What men want in a relationship

10 Things Wen Want In A Relationship But Won’t Tell You

It has become an ideology that men only crave sex in a relationship. How true is that? But what do men really want in a relationship? Are they dating you just to satisfy their sexual urge? Below are the 4 most important things every man expects from a woman in a relationship.

What Men Want From A Woman In A Relationship

1. Respect

In every relationship, men want to be heard and be in control. They want you to have due regard for their feelings, wishes, and rights. Every man wants his woman to acknowledge that he is the head and ought to be given maximum respect and honor.

2. Loyalty

Loyalty is another quality men crave from their women in a relationship. They want you to be submissive to them as the head of the family or relationship.

To make him happy and stay in the relationship, you must be submissive to him. That does not mean he will be controlling you. He simply wants to exercise his authority as the man of the house.

Men don’t like their wives to be too arrogant or stubborn. They want you to submit to them no matter how little they are.

3. Love and appreciation

Men want you to love and appreciate them. They don’t want you to take their love for granted. We feel hurt each time we are being taken for granted by the woman we love. Rather, we want you to accept us and love us the same way we do to you.

Men don’t like competing with other men to get your attention. They are prone to jealousy. Even if he’s not financially buoyant, he wants you to give him your time, love, and equally appreciate his efforts towards you. Apart from that, men need your support. As his companion, he wants you to help him actualize his goals.

They expect you to send them some sweet good morning text messages at least once in a while, surprise gifts, and some flirty texts. He wants you to steal his heart with your love. Dress nice and look attractive to him. All these are his emotional needs in a relationship.


Honesty is another important thing men want from you in a relationship. They want you to be honest in your communication. They don’t like women who play games (cheat). Rather, they expect an honest answer from you every day, every time.

So, don’t try to play down on his intelligence by being too smart or tricky. He will despise you if he discover that you are nothing but a liar.

5. Emotional connection

6. Space

7. Support

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