10 Relationship advice for men

When it comes to relationships, every man needs a relationship advice that will help him to have a successful relationship.

I have compiled some important relationship advice for men on what to do and things you shouldn’t do in a relationship.

Are you still confused about what to do as a man in other to sustain your relationship?

Do you need some necessary information or advice to have a better relationship? Maybe you want to know what a man should do and shouldn’t do in a relationship.

This article is for You. I have compiled some important relationship tips for you as a man.

The fact is that, in dating, they are certain things you need to know as a man or a guy. In other words, every man who is in love must know these important things before starting a relationship.

You may have been dating for long now, but they are vital things you need to know as a man. Something that will really help your relationship.

10 Important Relationship advice for men.

Relationship advice for men

The following relationship advice will help you to have a successful relationship.

What a man should do in a relationship?

1. Define your relationship first:

One major relationship advice for men is to define your relationship at the initial stage.

It is very important to let your partner know what the relationship is all about before starting it.

Make her to know the boundaries and your interest or destination for the relationship.

Whether you are expecting it to end in marriage or you want the both of you to remain mere friends without thinking of marrying each other.

Not defining your relationship is capable of destroy your relationship as time goes on.

3. Pay attention to Her:

Some men are too arrogant to listen to their woman.

Adopting listening skill is another relationship advice for men.

Every woman wants a man who will give her full attention.

Someone who will value her words or opinion.

A man she can share deep thoughts and feelings with.

Women like discussing their problems to someone who is very close to them. Some who understands them. Not an arrogant man.

If your woman is the type that complains or worries a lot, what do you do? Listen to her. Give her your attention.

4. Trust Your Woman:

What kills relationship so easily is lack of trust.

As a man, learn to trust your partner. Test her and build trust in her.

You cannot make your relationship better and loving as a man without trusting your woman.

Permit me to tell you why ‘Trust’ is another important relationship advice for every man.

Trust brings harmony. It brings understanding.

Therefore; learn to trust your partner.

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5. Treat your woman with Respect:

It is advisable for every man to treat his woman with respect.

It is often said that respect is a reciprocal. Therefore, if you must be respected, you have to respect others.

Give her the respect she deserves and don’t treat her badly.

Always remember that you are not the only man in the world but she choose to be with you.

Respect yourself and respect her.

6.Build your Relationship:

Another relationship advice for men is to focus on building your relationship.

Some men are after material things or momentary pleasure instead of building their relationship.

Build your relationship with time and patience.

Focus on those important things that will help your relationship to grow.

Things like;

  1. Communication.
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Trust
  4. Loyalty
  5. Respect
  6. And Patience will help you to build your relationship.

What a man should not do in a relationship?

1. Don’t hit your woman when you are upset:

Most of the time, some men do beat their woman out of anger.

It is very bad and not encouraged at all.

Every woman ought to be respected and taken care of.

Whenever she provokes you, keep calm first before moving into action.

What makes you a man is your ability to control your emotions.

The highest mistake you can make in a relationship as a man is to beat your woman.

It is a sign of irresponsibility.

2. Don’t Control your woman:

You are a man, it is your responsibility to take charge in the relationship but don’t control your woman.

Although, it is the duty of every woman to be submission. But don’t see it as an opportunity to control her.

Taking charge of your relationship does not mean that you should be the only one trying to build the relationship.

It means you should do the necessary things needed from you as a man.

According to ZOOSK ” To many women, a man who avoids making decisions is skirting his responsibilities “

Avoid these also

3. Don’t cheat on her:

As a man, you should know that you are the engine of the relationship. Without you, the relationship will definitely fail.

Therefore, I advice you not to cheat on your woman. Value her and the relationship.

To me, cheating in a relationship is a sign that shows you are not ready for the relationship.

The fact that she did not cheat on you does not mean that she is not capable of doing that.

Don’t take her for granted by cheating on her.

4. Never you abuse your woman:

Another thing you shouldn’t do in a relationship as a man is to abuse your woman. Be it verbally, sexually or any other forms of abuse.

When she disagrees with you don’t see it as a rebellion. Rather, see it as a normal thing every human being does.

5. Don’t Let your relationship be one sided:

Majority of wealthy men or guys seems to ignore this advice.

Am not trying to say that you alone cannot make the relationship work, but allow your partner to contribute also.

She will only realize the importance of the relationship if she has something to contribute. In other words, it is both your responsibility and that of your woman to build the relationship.

When your relationship is one sided (on your side alone), she will take the relationship for granted because she has nothing to loose.


The most important relationship advice for every young man is to value their woman.

Don’t move around looking for the perfect woman. No woman is perfect.

Love her and don’t take her for granted.

Value and respect her.

Finally, Build your relationship and enjoy it.

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