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6 Tips on How to forget an Ex completely

Breakup pains. It hurts deeper than a mere wound.

Every broken heart sees the world as an unfair place to be. Their emotions has been tampered with. As a result of this, they feel sad and even cry anytime they hear people talk about love or their boyfriend/girlfriend as their heart has been broken.

It is never an easy thing to forget an ex. The memories of your life with him or her will always be remembered. But will you remain sad forever? Don’t you think it is time to move on and forget the past?.

I have seen many people complain that they find it difficult to forget their ex. Unfortunately, your ex don’t want a relationship with you anymore, what other option do you have than to move on with your life.

But the pertinent question here is “how to forget an ex?”. I shall try my possible best to give you some helpful tips on how to forget your ex completely and move on with your life. It is time to stop thinking about your ex. It is time to stop longing for him or her, expecting them to come back. Below are the 6 tips that will help you to get over your ex.

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How do I get over an ex? 6 Tips on how to forget your Ex.

picture of how to forget an ex

#1. Stop contacting Him/Her:

The best way to get over your ex is to stop contacting them. They have decided to end the relationship, why contacting him or her again? The only way to move on is to delete their contact from your phone and stop calling them. When they call you, reject their call. You owe them nothing anymore.

picture of how to forget an ex

#2. Don’t feel bad about yourself:

Another way to forget your ex is to feel good. Don’t feel bad about yourself because your ex abandoned you. That your relationship failed doesn’t mean you are not good for them. Rather, they are not meant for you. Therefore, you have nothing to regret. Don’t look down on yourself because your ex dumped you. Just pretend as if nothing happened and move on with your life.

Picture of how to forget an ex

#3. Accept the changes and move on:

The changes that occurred is that your ex has left you. What do you do next? Accept the situation and move on. Don’t keep dwelling in the past. Find new things to do in other to keep yourself happy.

Picture of how to forget an ex

#4. Start a new Relationship:

Another way to forget your ex is to move into a new relationship. Your past relationship is over, start a new one with another person. It will help you to eliminate the old memories hanging on in your mind. When you start a new relationship, you have definitely started creating a new memory. In other words, getting yourself a new lover will help you to forget everything about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

How do I move on from my ex completely?

Picture of how to get over your ex

#5. Block him/her on the social media:

If you really want to forget everything about your ex, then block him or her on the social media. If you have not totally recovered from emotionally hurt or pains, and you want to stop seeing your ex, you can go on and unfriend him or her on facebook, instagram etc. Just to make sure you don’t set your eyes on he or she again.

Picture of How to get over an ex

#6. Improve yourself:

Your ex is gone. You are now single. This is the right time to build yourself. Focus on improving yourself. Get yourself some new things. Acquire new skills and focus on your carrier. Have confidence in yourself that you can do without your ex. Move on with your life.


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