Dangers of sex before marriage and how to abstain from it

Sex before marriage is a sin. The bible calls it fornication.

It has been a major canker worm eating up many unmarried people in the world today.

They are a lot of disadvantages of premarital sex, both spiritually, physically and even mentally.

Premarital sex has eaten deeply in the life of many unmarried men and women in society, in so much that the world is full of immorality.

Many people think that dating or relationship is all about sex, which is totally wrong.

Almost all relationships in the world today is built on sex before marriage. When the foundation of a relationship is built on premarital sex, it often leads to breakup and disappointment at last. The reason is that your partner may decide to take advantage of you because he has gotten what he needs from you.

Many thought that abstaining from sex before marriage is only for Christians. It is totally wrong. Everyone who is unmarried ought to abstain from sex because of its negative effects am going to point out in this article.

Even if you love the person and you’re having sex before getting married, it is sin. You’ve not come before God to make a vow to remain faithful to each other as husband and wife. That love may disappear tomorrow and decide to live them for another person which is totally wrong.

According to Research, “we can’t stop our bodies from doing what they were created to do”. but there is time for everything. Sex is not meant to be enjoyed before marriage. Below are the dangers of indulging in premarital sex.

Disadvantages of Sex before marriage

1. Contraction of STD/STI:

Anyone who fornicates does not escape sexually transmitted disease or infection.

Some sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis etc. are often contracted by those who engage in premarital sex.

2. Wrong choice of marriage:

Majority of married men /women married because of the outcome of premarital sex (unwanted pregnancy).

Wrong choice of marriage is another disadvantage of premarital sex. When you’re indulging in sex before getting married, you will only be carried away by your lustful desires. No time to study your partner to know whether you’re compatible.

This error has brought a lot of damages and problems to many families and marriages.

If you are still indulging in an immoral act, you will probably marry the wrong person if any mistake occurs (unwanted pregnancy). Therefore, abstain from premarital sex.

3. It brings set-back:

In the spiritual aspect, premarital sex brings set back. Believe it or not.

Sex has to do with emotion. It is not only the physical activity that you’re seeing. That is to say, it has spiritual consequences also.

It brings set-back in business, academics as a student, spiritually, physically etc.

4. It is capable of ruining your future:

You may think that everything ends after satisfying yourself not knowing that you have caused a lot of damages to yourself.

The damages may be to your health, spiritual life and purpose in life.

Coming to biblical aspect. Why did Joseph refused to sleep with potiphar’s wife? It is because he realized the consequences behind that. Assuming he went on to sleep with her, he would have ended up not fulfilling his dream.

Premarital sex has sent a lot of unmarried men and women to their early grave.

You keep wasting your energy as a young man. As a lady, you stand a chance of getting pregnant and bringing shame to yourself and family.

Dangers of Sex before marriage

5. It makes you to loose focus:

You may be wondering, how can sex before marriage makes one to loose focus? All right, let me explain.

Majority of people who indulge in this immoral act often face distractions most of the time.

All they have in mind is how to satisfy their sexual urge. Most times, you become addicted to pornography, dirty/ sex chat, etc. All these are enemies of your destiny.

6. As a Lady, you stand the chance of being dumped:

Majority of single ladies get dumped due to this great mistake of premarital sex.

You have given everything you have, then you expect your so-called boyfriend to remain faithful to you. He has gotten everything he needed from you. Therefore, there is no need of staying in the relationship. All he can do is to look for an excuse to break up with you.

7. You will miss heaven:

Premarital sex is a sin. Anyone who commits sin will never make heaven at last.

Let this point not surprise you. What is important to you is only your relationship. You indulge in immoral act anytime you feel like. But don’t forget that Hell awaits sinners.

Think about eternity, think about the last day you will stop breathing on earth.

The holy book condemns sex before marriage (premarital sex). Anyone who indulge or does that will surely miss heaven at last.

Therefore: Sex before marriage (Premarital sex) does more harm to you than good

How to avoid sex before Marriage

To stop fornicating, you must first of all discipline yourself. Learn to control your emotions and sexual urge. They don’t have power over you. The reason why you’re still doing that is because you’ve not taken a decision to discipline yourself.

Here are the various ways to stop having sex before marriage. If you have been engaging in premarital sex and you’ve made up your mind to stop doing that, here are the steps to take.

``1. Be born again:

Being born again is all about spiritual reformation. How can you be transformed spiritually? Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Although you’ve been living in immorality but God can still forgive you if you turn away from your sin.

Invite Jesus into your life. Let him be in-charge of your life. He will give you the power to resist and flee fornication.

2. Be determined:

Determination is the basic to avoid sex before marriage.

You can be born again but if you’ve not decided to stop having sex before marriage, you will never stop it. Rather, you will keep struggling to overcome it.

So, in other to stop fornicating, you must make up your mind first.

3. Work towards it:

How can you work towards it? Lay aside anything that awakens your sexual urge.

Things like pornography and dirty conversations should be avoided.

Renew your mind by studying the word of God. Do away with bad thoughts. They will only wage you down and make you to go back to your old way (immoral life).

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