How to remain best friends forever with your friend

Do you know it is possible to remain best friends forever with your friend? There is no magic in doing that. It only require some little strategies.

Every friendship can be developed. It does not matter how long you have been friends. It is a matter of how to promote the friendship.

So many people are friends from childhood till adulthood. You may be asking, how is that possible?

The fact is that there is no friendship without challenges. The only difference is how you handle them  when they arise.

I have seen so many couple who were best friends from their childhood and later got married. Is it possible?

Some met their friends on the social media, restaurant, school, etc and later became close friends. Some even went to the stage of dating and later got married. So it very much possible.



There is a difference between best friends and causal friends. You may be close as friends but not best friends.

A best friend is someone you can easily share your secrets with. A friend you can confide in. Someone who stands by in a difficult situation even when others have abandoned you. He/she is a true friend.


When you have a true friend, you create an avenue for him/her in your life. That is why Wiki How said “Allowing your friends into your life will make them feel special”.


I shall quickly take you to the steps to take in order to remain close friends with your friend.


Steps to take to remain best friends forever

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Everyone needs a friend who cares. Someone who ask after them to know their well being.

The only way to remain friends till your last day on earth is to show him/her that you care.

Call him/her on phone at least once in a while to know how they are doing. Ask after them. It is a sign that shows you care for them.

It will not only show how much you love them but will also help to keep you in their mind as a true friend.





Your best friend ought to be someone you can confide in. Someone you can easily share your secrets with without fear or doubt.

Share your secrets with him/her. Unless the secret is too personal to you, you can reserve it for yourself.

It is not just all about sharing your secrets with him/her but try to keep theirs (secret) also.

Be someone he/she can trust with all their heart.





To remain friends forever, respect him/her.

Respect can come in the manner you talk to them, their privacy, etc. When you get angry, control yourself.

Every friendship that has respect has its foundation will last forever.





To remain friends forever you must have forgiveness in your heart.

Pardon him/her when they wrong you. There is no benefit in bearing grudges against a friend.

That you forgave him/her does not mean you are weak. It shows that you value the friendship.

Unforgiveness can destroy your friendship.

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How to remain close friends forever

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Saying “I am sorry” does not kill and will never. This phrase “Sorry” is very difficult to say yet it is very powerful.

That you apologized does not mean you are weak. It is just to maintain peace.

Apology is one powerful thing you need in your life if you must remain  best friends forever.






Honesty is the best policy as they say.

One lie told is capable of ruining your friendship. It is better to be with an honest friend than with liars.

Tell your friend the truth no matter how painful it will be to you. It won’t take you anything.






Socialize together. You can visit the cinema, bar or any other places you enjoy visiting.

Give him/her your time. Spend time together having fun. Never forget to carry yourselves along with jokes.

You can even decide to visit some places like beach, a friend’s house, etc.





8. Support Him/Her in time of need and trouble:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. A long lasting friendship can be obtained by supporting each other in time of need.

Stand by him/her even when others have abandoned them. Encourage them and assure him/her that you are behind them.

If you can do this, you will remain best friends forever.




9. Never forget the power of giving:

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You cannot love without giving. Giving is essential in having a long lasting friendship.

Present your gifts to him/her on their special days like birthday, anniversary, etc. No matter how little it may be, he/she will always remember you anytime they use the gift.

You can start by giving him/her a flower, wrist watch, or their best novel or music.

Make them feel special in your relationship with him/her. Show them how much you value them.




How to remain true friends forever



9. Don’t try to change him/her for yourself:

It is better to change the life of a friend for his own good than to do so for your own interest.

Accept and allow him/her to be who they are. Don’t try to change them for your own interest.





10. Don’t gossip or criticize him/her:

It is not good and advisable to criticize a friend. The only thing you can do is to correct him/her with love and meekness.

Gossip is very deadly and can ruin a friendship. Avoid it at all cost especially gossiping about a friend.







Every friendship has its own challenges. To remain best friends forever with your friend you need to overcome those problems when they arise.

Misunderstanding must come. It is left for you to settle it and move on with the friendship.  For you to remain close friends forever, you must overlook certain things, do certain things and so on.

Nurture your friendship. Give it your time and sustain it with the necessary skills.





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