The best ways to deal with unrequited Love

Unrequited love pains. It pains when Love is not often returned by one’s partner after several months or years of knowing each other.

One-sided love can be so frustrating.

When you love with the whole of your heart and find out that your love is not often reciprocated, I guess you will feel disappointed, ashamed, discouraged and bad about yourself.

Unrequited love is an affectionate feeling that is not appreciated. When love is not recognized, it will definitely not be returned or rewarded.

A times, we find ourselves in the midst of friends or a partner who doesn’t appreciate our efforts (love).

You try your best to please him/her at all time. On their birthday, you spend more than required. But when its time for that love to be returned, they end up disappointing you. Such love is not mutual, its unrequited and unhealthy for any healthy relationship.

One-sided love can last for some months or years. Although, it is very difficult to say exactly how many years or months an unrequited love can last depending on how you handle the situation.

They are many ways to identify love that is unrequited. These signs will help you to know whether your Relationship is one-sided or not. And also, the best ways to deal with love that is unbalanced.

5 Signs of Unrequited Love

When you notice any of the following signs in your relationship, know that your love is unrequited.

1. One sided communication:

If you’re the only one calling your partner to know how he/she is doing but he/she has never called you even for a day, then your love is unrequited.

If they miss your call, they don’t even bother to call you back.

A requite love goes with mutual dealings. You give your partner a call today, tomorrow he/she does the same. But if it is contrary to this, then your love is not balanced.

2. You’re often ignored:

When your love is unrequited, you are often ignored.

You may try all your best to please him/her but at last you end up being disappointed.

A times when you buy gifts for him/her, they don’t care to appreciate you. In fact, they see it as your responsibility. But it simply shows you’re been taken for granted.

Signs of one-sided Love

3. You crave for their time and attention:

You’re not supposed to seek your partner’s attention and time if the love in your relationship or friendship is mutual.

A partner who doesn’t give you his/her time can never reciprocate your love.

4. You give more than required:

If you’re always the only person giving in the relationship, then your love is one-sided.

Giving ought to be mutual and not one sided. So, if you are the only one showing affection to your partner, then your love is unrequited.

5. You feel it yourself:

When your love is unrequited, you will feel it yourself.

Your instinct will always tell you that your partner does not love you.

A times you may even be confuse because of the signs you’re seeing. Not only that, but you will start trying to figure out whether you’re really in love or not.

How to deal with One-Sided Love

Having discovered that the love in your relationship or friendship is one-sided, lets quickly look at the various ways to deal with unrequited love.

1. Talk to your partner:

The first thing to do is to address the issue.

Discuss how you feel to your partner. Make them know that you are not happy with the way they’re treating you.

Also, use this opportunity to know whether they would still like the relationship to continue.

2. Distance yourself:

Another way to handle a one-sided love is to distance yourself from your partner.

Allow him/her to miss you and your affections. Don’t always be their for them.

If he/she calls you, don’t pick. All you’re trying to do is to make them value you. So, distance yourself for a moment.

3. Move on:

If you’ve finally discovered that your partner does not feel the same way you feel for him/her, then its time to forget him/her.

Here are some tips on how to stop loving someone you truly love.

4. Develop yourself:

The next thing to do after moving on is to improve yourself.

Work on developing yourself to become a better person.

That he/she rejected you does not mean they are no other persons outside there who will love and appreciate your love.

According to Bonde, one of the benefits of one-sided love is that “it helps you to improve yourself”.

So, work on yourself. Forget about him/her and move on.

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