4 Major types of relationship you should know.

You may ask yourself “What are the types of relationship we have?

The truth is that we have different types of relationship. But I am going to focus on the 4 major types of relationship we have.

These four types of relationships are the ones you may likely find yourself in any relationship.

Every relationship you get into must fall in one of these categories.

Before we move to the 4 major types of relationship we have, it is good to know what relationship is all about first.  

Merriam-Webster defined relationship as

” 1. The state of being related or interrelated”

2. “The relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship: such as kinship.

3 a. “A state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings. b. ” A romantic or passionate attachment.”

All these are the definitions of relationship.  

Having know the definition of relationship, I will like to take you a little further to what relationship is all about.

It is very funny  that a lot of people go into relationship without knowing what it is all about or even the type of relationship they are into.

Below are the 4 major types of relationships we have.

4 Major Types of Relationship

The followings are the four (4) major types of relationship we have. No matter the type of relationship you are into, you must fall in any of these four categories.

1. Casual Relationship:

A Casual Relationship simply means ” A relationship that requires no commitment”.

According to Wikipedia,  Casual relationship means ” A physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have casual sexual relationship without expecting commitments.”

In this type of relationship it needs no commitment. It is just like being mere friends and close to your partner.

People in a Casual Relationship often overlook commitment. Their main aim is just to be together. Have fun and enjoy themselves.

You receive what you want from your partner. He/she receives from you also.

Just bear in mind that casual relationships lack commitment. You are free to date any other person other than your partner.

2. Long Distance Type of Relationship:

A long distance Relationship is the type of relationship between two people who live faraway from each other and are unable to meet on daily basis.

Urban Dictionary  defined long distance relationship as ” a strong emotional commitment to one who is faraway. And often beyond physical access most of the time”.

Most of long distance relationships don’t succeed. Some end in breakup while others don’t.

The reason behind that is that most people find it difficult to sustain a long distance relationship. Long distance relationship has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a Long Distance Relationship:

#1. Privacy and independence:

    Those in a long distance relationship seems to have their privacy often. 

    In a long distant relationship, you have the time and opportunity to visit anyone or anyplace you like.

Long distance relationship helps you to be independent.

It will make you not to depend on your partner at all time. Because you are used to the distance, you no longer worry so much.  

#2. It improves your Communication Skills:

Since the both of you don’t meet often, you will always spend must of their time talking over the phone. By so doing, you will improve in your communication skill.

Disadvantages of long distance relationship.

#1. Unnecessary Fear:

This type of relationship creates fear in the life of both partners.  The fear of loosing each other or breaking up . The fear of being abandoned, etc.

#2. Loneliness:

Long distance relationship makes one lonely. Your partner lives in a very far place where you cannot meet each other daily.

Due to your loyalty or commitment you choose to be lonely till you meet your partner again.  

#3. Suspicion:

This type of relationship (long distance relationship) creates suspicion in the mind of two lovers.

A times you begin to suspect your partner thinking that he/she is cheating on you. And when suspicion comes in, trust decreases.

# 4. High tendency to cheat:

Another disadvantages of this type of relationship is high tendency to cheat.

Because your partner is living afar, you now see it as an opportunity to cheat on him/her.  


Open Relationship:

Another type of a relationship is Open Relationship.

An open Relationship is the type of relationship where both partners agree to have affairs with other people.

It is the type of relationship that allows you to have sexual relation with others.

In this type of relationship, the two partners are free to cheat on each other. You cheat on your partner, he/she does the same. No quarrel or argument about that.

Everything is equal to one. This type of relationship allows you to have more than one partner or be in more than one relationship.  


Romantic Relationship:

A Romantic Relationship simply means an intimate relationship. It is a type of relationship with great intimacy.

A relationship based on mutual love. In this type of relationship, you are more concerned about your partner’s well being and happiness than yours.

 Although this type of relationship is often sexual, but they don’t have to be.

It is a type of relationship based on mutual respect. Love, concern and affection for one another.  

That this type of relationship is often sexual does not mean that everyone in this type of relationship engages in sexual activities with their partner.

You can be in this type of relationship without involving in sexual act. It is a matter of defining your relationship and making your interest known to your partner at the initial stage.    


Every relationship has its own categories. It can either be romantic, toxic, or a long distance one.

No matter the relationship you find yourself in, the most important thing is to know how to sustain it. Learn more about relationships here.      

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