Major Reasons why you don’t succeed in certain things you do.

Major reasons why you don't succeed.

Many often ask” Why do I find it difficult to succeed”

One thing you must bear in mind is that they are certain principles of life you must know in other to be successful.

In life, you see certain people succeeding in whatever they do, whereas others don’t.

You don’t have to kill yourself.

They are certain things you need to know about success.

Some years back, they are times I struggle to do certain things and still not succeed.

In this article, I shall point out some of the reasons why you don’t succeed in certain things you do.



Reasons why you don’t succeed.

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Major reasons why you don’t succeed in certain things you do.



Inadequate information:

Being informed before starting anything in life is necessary.

You don’t just start doing something without having enough information about that particular thing.

Don’t expect your self to succeed in certain things if you don’t make inquires first.

When you are not fully informed about a particular thing you are pursuing, you will definitely not succeed.

Gathering necessary information about a particular thing you are pursuing is important if you must succeed this time.





Inadequate Preparation/Planing:

Most of the time you prepare but not as you ought to do.

Adequate preparation is a way to succeed in whatever you do.

Most of the time you don’t plan things properly before starting it.

Preparation works with time and resources. You cannot be fully prepared without proper time management and resources.

According to Lifehack, “Unsuccessful people tend to ponder and leave footprints in the sands of time”

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Distractions is the opposite of being focus.

Distraction contributes to your inability to succeed in certain things you do.

When you are distracted while pursuing a particular goal you will never succeed.

Distractions can be in the form of anything. It can be friends, negative thoughts, or irrelevant things.

Learn to be focus and overcome distractions.





Lack of Confidence:

Successful people are people with confidence.

What is confidence?

It is the ability to believe in yourself that you can succeed no matter the challenges facing you.

You are not successful  because you don’t believe in yourself. You lack confidence.

Believe in what you can do. Trust yourself and your ability.

Always remember that all things are possible to them that believe.






Fear is the greatest enemy of a man.

A coward die many times before his death.

What are you really afraid of?

Are you afraid of failure?

Is the task too difficult for you?

Anyone who has not conquered fear can never succeed in life.

Fear brings discouragement.

It brings setback and failure.






You give up easily:

To succeed you must learn not to give up.

The reason why you don’t excel in certain things is that you give up so easily.

You cannot excel by trying just once.

Keep on trying. Keep on moving until you succeed.

Life is all about having a strong heart to endure.

Don’t expect yourself to succeed in certain things you do if you give up so easily.

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You lack determination:

Determination is the key to success.

You are pursing a particular goal but you are not determined.

Determination is the strong will to do something.

Determination gives focus. It makes you hardworking.

You don’t just start something without first being determined to follow that thing to the end.





You lack Faith:

Faith is all about believing what you have not seen.

The reason you don’t prosper in certain things you do is that you don’t believe you can make it.

You always see failures around you.

To succeed in whatever you do, you must have faith.

Believe you can be successful. Believe you have succeeded.

Don’t always doubt in your heart.




Procrastination can hinder your success. When you don’t value your time and work, you will never be successful in life. A successful person is someone who is diligent in his works.




To succeed in whatever you do, you need the following:

  • FAITH.



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