9. Intolerance:

For your relationship to work, you must learn to tolerate your partner.

Most couples don’t accommodate or tolerate certain behaviours from their partner. But one thing you must know is that there is no perfect man on earth. Even you yourself.

People must always make mistakes. Not only that, but there are certain qualities you must dislike in people.

If you truly love your partner, why not have patience with them to know whether they will change?

10. Poor Communication Skills:

Most relationships fail as a result of poor communication skills. Good communication skill is the key to every healthy relationship.

If you hardly talk to each other as couples or lovers or maybe you avoid saying certain things, how then will you have a successful relationship?

So, the only solution to this problem of communication is to develop your communication skill. How do you do that? Learn how to pay attention. Don’t always be in a haste to talk while your partner is still talking.

Discipline yourself to listen first before talking. It will help you know the right words to use while having a conversation with your partner. Communication is not all about talking. But it also involves listening (being meticulous).

“Letting communication fall into the background of your relationship may put distance between the two of you, make your partner feel like her feelings aren’t valid or make you feel like she doesn’t care,” says Dating Tips.


Every relationship is like a garden, you are the gardener, you need to water it daily in order to help your fruits germinate.

Relationships don’t work overnight. It takes time, patience and commitment to building a long-lasting relationship.

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