Texts to make him think about you

100 Texts To Make Him Think About You Everyday

Sweet texts are powerful. A single romantic text or flirty messages from a girl is capable of grabbing a guy’s attention. If you’re looking for the best texts to make him think about you and love you more, here are some cute suggestions for you.

Texting a guy isn’t a problem for most girls. But coming up with the right words to use, or what he wants to hear at the moment.

Nevertheless, here are a few ideas on what to text your boyfriend or husband to make him miss you, make him think about you every day, and finally make him want you more.

But before then, take a look at the best ways to keep a conversation going over the text to make things easier for you. Lovely messages are good for sustaining a relationship. 

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100 Texts to make him think about you

Here are sweet texts that will make him miss you and start thinking about you.

  1. You’re the most amazing creature I have ever met in my life.
  2. Out of all the guys in the world, you’re the cutest, smartest, and the most handsome that has ever existed.
  3. I wish I can just cuddle you and declare you mine, right now.
  4. I missed everything about you, especially your cute smile.
  5. Thinking about you makes me forget all my worries.
  6. Your uniqueness makes me wonder if I can ever find anyone as charming as you are.
  7. I feel relaxed whenever we’re together.
  8. Texting you gives me joy more than the food on my table.
  9. If knowing you require a school certificate, I will study for you until I acquire a master’s degree.
  10. I want you to be the only one I will think of before I sleep, and the first person that will come into my mind each day I wake up.
  11. Love is beautiful when you find an understanding partner like you.
  12. You are super hot
  13. You’re the best guy I have ever met
  14. I wish every day will be like the last time we were together
  15. Nothing gives me joy like to just look at your eyes and call you, my sweetheart.
  16. I desire to spend the rest of my life with an amazing guy like you.
  17. You’re such a darling
  18. My life was never complete until you came into my heart.
  19. I desire to be more intimate with you, my darling.
  20. Ever since I met you, I have come to experience the beauty of true love.
  21. I am happy I found a kind boyfriend like you
  22. Some relationships are bound to fail, but ours is meant to last forever.
  23. I missed your sweet text messages
  24. I feel attracted to you every day I remember you.
  25. When will I see your cute smile again, and feel your love?
  26. I can’t seem to stop falling in love with you, every day.
  27. Your kiss drives me crazy.
  28. I’m never bored when I’m with you.
  29. You are so romantic
  30. I love you
  31. I miss you
  32. You’re my heart’s desire
  33. I want you
  34. I am lucky I found you
  35. You never can tell how much I love you until you come into my heart and listen to the thoughts I have for you.
  36. You are more than a million man to me
    A guy chatting and smiling
  37. Good morning to my handsome prince. You are forever in my heart.
  38. Seeing you makes me healthy. Talking to you makes me happy. And waking up to see your texts make me feel special. I love you, honey.
  39. You are the only one that understands my heartbeat. I promise to be a good girlfriend for you, my love.
  40. Life comes in different phases- the good and the bad. But no matter what is happening in your life, I will never stop loving you.
  41. You are the reason why I always look at myself in the mirror and smile. I love you.
  42. Life is sweet when two compatible souls come together. Thank God I met you, darling.
  43. The best I can ever do for you is yet to come. I just want to remind you that I love you and will continue to love you.
  44. You are a gardener, I’m the garden. I will never forget the seed of love you sowed in me.
  45. One thing I can never forget about you is that you know how to cherish a woman. I miss you.
  46. If you want to know how close you are to me, ask the nose and the mouth, they will explain better. I love you, my Prince charming.
  47. I feel satisfied every time I remember you. Your presence alone makes me feel good. I miss you.
  48. Take my heart, darling, and feel it with your love.
  49. May I be the only medicine that will heal you when you’re sick. I love you.
  50. Texts to make him think about youI love your style.
  51. Where have you been all these years I was single?
  52. I got a surprise for you tonight, darling.
  53. I wish I can appear before you now and kiss you
  54. My night is always sweet whenever you lie beside me
  55. I wish to wake up every morning to feel your arms around me.
  56. The best and most romantic kiss I have ever had was from you. You are hot.
  57. I am so excited today because I had a dream about you last night.
  58. You never stop surprising me.
  59.  You are too charming to be resisted by a woman
  60. Your presence gives me strength
  61. Only your smile is capable of healing the sick.
  62. I always imagine how life would look like without you.
  63. Your profile tells me that you are extraordinary.
  64. The weather is cold. I wish you were here to warm me up.
  65. You always make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth.
  66. I love the way your voice sounds.
  67. Sometimes I always imagine if it’s a spell or I’m dreaming. I love you to the moon.
  68. Out of the 100% chance in my life, you occupy 95% of it.
  69. I always dream of living together with you as husband and wife.
  70. Hey! Honey!! I hope you had a great night? I just want to remind you that I’m thinking about you.
  71. You’ve stolen my heart away.
  72. I love it when we’re together in the cool of the day.
  73. I miss everything about you, especially your romantic smell
  74. You’re the most gentle guy I have ever met.
  75. A guy chatting and smilingI am proud of the man you are becoming
  76. You are forever in my heart, sweetheart.
  77. I would rather remain single than spending my life without you.
  78. You are more than a friend to me.
  79. I noticed three things about you the first time we met. You’re handsome, gentle, and caring.
  80. I wish we had all the time in the world, I could have spent my whole day, night, and season with you.
  81. My lips are patiently waiting for your kiss
  82. Is nice to have a good boyfriend like you
  83. I never get bored chatting with you
  84. I wish to bear your name someday, sweetheart.
  85. I’m in love with the man that understands how I feel, and that is you.
  86. You look younger and fresher every day I see you.
  87. Half of you is found in me. You are my soulmate.
  88. I strongly believe in you. Never you stop dreaming, nor stop loving the woman in your heart, dear.
  89. You are a husband material
  90. My desire is to please you, baby.
  91. You make me feel like a woman
  92. I’m comfortable when you are around me.
  93. You are a Prince. I’m your Princess. Together we can establish an empire.
  94. Sweet dreams to the only man in my heart.
  95. May you never stop thinking about me today until I satisfy you with my love when we finally meet.
  96. As the rivers flow, so my heart grows fonder. I miss you.
  97. My love was never complete until I meet a lovely partner like you.
  98. Thanks for finding a place in my heart.
  99. Do you mind receiving a hot kiss tonight?
  100. As the morning is nothing without the sun. And the night, without the moon, so I cannot live without you.


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