12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship is very essential for sound living. Although no relationship is perfect, a good relationship makes life worth living. Here are the signs of a healthy relationship.

They are some signs and behaviours associated with healthy relationships. These healthy relationship signs are what am going to share with you in this article. Follow me quickly to the signs of a relationship that is healthy and sound.

12 Signs of a healthy relationship?

#1. Total Commitment:

One major sign of a healthy relationship is total commitment.

In a good relationship, you dare not cheat on your partner. In other words, no form of infidelity is found in such a relationship.

#2: Good Communication:

Every good relationship is built on communication.

You say your mind without the fear of being criticized.

When issues arise, you discuss and settle them without quarrels.

Even though misunderstanding must come but, you try your possible best to fix them with good manner of approach.

#3: Mutual Respect:

The both of you are aware that respect is a reciprocal.

You don’t tamper with each other’s privacy, neither do you insult yourselves out of disrespect.

You respect each other’s parents, values/likes and dislikes.

#4: Unconditional Love:

You don’t cherish each other because of personal gain, rather, you love yourselves for who you are.

As a sign of true love, your affections are not based on material things. Although your identity differs, but you admire and make each other happy.

#5: Trust:

Trust is another sign of healthy relationships.

It is better to be trustworthy than to betray your partner.

Trust is the foundation of every fit association with people.

Neither you nor your partner looses his or her integrity.

Another Sign of a Good Relationship are as follows:

#6: Selflessness:

Selfishness is never found in good relationships.

You give and never expect anything in return from your partner.

More so, your lover’s well-being is your priority.

#7: Forgiveness:

No one is perfect, everyone make mistakes at certain points in life.

Although you wronged your partner but he/she will always see the reason to forgive you.

When things go wrong between the both of you, one apologies and the other pardons.

#9: You feel comfortable with each other:

You feel at pace with your partner anytime you are together.

When you go out, you feel like staying with them for the whole day.

It is said that “When two people fall in love, at a certain time their hormones get relaxed-they feel comfortable with each other.

#10: Honesty:

It is never an easy thing to be truthful in everything.

In healthy relationships, you tell your partner the truth not minding the circumstances surrounding you.

You are always straightforward in whatever you do.

Another sign of a good relationship are as follows:

11: Maturity:

It is often said that “maturity is a thing of the mind, and not necessarily about age.

Age is not all about maturity. As couples who are mature to be together, you do things in an orderly manner.

For instance, an immature partner will always like to win every argument, but a good partner will not do so.

#12: Independence:

In sound relationships, you are independent.

Your freedom is certain in communication, movement etc.

Your partner does not restrict your movement, neither do he/she question your whereabout as a sign of insecurity.

Final thought on healthy relationships:

Good relationships makes life meaningful.

As we know that man cannot do without interacting with others, it is good to have a good relationship.

Healthy relationships are characterized by love, tolerance, kindness, patience, etc. by the two parties.

To sustain a relationship, you need to give it your time, energy and resources.

Having a sound union with your partner does not just happen. It is never done by magic, your effort is needed.

Take note of the signs of a good relationship mentioned above, and elevate your love life to its climax.


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