Signs he's not into you

9 Signs He’s Not really into You

Below are 5 ways to know he’s not really into you.

9 Signs He’s Not into You

1.He hardly have time for you:

If you notice that the guy you are dating gives you a little or no time, then he’s not into you.

When a guy is into you, he will always give you his time and attention. Guys love paying attention to the woman they love.

Anytime you need his company or assistance, he will tell you that he’s busy. It is a sign a guy is not into you.

2. He rarely calls or text you:

You are always the one calling him. He has never texted or call you, even for a day.

When you text him, it will take several hours or days for him to reply. If eventually texts you first, he doesn’t care to know if you’ve seen his message but refused to call.

It is another sign he’s not in love with you. When a guy is into you, he will always make out time to call you in order to know how you are doing.

3. He doesn’t flirt with you:

Guys tend to tease a woman they are in love with. But if he flirts with other girls when he’s with you, then, he’s not really into you. Although, some guys are shy in nature.

If he doesn’t flirt with you, it’s either that he’s shy or that he’s just really not into you. Here are the things to consider while dating a shy guy.

4. He never get jealous:

A guy who is into you will always get jealous whenever he sees other guys surrounding you. But if he does the opposite, then he’s not in love with you.

Any guy who is really in love with you will get jealous at some points when they realized that, they are not the only one coming for you.

He may not display any of the signs of jealousy when he sees you with other guys, but check this- how does he act when you are talking with the opposite sex?

Does he look away, pretending as if he’s not listening to your conversation?

If ‘yes’ then, he’s jealous, but trying to hide it from you. So, if your guy never get jealous when he seems other guys around you, then, he’s not into you.

5. He said you are just a friend to him:

Another way to know that a guy is not obsessed with you is when he says something like “You are just a friend to me”. It simply means that he has no feelings for you. All he wants from you is a platonic friendship.

6. He never asks you personal questions

A guy who is not into you will never try to know more about you. He will never ask about your parents, your background, family and friends, etc. He doesn’t ask you to tell him certain things about you, neither does he tell you anything about himself. It is another sign he’s not in love with you.

7. He doesn’t make sacrifices for you:

Guys love sacrificing for a woman who has gotten into their brain.

When a guy is really in love with you, he will always make some sacrifices for you.

But if he doesn’t, then he’s not in love with you. A guy who is not into you will never think of how to impress or make you happy. He will always treat you the same way he treats others.

You can’t boast of anything he has done for you. He never supports you. But if he’s into you, he will treat you like a Queen and make sacrifices for you.

8. He has never showed up again after the first date:

If a guy disappears after meeting you for the first time, it simply means he’s not into you.

When you plan a date for both of you to meet, he will give you some silly excuses like, am busy now, I don’t think I will make it, etc.

All these are the ways a guy acts when he’s not into you. Here are some of the signs he wants to date you.

9. Your mind tells you:

Your mind is seriously telling you that this guy is not in love with you. You know it yourself because you’ve seen some of the signs in him.

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