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Meaning of True Love & 9 things people who truly love you will do

What does true love really mean? Does it really exist? Where and how can I find it?

The above questions are very important in every relationship.

Due to broken promises, many have come to the conclusion that no love is real (all are fake), but how true is that?

Many a times, people get infatuated with someone thinking they are truly in love.

At the beginning of every relationship, it seems like you have finally found your soulmate, but as time goes on, you begin to notice a different thing in the relationship.

Before I proceed to explain the meaning of genuine love, it is very important to know the difference between love and infatuation.

Meaning of True Love?

True love means unconditional love. It has to do with loving without compromise.

Qualities of Genuine Love?

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Genuine love is patient.

It is selfless. It does not keep record of wrongs.

Genuine love forgives. It tolerates and rebukes.

To say “I love you” is not enough in any relationship or friendship. Real love can be justified by actions and not mere words.

Don’t be deceived or carried away when people profess their love for you until they prove it. That is genuine love.

They are things people who genuinely love you will do. Many do pretend to love but they don’t. Some even make empty promises just to please you or get your attention.

I shall reveal to you the signs of real love below.


9 Things people who truly love you will do”.

1. They make sacrifices for you:

Real love cannot do without sacrifice. That is to say, you cannot love without making sacrifices for your loved ones.

People who truly love you are always ready to give up everything they have just because of you.

They are ready to sacrifice their time, resources and even life just because of you. They don’t mind taking any risk at all because of you.

Genuine love still exist and it revolves around sacrifice.

Anyone who claims to love you but does not make sacrifices for you is not real in his/her confession (I LOVE YOU)

When you love you learn to make sacrifices.

According to The Good Men Project, ” When a man loves a woman he wants to integrate her into his life” Likewise a woman.

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2. They show concern:

Showing concern is another characteristics or signs of genuine love.

You cannot love without caring or showing concern for your loved ones.

People who truly love you will check on you always to know your present condition.

He/she will check on you to know how you are doing. It is a sign of real love.

They will always have concern for things that bothers you and also look for a solution to those problems.

Characteristics of True Love

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3. They Encourage You:

People who truly love you will always encourage you. All they want for you is the best and nothing more.

Whenever you feel discouraged or disappointed, they will stand by and encourage you. Whenever you feel like all hope is lost, they give you hope. Even if you fail, they will always make you to know that you can succeed again.

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4. They support you:

Real love is all about supporting each other in time of need.

People who truly love you will support you in every good thing you do.

It may not necessarily be financial support. It may be supporting you by giving you good ideas or counseling in other to help you complete your task.

5. They build you up:

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People who truly love you will help in building you up.

They will always bring out the best in you and also encourage you to be the best of who you are. They will look for a way to make you a better person. Someone they can be very proud of anytime anywhere.

They will help you to discover and develop your potentials and become a better person in the society. And also make sure you live a happy life.

How to identify Genuine love

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6. He/she Makes you happy:

To identify real love from a man, woman, a guy, your boyfriend or girlfriend, know whether they make you happy or sad.

No one will ever like to make their loved ones unhappy.

Your happiness is the concern of those who has real love for you. They don’t want anything that will bring sorry to your life. All they want is your happiness.

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7. They give unconditionally:

Another way to identify real love is by giving.

Unconditional Love cannot do without giving.

People who genuinely love you will give and never expect anything from you in return.

On your birthday or any important days in your life, they will try their best to present a gift to you no matter how little it is.

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8. They Forgive you:

Another sign of real love is forgiveness.

Unconditional Love works together with forgiveness.

Those who love you will always forgive your wrongs. No matter how big the offence you committed may be, they will pardon you.

A times you may think they are weak not knowing that it is a sign of genuine love. Therefore, real love forgives.

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9. They Pray for you:

People who genuinely love you will always remember you in their prayers. All they want for you is progress or success.

As a result this, they will always ask God to grant you success in everything you do.


Love is kind, patient, suffers long, keeps no record of wrongs, etc.

For you to know those who truly love you, check out the above mentioned signs in them. If you cannot find these signs in him/her, bear it in mind that it is not real love rather, their love is fake.


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