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Why you should abstain from sex before marriage.

Sex before marriage has been a major canker worm eating up many unmarried people in the world today.

Premarital sex has eaten deeply in the life of many unmarried men and women in the society.

Many people think that dating or relationship is all about sex, which is totally wrong.

Almost all relationships in the world today is built on sex before marriage. It often leads to breakup and disappointment at last.

Many thought that abstaining from premarital sex is for Christians. It is totally wrong.

Every single man, woman and youths ought to abstain from sex as they are numerous dangers associated to it.

Many (unmarried) often ask “What are the dangers of sex before marriage? , “Why must I abstain from it before marriage?

In this article, I shall point out the dangers of premarital sex and why you should abstain from it.

Why you should abstain from sex before marriage.

picture of dangers of sex before marriage

wrong choice of marriage:

Majority of married men /women married because of the outcome of premarital sex (pregnancy).

It is another reason why people make the wrong choice in marriage.

This error has brought a lot of damages and problems to many families and marriages.

If you are still indulging in this immoral act, you will probably marry the wrong person if any mistake occur. Therefore abstain from premarital sex.

picture of dangers of sex before marriage

It brings you set-back:

Premarital sex brings set back.

Anytime you engage in certain things you find out that you don’t succeed in everything you do.

Sex before marriage brings set-back in business, academics as a student, spiritually, physically and other way round.

You stand a chance of ruining your entire life:

You may think that everything ends after satisfying yourself not knowing that you have caused a lot of damages to yourself.

The damages may be to your health, spiritual life and purpose in life.

Premarital sex has sent a lot of unmarried men and women to their early grave.

You keep wasting your energy as a young man. As a lady you stand a chance of getting pregnant and bringing shame to yourself and family.

You stand a chance of been infected with diseases:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) are inevitable for anyone that indulge in sex before marriage.

Majority of the diseases in the world today emanate from sexual activities. It is not written on the face.

You may be saying that protection is the best alternative. But remember that one day it will surely disappoint you.

It makes you to loose focus:

You may be wondering, how can sex before marriage makes one to loose focus? All right, let me explain.

Majority of people who indulge in this immoral act often face distractions most of the time.

All there mind will be focused on how to satisfy their sexual gratification.

As a Lady, you stand a chance of being dumped:

Majority of single ladies get dumped due to this great mistake of premarital sex.

You have given everything you have, then you expect your so called boyfriend to remain faithful to you.

You stand a chance of missing heaven at last:

Let this point not surprise you. You only think about your relationship, you indulge in immoral act, forgetting that heaven is real.

Think about eternity, think about the last day you will stop breathing on earth.

The holy book condemns sex before marriage (premarital sex). Anyone who indulge or does that will surely miss heaven at last.

Therefore: Sex before marriage (Premarital sex) does more harm to you than good

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